Streamline Your Shopify Bulk Image Upload: Get PicManager for Free!

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Shopify Bulk Image Upload: Get PicManager for Free
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Does the individual Shopify image upload steal precious hours of your time and cause irreparable damage to your patience? Have you ever uploaded dozens of images only to lose them in the database or struggled to link the photos to relevant items and pages? 

With the visual component taking up from 40% to 70% of e-commerce store overall data, efficient image management equals efficient online retail business. Time and effort wasted on trying to properly upload images to Shopify could be used for optimizing product descriptions, analytics observation, or effective Shopify blogging instead.

To help e-commerce teams spend all their energy meaningfully and avoid frustrations, Amasty has created a very simple, extremely reliable, and 100% free tool for Shopify bulk product image upload, PicManager.  

PicManager: Simple, Robust, Free of Charge

Our latest app was designed specifically to streamline Shopify upload of images on product pages of your store. The tool simplifies product image management, automating manual tasks and reducing the time needed for the procedure to an absolute minimum. 

Here’s what you can do with Amasty’s Shopify Image Uploader:

  • Enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly UI – Browse files to upload them the classic way or use drag-and-drop for an enhanced and transparent process. 
  • Upload images to Shopify in bulk – Upload multiple product images in one go, either via selection or a ZIP archive.
  • Rely on automated product linking – Make sure each product image name contains a respective SKU number –  and all photos will be linked to your items.
  • Link several images to a single product – Use [SKU]+‘#’+[picture number] in the file name (e.g. 80485159#1.png, 80485159#2.png) to have several images linked to a single product.
  • Review images and linking before you upload them to Shopify – Verify that all images are of a recommended Shopify size and match the intended products in the Photo Matching Validator window, reducing the risk of errors in your product listings.
  • Track product image upload statuses – See a detailed log report that oversees the uploading status of each image. 

Get Our Shopify Bulk Image Upload Tool for Free!

PicManager: Image Uploader by Amasty is 100% free! We believe in providing Shopify store owners with tools that enhance their productivity without forcing businesses to break the bank. Use this opportunity to streamline your Shopify product image management process without any financial commitments.

Take a look at the UI screens, learn about more capabilities, and download PicManager on its official listing on Shopify.

February 27, 2024
February 26, 2024
February 26, 2024
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