Mythbusters: 5 myths about customer service

No man is wise at all times. And sometimes the magic power of widely used tactics appears to be just a mass delusion and even the knowledge of the latest E-commerce trends wouldn’t help. The team of Amasty Mythbusters decided to deal with it once and for all and conducted a small investigation, which lists the most common pitfalls of Magento customer service …and don’t worry, today we’re not gonna blow anything up.

Many Magento store owners ask themselves thousands of questions: What is more important to gain new customers or keep old ones? Should I delete negative reviews? How does the location of the company affect  the services offered? Our infographics will answer all these questions and give you all the necessary tips on improving your customer service strategy.

Customer service is one of the main factors that influence the buying decision of the customer. In our Magento infographics we will show the secret triggers to success and point out the important moments, which are neglected by the majority of Magento store owners. Make sure you have not been taken in by one of customer service myths and have a look at our infographics below.

Mythbusters: 5 myths about customer service. Part 1Mythbusters: 5 myths about customer service. Part 2

Efficient customer service strategy is worth hundreds of advertising banners or working hours. In the end of the day not effort or time applied, but the result is what matters most. By following our best practices on customer services you will be able to show your customers how much you care about them in a comprehensive way. Amasty team hopes our infographics would be of much help for you and will let your Magento store achieve even better results.

Maybe you have also busted some widely spread myths about eCommerce and marketing? Don’t be shy to share them with us in the comments!