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Your Shopify store is the most important part of your e-commerce business, allowing you to connect with many customers and make efficient sales without requiring a brick-and-mortar retail store. However, simply having a Shopify store isn’t enough to succeed – to attract customers to your offerings, you need properly-sized product images and intriguing Shopify product description.

Shopify product descriptions can transform your sales, determining whether your business is profitable. But while product descriptions are crucial to making sales and growing your e-commerce business, it’s not always easy to develop descriptions that convince customers to purchase.

This article will help you start by exploring the top strategies for crafting effective product descriptions for each Shopify product listing on your e-commerce website. Let’s get started!

What is a Product Description?

A Shopify description explains each product’s features, purpose, and benefits. A good product description can transform your Shopify sales, allowing you to reach new customers and convince uncertain buyers to purchase your offerings.

Regarding your description of products or services, Shopify provides an accessible platform where you can showcase your products with thorough explanations of why they’re valuable to customers. With the right product description, you can watch your sales grow and outshine your competitors in the e-commerce marketplace.

Examples of Effective Shopify Product Descriptions

Before exploring how to make a description for your Shopify products, it’s important to have a reference for effective product descriptions. Below are some examples of the best product descriptions that can effectively generate interest in your offerings and convert visitors into customers.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

This product uses the following description to attract customers:

Your workhouse with wings returns. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 continues to put a spring in your step, using the same responsive foam as its predecessor. Mesh in the upper combines the comfort and durability you want with a fit that nods back to the classic Peg.

Some reasons why this description is so effective include:

  • The description provides clear product details, including information about the shoe’s responsive foam, mesh, and durability.
  • The description uses descriptive language to give customers an image of the product, such as describing the shoes as a “workhouse with wings.”
  • The description mentions other trustworthy Nike products to instill brand loyalty and trust.

    Instant Pot Duo 6-Quart Multi-Use Pressure Cooker V5

    Along with providing a product manual and a bullet point list of specific product details, this product implements the following description to showcase its benefits to customers:

    Easy to use, easy to clean, fast, versatile, and convenient, the Instant Pot® Duo™ is the one that started it all. The updated Easy-Release switch makes steam release simple and fast. Redefine cooking and enjoy quick and easy meals anywhere, any time.

    Some reasons why this description is so effective include:

    • The description provides a clear and concise overview of the product’s top benefits, such as its versatility, speed, and convenience.
    • The description highlights the product’s core features, such as the easy-release switch.
    • The description shows customers how the product can improve their lives, describing its ability to allow customers to enjoy quick and simple meals.

    Sony Alpha 7 III Full-Frame Interchangeable Lens Camera

    This product employs the following description to attract customers:

    Capture the peaks of more decisive moments with the a7 III from Sony, packing newly developed back-illuminated full-frame CMOS sensor and other advanced imaging innovations, high-speed response, ease of operation, and reliable durability that are ready for various shooting needs.

    This product description is effective for some of the following reasons:

    • The description highlights the product’s new features that separate it from other Sony cameras.
    • The description briefly describes this product’s core benefits and features without rambling.
    • The description emphasizes how this camera is more advanced than competitors, providing intrigue.

    How to Make a Description in Shopify

    Crafting Shopify product descriptions is easy if you implement the best strategies to craft compelling descriptions. Below is a breakdown of how to make a description in Shopify that effectively sells your products.

    Feature Each Product’s Selling Points

    While you want your Shopify description to be detailed enough to explain your product’s core benefits, a description that’s too lengthy and detailed can cause customers to turn away before discovering your product’s potential.

    When crafting your Shopify product description, focus on each product’s main selling points – such as important features, specifications, and uses that customers might not consider. Choose points that help your product stand out, but avoid long paragraphs that customers won’t read.

    Think About SEO

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical in selling products and services through an e-commerce website. While you should avoid unnecessarily complicated product descriptions to maximize your SEO efforts, keeping SEO in mind when creating a description of products or services in Shopify can help you create product descriptions that sell.

    Remember that you’re writing for a human audience, and shoving SEO into your descriptions will seem unnatural – but do your best to naturally include keywords in your descriptions and product titles whenever possible to make the most of SEO.

    Know Your Target Audience

    You might want your Shopify product handle to appeal to every consumer – but it’s important to recognize that this isn’t always possible. Not all consumers will need your products or services, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize your selling potential with effective descriptions.

    Before creating a Shopify product description, learn everything about your target audience. Rely on a comprehensive buyer persona to identify your audience’s main concerns and needs and how your product can solve these issues.

    Beyond creating product descriptions with information that connects with your audience’s needs, consider how your target audience prefers consuming information. Does your target audience prefer a concise description that only covers your product’s core benefits, or do they prefer more detail on your product’s possibilities? Understanding your customers’ specific needs will help you create the perfect product description.

    Optimize Your Descriptions for a Mobile Audience

    Every aspect of your e-commerce store should be optimized for mobile devices – including your product descriptions. Since 60 percent of all e-commerce sales occur on a mobile device, ensuring your content is optimized for a mobile audience is crucial.

    Too many sellers fail to consider how their Shopify product descriptions will appear on mobile sites, leading to clunky and disorganized descriptions that don’t appeal to mobile shoppers. Remember that information is condensed on mobile screens compared to computer screens, and adjust your descriptions to provide the same level of readability as customers would find on a desktop device.

    Tell a Story

    While your product might have unique features that separate it from the competition, customers won’t be able to experience these features until they have the product – meaning you need to employ extra measures to ensure your products sell.

    An excellent way to showcase your product without customers having to try it first is to use your Shopify product description to tell a story. Stories showcase your brand’s ability to empathize with customers and allow customers to better understand your products.

    Some things to consider when crafting your product’s story include the following:

    • Customer testimonials and experiences that show how your product can solve common problems.
    • The history of your product, such as the origins of your business and its offerings.
    • The origins of your product’s ingredients, such as ethically sourced ingredients or materials purchased from sustainable sources.
    • An explanation of how the product will make the customer’s life better.
    • The inspiration behind your product.
    • Examples of a social cause or charity your business supports that purchases will contribute toward.

    Make it Scannable

    Not all customers will take the time to read through multiple paragraphs of a product description – so making your text easily readable and scannable is crucial to maintaining and promoting sales.

    An easily digestible description will keep more users interested in your product and improve the chance of converting users into buyers. Before you publish your Shopify product description, determine whether there are blocks of text you can break up, sections where you could use bullet points instead of paragraphs, or unnecessary fluff words that don’t showcase the product’s benefits. A few minor changes can significantly affect how well your product sells.

    Include Instructions

    Depending on the product, customers might need extra support to maximize its benefits. To optimize your Shopify product description, consider including instructions on how to best use the product, including ways to use the product that customers might not think of. Doing this showcases your product’s numerous uses and benefits and allows customers to feel confident in their purchase – showing them concrete benefits to investing in your offering.

    Prioritize Sensory Words

    One challenge e-commerce store owners face is being unable to physically display products to customers. Because you can’t allow the customer to experience firsthand how the product will impact their lives, you need to employ sensory words to evoke positive emotions in the potential buyer and show them how your product will be helpful.

    Sensory words focus on the five senses: sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste. When used correctly, these words can cause customers to feel like they’re experiencing the product, even without trying it first. These words also create a positive image of your product in the customers’ minds, fostering positive thoughts about what you’re offering and allowing customers to visualize themselves benefitting from your product.

    Use a Shopify Description Generator

    If you’re considering using a product description generator, Shopify has plenty to offer. A Shopify product description generator like Amasty’s Chat GPT AI Content Master is helpful for e-commerce business owners looking to create compelling product descriptions that successfully attract customers.

    Description generators allow you to develop creative and distinctive product descriptions that showcase your product’s top features and benefits without dragging on or becoming overly complicated. Using a Shopify description generator is a simple way to create effective descriptions that convert to sales.

    How Many Words Should a Product Description Be?

    While you might get caught up in creating a unique product description, e-commerce store owners often forget to consider the length of product descriptions. Descriptions that are too long risk losing customers because they don’t effectively showcase the product’s core benefits before they get tired of reading – leading to sale losses and ineffective descriptions that don’t convert shoppers into customers.

    A Shopify product description should be 125-150 words for simple product descriptions and 350-400 words long for more complex products and in-depth descriptions beyond what customers initially see. As you create your product descriptions, pay attention to how much – or how little – you’re writing for the best results.

    What to Avoid in Your Product Descriptions

    While you might know some good products to sell, Shopify product descriptions can make or break your sales. Beyond knowing the best products to sell on Shopify using compelling product descriptions, you should also know what to avoid when creating descriptions that convert users into customers.

    As you develop your descriptions independently or using an AI integration tool, ensure you avoid the following:

    • Descriptions exceeding 500 words.
    • Complex and technical language that average customers will struggle to understand.
    • Long blocks of text that aren’t separated using paragraphs, subheadings, or bullet points.
    • Grammatical and spelling errors or inconsistencies that damage your brand authority.
    • Descriptions copied from the wholesaler’s website.
    • Vague statements or promises that don’t communicate the product’s benefits clearly.
    • Product descriptions that don’t appeal to the target audience’s concerns and needs.
    • Exaggerating your product benefits – be truthful to avoid disappointed customers.
    • Incomplete product information to help customers make informed decisions.
    • Generic descriptions that don’t showcase your product’s unique benefits compared to competitors.
    • Lack of social proof like testimonials and reviews.
    • Inconsistency across different product descriptions.

    Boost Sales with Compelling Shopify Product Descriptions

    Crafting unique and compelling product descriptions is possible when you employ the right strategies to create descriptions that sell. Amasty can help you create the best product descriptions using our AI Content Master, allowing you to quickly draft descriptions that showcase your product’s top features and convince customers to purchase.

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