Amasty Launches ChatGPT AI Content Master Extension for BigCommerce

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Amasty presents a new tool that promises to ease the content creation process for BigCommerce users. The ChatGPT AI Content Master extension taps into the power of AI to help online store owners produce better product descriptions with less effort.

This innovative extension is specifically tailored to reduce the time and effort traditionally associated with writing product descriptions. It offers a range of features that allow for the quick generation of content that speaks directly to the customers' needs and desires, showcasing the unique benefits and features of the products. 

Key Features of the ChatGPT AI Content Master Extension

The ChatGPT AI Content Master is designed to fit seamlessly into the BigCommerce ecosystem, offering an easy-to-integrate solution for content challenges. Here are the main features you can enjoy:

  • Bulk Creation or Product Descriptions – The AI generates descriptions for multiple products at once, significantly speeding up the process of getting new items up and ready for sale.
  • Content Regeneration and Editing – The tool offers the flexibility to regenerate or edit the content before publishing. This way, you can make sure that each product description fits your brand voice and meets the company’s standards.
  • Customization of Content Format and Style – You can customize the output to align with your content strategy, ensuring consistency across all product listings.

Benefits of Using ChatGPT AI Content Master 

The new ChatGPT AI Content Master extension aims to streamline operations and enhance the online shopping experience through the power of AI-driven content creation. Here are all the benefits you’ll get with it, at a glance:  

Simplified Operations

The extension automates the content creation process, reducing manual effort and saving your valuable time. This means that you can focus more on other areas of your business growth and improvement.

Distinctive Descriptions

Our module enables you to craft persuasive descriptions that highlight the distinctive benefits and features of your products. This is essential for differentiating from competitors and standing out in a crowded market.

Boosted Engagement and Conversions

Quality content is key to keeping customers interested and ready to buy. Amasty’s extension aids in engaging your customers with captivating and actionable content, holding their interest, and driving them toward making a purchase.

Plans Offered

To accommodate businesses of all sizes, Amasty has structured two plans for the ChatGPT AI Content Master extension:

  • Free Plan: At no cost per month, this plan offers 50 free content creation credits, allowing you to generate product descriptions and experience the benefits of the extension without immediate investment!
  • Professional Plan: This plan is tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization. It includes your custom number of content creation credits, which perfectly aligns with your budget and business expectations. Contact us to get a quote.

The release of the ChatGPT AI Content Master extension is a part of Amasty's ongoing efforts to provide practical and effective tools for e-commerce businesses. We encourage BigCommerce store owners interested in enhancing their product listings with less manual input to consider what our ChatGPT extension has to offer. For more information, feel free to contact Amasty's support team.

November 14, 2023
November 14, 2023
November 1, 2023
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