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The use of AI in marketing solutions and digital stores is becoming increasingly popular among businesses that want to remain competitive in the crowded marketplace. Shopify merchants are no exception. According to the E-commerce Expo 2023report, one in three platform users leverages Shopify AI for e-commerce optimization, automation, growth, and other valid business aspirations.

If you’re among the two-thirds of merchants who are yet to explore AI Shopify solutions, we’ve got you covered. Below, we talk about the official AI for Shopify, give a detailed overview of the best AI apps created for various purposes by independent developers, and provide tips for smoothly installing Shopify extensions.

Is There an AI for Shopify?

Does official Shopify AI software exist? As of 2023 – yes. Two of the Shopify-owned AI apps are Shopify Magic and Shopify Sidekick.

Shopify MagicReleased in the summer of 2023 by Shopify itself, Shopify Magic is a generative AI tool for digital marketing. The platform suggests using the tool as a Shopify product description generator and content creation assistant. Just like ChatGPT, Magic uses a Large Language Model (LLM) – but, understandably, a proprietary one. So if you’re partial to (or just more comfortable with) GPT3 or 4, you’ll find the good news further in this post.

Shopify SidekickBeing built upon Shopify Magic, Sidekick is yet to get a release date.  According to Shopify, this AI tool will be more comprehensive, and capable of “accessing context, data, and industry expertise” to provide personalized services. Most likely, Sidekick will assist not only with content creation but also store optimization and support productivity, serving as a Shopify AI chatbot. 

These two official Shopify add-ons are, unfortunately, still quite young. They need a lot of time to grow, improve, and mature – let alone simply get released, in Sidekick’s case. Still, a single ‘AI’ app store search easily proves that there is a multitude of well-tested and continuously refined AI Shopify plugin tools already available.

The Best AI for Shopify

To help you distill over a whopping 700 Shopify store apps, we’ve created a list of the best AI apps for Shopify and grouped them based on the tasks you need Shopify AI assistance with.

AI Apps for Content and Product Descriptions

Amasty ChatGPT AI Shopify Content Master

A renowned expert in e-commerce modules with over a decade of market presence, Amasty has developed professional AI apps for Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce platforms. Its ChatGPT AI Content Master extension for Shopify helps integrate the generation of OpenAI’s product descriptions, metadata, and other content types. The add-on’s goal is to help you boost online visibility, drive traffic to your website, and – ultimately –  enhance your store’s sales.

The offer of Amasty’s ChatGPT AI Content Master covers:

  • AI-generated product descriptions that use your product information and keywords.
  • AI-generated product descriptions based on your custom prompts.
  • Mass generation of product descriptions.
  • 'Refine’ option for fine-tuning and enhancing the quality of AI content.
  • Automated creation of SEO-friendly metadata for your products and collections.
  • Text customization options with configurable tone, length, temperature, and other settings.
  • Effortless generation of engaging blog content to support your AI marketing strategies.


  • Free: 20 content creation credits for product and collection descriptions.
  • Basic: $4.99/month, 100 credits. Includes access to the GPT-4 model, SEO features, blog post creation, and generation of dynamic Shopify product descriptions.
  • Advanced: $34.99/month. All Basic features and 2000 credits.
  • Professional: $99/month. All Basic/Advanced features and unlimited credits.

RuffRuff Table of Contents

Available in Japanese and English, this Shopify add-on helps to automatically generate a table of contents for any article or product page. With a table of contents, you boost accessibility, optimize your website for search engines, and raise engagement with your content by making it easier to navigate through pages.

Here’s what Ruff Ruff lets you do:

  • Automatically generate neat tables of contents for your blog posts or articles.
  • Tailor the ToC design with color schemes, chapter numbering, indentations, and more.
  • Preview the table of contents in real-time to make adjustments on the fly.
  • Display the tables on collections, products, and blog posts for content navigation.


  • The Free Plan of this Shopify extension allows you to include a table of contents on blog posts, customize table design, and use a live preview.
  • The Light Plan, priced at $3.99/month or $39.60/year, includes all Free Plan features, removes branding, and offers a show/hide button. To try the plan out, you can use a 3-day free trial.
  • The Regular Plan, available at $9.99/month or $99.60/year, has all Light Plan features and extends the use of table of contents to pages. The 3-day free trial is also available.

AI Apps for Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat and AI Chatbots

Tidio enhances human custom relationships services with support chatbots. The goal is to provide outstanding customer support and transform digital window shoppers and casual visitors into engaged and loyal purchasers. Tidio’s main features include:

  • Live chat with visitors and integration with Tidio’s Lyro AI bot to address common questions.
  • Previews of customers’ carts, order history checks, and personalized product recommendations directly in the chat.
  • A simple ticketing system to manage customer issues.


  • A free plan offers basic features (conversations with 50 users, 3 chat operators, chatbot use with up to 100 visitors/month).
  • The Communicator plan, priced at $25/month, includes one chat operator, unlimited conversations, and additional features.
  • The Chatbots plan, at $29/month, covers interactions for 2,000 to 40,000 visitors and includes chatbot templates. 
  • Tidio+, priced at $394/month with customizable options, offers unlimited live chat, custom operators, and advanced AI bots, among other features.

Manifest AI Chatbot

Manifest is a ChatGPT-powered Shopify AI chatbot that can answer customer questions and guide them toward the best product to meet their needs. It boasts the following advantages:

  • Proficiency in 95+ languages.
  • Ability to scan, process, and understand your product catalog to personalize replies.
  • Human-like tone of voice in chatbot’s replies.


Manifest is fully free to install, which makes it popular among many users. The additional costs depend on various factors and are determined after installation.

AI Apps for Images and Videos

BRIA: AI Background Remove & Generate

This extension allows you to remove and generate backgrounds to enhance your products and make your offerings more appealing to users. It allows you to:

  • Seamlessly remove bland existing backgrounds on your product pictures.
  • Generate unique and eye-catching product backgrounds with BRIA Visual Generative AI.
  • Add more product images to increase customer engagement.


  • Basic (free) – Offers unlimited background removal and blur, plus lets you try AI background generation as part of the Welcome Package. 
  • Pro at $4.99/month – Makes AI background generation unlimited and adds Image Enhancement.
  • Premium, at $19.99/month – Offers advanced options like product positioning, saving favorite backgrounds, getting creative recommendations, creating ads from images, and bulk actions for a comprehensive visual upgrade.  


Minta is ideal for streamlining the social media video production process and enabling auto-posting on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok. Its functionality lets you:

  • Edit product video backgrounds.
  • Leverage 200 customizable social video post templates.
  • Use unlimited AI-generated social video ads and creatives.
  • Automate your social media posting.


  • Free Plan for automated social media content sharing on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, with 5 posts per month. 
  • Pro Plan at $35/month for enhanced features, including 70 posts, Minta planner, and professional templates.
  • Growth Plan at $55/month with access to all the Pro features and 180 posts per month. 
  • Enterprise Plan at $499/month, offering customized posting, an account manager, ad integration, and support for up to 5 stores.

AI Apps for Speed and Performance

Avada SEO

Avada SEO is a helpful tool to streamline and automate key manual SEO tasks, letting your SEO team save more time for research and strategy. Avada provides:

  • A page speed and Google PageSpeed Insights score booster.
  • Optimized SEO rankings with meta tags and Google structured data.
  • Automated SEO audits with broken link detection and page redirects.
  • SEO reports for issues, automated email notifications, and image optimization.


  • Free plan – Image optimization for 50 products/month, unlimited Alt tag optimization, a free SEO checklist, HTML sitemap, and 24/7 support. 
  • Pro plan at $34.95/month– Page Speed Up, auto-fixing SEO issues, unlimited image and Alt optimization, meta tags, lazy loading, Google Structure Data, and advanced SEO settings. 
  • Enterprise plan at $99/month – Script manager, one-on-one consulting, advanced speed-up services, expert 24/7 support, ad-free experience, and a 30-day refund option.


TinyIMG provides tools for boosting page speed through – you guessed it – image optimization. The offer of this Shopify plugin covers:

  • Automatic compression and resizing of images.
  • Automated generation of alt tags for images.
  • Page speed optimization through image lazy load.
  • Use of JSON-LD and script control.


  • Pay As You Go – Free installation, billed for extra optimizations at 3¢/image. Includes 50 free images per month, SEO optimization, site audit, and instant speed-up.
  • Yearly – $4.99/month, billed annually. 5000 free images per year.
  • Beginner – $9.99/month, billed monthly. 1000 free images per month.
  • Advanced – $19.99/month, billed monthly. 3000 free images per month.

AI Apps for Upselling and Cross-Selling


LimeSpot is a personalization platform that empowers marketers to optimize product placement for personalized shopping experiences on various channels. This Shopify AI app lets you experience results from day 1 through automated recommendations, bundling, and content personalization. It includes the following features:

  • Product recommendations across pages (including cart, checkout, and thank-you pages).
  • Segmentation based on customer browsing, purchase patterns, referrals, and location.
  • Real-time personalized content for different audiences.
  • Automated merchandising for increased product discovery and cross-sells.
  • A/B testing for personalized site elements.


  • Essentials $18/month for unlimited traffic, product recommendations, and more. 
  • Pay as You Grow – at $19/month with SMS personalization, A/B testing, and analytics. 
  • Premium – free to install with custom pricing based on store revenue. Includes advanced features like real-time segmentation, personalized recommendations, and a dedicated manager.


Wiser is another excellent option for cross-selling and upselling. It boosts conversions and average order value through AI-powered features, including:

  • AI-generated ‘Frequently Bought Together’ bundles and recommended products.
  • Post-purchase upsell (including automated “You may also like” and “also bought” emails), cart drawer upsells, and personalized AI recommendations.
  • Analytics and A/B testing tools to track ROI by related products.
  • Compatibility with language translation and currency conversion tools.


  • Free – For stores with 0 to 50 monthly orders.
  • Startup – $19/month for stores with 51 to 100 monthly orders.
  • Growth – $39/month for stores with 101 to 300 monthly orders.
  • Pro – $69/month for stores with 301 to 500 monthly orders (check pricing for over 500 orders).

AI Apps for Workflow Automation


This Shopify app helps to unify your store’s applications and automate workflows such as auto-tagging orders, customer tagging, fraud auto-tagging, supply chain automation, and SMS/email automation. MESA’s offering includes:

  • 17 built-in apps for various workflows.
  • Connection to Shopify’s API to handle payload requests.
  • Expert Workflow Setups (for $20/workflow).
  • Integration with Google Sheets and Airtable.
  • Simplified order auto-tagging to streamline store operations and fulfillment.


  • Starter – Free to install. Offers simple workflows with 500 automation runs and 25 apps.
  • Flex – $30/month. 5,000 automation runs and an Expert Workflow setup. 
  • Advanced – $96/month. Flex features + 5,000 additional automation runs.
  • Unlimited – $239/month. Sophisticated workflows, unlimited automation runs, unlimited apps, and a Dedicated Custom Success Manager.

React Flow

React Flow also provides several automation features to manage and streamline workflows across your store. Among its key features are:

  • Use of existing workflow templates or custom Shopify flow creation.
  • Triggers, conditions, and actions to automate tasks.
  • Automatic counter for events.
  • Inventory alert automation.
  • Scheduled workflow execution and delays between tasks.
  • Request for implementation of your company’s custom process automation.


  • Free – 2 active workflows, 100 runs/month, unlimited triggers, actions, and conditions.
  • Pay as you go – Free to install, $0.03/experience beyond 100 runs/month. 20 active workflows.
  • Starter – $9/month, $0.02/experience beyond 1,000 runs/month, unlimited workflows.
  • Standard – $19/month, $0.02/experience beyond 10,000 runs/month, unlimited workflows.

AI Apps for Surveys and Quizzes

Octane AI

To increase your sales, Octane helps you generate quizzes that recommend fitting products to your customers. The Shopify AI extension assists you with:

  • Crafting product quizzes using tags, collections, and conditional logic.
  • Creating different quiz designs, including unique images, fonts, layouts, and CSS customizations.
  • Choosing quiz templates for different industries.
  • Cooperating with account managers to build and launch quizzes.


  • Octane Plan offers no-code quizzes and opt-in pop-ups at $50/month, syncing data to Klaviyo. 
  • The Plus & Enterprise package, priced at $200/month, includes an Account Manager, advanced Klaviyo integration, quiz logic branching, product display customization, and more. 
  • Insights Analyst, starting at $3/month, rapidly reads and generates content based on your product reviews.


Lantern is another product quiz builder that engages customers through product discovery quizzes. It boasts features such as:

  • Quizzes publication as stand-alone pages, embedded elements, or popups.
  • Use of dynamic data (for better quiz completion rates).
  • Data sync with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Yotpo, and


  • Free – up to 50 quiz engagements, limited to 3 single-choice questions, with features like email collection and basic analytics.
  • Pro at $19.99/month – up to 100 quizzes, advanced design options, and additional options including advanced logic jumps and pixel tracking.
  • Advanced at $39.99/month –  500 quiz engagements with all the enhanced features of Pro. 

How Do I Add AI to Shopify?

The Shopify add-ons and extensions we’ve listed above are available on the Shopify AI app store. All Shopify Store apps are designed to be compliant with the platform’s standards, so their installation is a very easy 5-step process:

  1. Click "Add app" to install a chosen AI app to your Shopify store.
  2. Access the app dashboard through your Shopify admin panel or a dedicated interface provided by the app.
  3. Configure the AI app’s settings to align with your brand and business goals. Customize the look, feel, and behavior of AI-driven elements to enhance user experience.
  4. If the Shopify AI app needs integration with specific data sources or platforms, follow the integration steps outlined in the app's documentation.
  5. Before deploying on your live site, test the configured AI features in a staging environment to ensure they function as intended.

Bottom Line

Have you already set your sights on the AI apps you'd like to try? Or have you discovered some helpful use cases of AI for Shopify? We hope it's both. But if you're still undecided about which add-on to use, feel free to head over to Shopify's app store and explore even more extensions that efficiently leverage AI in e-commerce.

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