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Gift wrapping Nordstrom

According to 2014 MICROS Multi-channel Retail Delivery Report, out of the 240 retailers tested, 36 offered at least one gift wrapping option. Of these, many offered gift wrapping for free. That's only 15%.
Sure, this number can't be 100% just because gift wrapping isn't required for all fields of e-commerce; shops selling spare car parts or pet food can definitely ignore this kind of service and go for other options for improving customer loyalty, for example, reward points for shopping in their Magento 2 stores. Today we are going to have a quick look on how best variants of gift wrapping work in e-commerce and what you should take into consideration providing this service.

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Why do you need gift wrapping?

Gift wrapping is a good way to save customer's time. Your clients do not need to buy wrapping paper and message cards and pack presents themselves. What is more, they can order gifts right to the recipient. This feature comes absolutely handy on holidays, when you need buying and prepping presents for family, friends, and colleagues, which can be rather time consuming.

What can scare your clients off?

Here's a list of reasons customers can avoid using gift wrapping features:

- they are afraid that the order will come with a broken or defective product, or even with the wrong product;

- they can't figure out how the present will look like, or are afraid that the wrapping won't look decent or how it was shown on the pictures;

- there is a lack of options or they don't like how the wrapping looks like;

- they just don't want to spend money on gift wrapping or consider it too expensive.

Now that we have these reasons, we know how to work it the way customers won't be pushed off gift wrapping at your store. Let's see how big brands are doing it.

How famous e-commerce brands offer gift wrapping


Nordstrom offers a popup with gift wrapping options on checkout. As we see, there are three options, and each of them is explained.

It's a common mistake to include 'to' field and forget about 'from' option.

Gift wrapping Nordstrom

Each of the options also includes pictures; notice that they didn't place all the pics on one popup, you can unfold the picture clicking on the desired option, this saves place, and the popup doesn't look messy.

Gift wrapping Nordstrom

You can clearly see how your wrapping will look like. Also notice that they explained how they wrap products that do not fit in a regular box.

Gift wrapping Nordstrom

A famous book store offers a free gift message and removes price tags from presents.

Barnes and Noble gift wrapping

Details of gift wrapping are available if you click the link.

Barnes and Noble checkout


Nike is offering a free gift message and a gift receipt.

Nike gift message

There's a clear explanation on the rules of using the gift message for your order.

Nike gift message


GAP offers three variants of wrapping, each one carefully explained.

GAP gift options


L'Occitane offers gift options on the same page where you can choose samples. You can also choose no wrapping but hide the price.


Each wrapping kit is also presented on a separate page as a product and, what is more important, with reviews.

L'Occitane gift wrapping

Points to consider

Now, to solve questions that may rise at a customer's side and summing up the experience from brands mentioned above, here's a list of things you need to consider when implementing gift wrapping option on yoiur website.

1. Pictures

Include nice pictures of your gift wrapping options. You customers need to see how the present will look like.

2. Reviews

It's good to have reviews available for your wrapping kits/options, it works the same as reviews for regular products.

3. Detailed description and explanation

Describe what is included into each option. Also mention which products can't be wrapped or how you are going to wrap too big or too small products. Look at the Kohl's nailed description page: with this approach you will save your customer support from a good deal of questions.

4. Variety of choice

Make sure you have at least two or three options of various price or look, for men, women, or universal variants, simple and cheap or luxury and more expensive variants, also it's good to add seasonal package variants on holidays.

5. Change with time

You may want to change your packaging options just like greeting cards manufacturers change their designs every year.

6. Gift card

This can be a separate option as well. Consider offering a hand-written card as it adds to the warmth of any present.

7. Gift receipt

If you offer a gift receipt, make sure you explain how it works.

8. From/to fields for messages

Make sure you add these fields to your message form, so there's no mess with the recipient and he/she knows who sent them a gift.

9. Quality of service

Of course, you need to make sure you'll provide the exact wrapping option your customer chooses, that the wrapping will be in good condition and there won't be mistakes with greeting cards as well. Client's frustration from an unsuccessful gift is way more dangerous for you business than troubles with a regular order. Organize your gift wrapping service as you could have picked and wrapped the present for your dearest person!

10. Offer a 'remove price tag' option

This can go with gift wrapping or on its own. If customers don't want to show the price to recipients, let them hide it.

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