The complete guide to eCommerce gamification
A few years ago it was hard to find an eCommerce analyst, who wouldn’t be claiming that Gamification is the next big marketing thing after, perhaps, setting up some Magento blog. 🙂 Since then Gamification has turned from a pimple-faced teenager into a handsome and mature player in the fight for the brand’s preference. Both big and small companies keep on gamifying the shopping experience they provide. So why should your Magento store opt out of it? Check the complete guide to eCommerce gamification and learn how to make shopping fun.

However, when running an e-commerce store with serious content, gamification can be of no use. In this case, pay your attention to such basic conversion showings as checkout optimization. Try out our Magento AJAX Cart extension, to stop visitors from searching for the cart. Take care of your store user experience to grow conversions.

What is eCommerce gamification?

Ecommerce gamification is designed to make the shopping process more entertaining and add some hidden motivators for customers to visit your website more often and as a result to spend more. The use of gaming techniques and mechanics provides a favorable environment for winning customers’ loyalty, which is a gold mine for any online marketer. The shift in the approach towards entertaining shopping experience can now be seen both among big brands, like Coca-Cola, Nike, Perrier, and small companies that also fight for their piece of pie. With the introduction of Gamification to your online store you don’t expect shopping experience to be favorable, you create it yourself.

Types of gamification users

Since Gamification appeals to the psychological part of customers’ nature, it is a good idea to classify all your users in accordance with their behavior.

Gamification users classification

As you see, each user type needs special approach. The best strategy here is to provide various gamification options in order to satisfy all groups of customers. Besides, some of game mechanics work together well, e.g. a new badge (a farmer would like) can provide some customization privileges (a networker would enjoy) or you can display a leaderboard (great for self-seekers) of those who won points in the luck game (enjoyers love so much).
Let’s check how online stores implement gamification techniques in real life.

Marketing Gamification case study

When looking for the material for this article we came across the fashion jewelry website –, which uses plenty of Gamification techniques. The introduced features are easy to implement, nevertheless they are highly efficient for earning customers’ loyalty. Let’s check some of them.

Daily Bonus Points

Points are one of the most wide-spread gamification techniques. Every day you can try your luck with the spinning machine in order to earn some points you can use for Fortune wheel game (check information below).

eCommerce gamification: Daily Bonus Points

This gamification technique works well for enjoyers and farmers and helps to turn them into returning customers who visit your website every day in order to grab some bonus. People with the biggest amount of points are displayed in the special leaderboard, which is made in order to please self-seekers.

eCommerce gamification: Leaderboard
If you don’t like the idea of points, you can just start a loyalty program with the help of our extension.

Mystery Wheel

This is the place, where you can spend you daily bonus (and some other style points). Every spin costs 4 points, but can earn you from 3 to 40 points (or earn you nothing). In the best scenario you can win a coupon code for a free piece of jewelry.

eCommerce gamification: Mystery Wheel

This game technique is great for enjoyers. Besides, every time you win something there is a notification in the special section, which can’t but admire self-seekers.

Name That Piece

Name That Piece is a hangman-type game, which not only entertains the customers (especially enjoyers), but also introduces new products to them in a fun way.

eCommerce gamification: Name That Piece


No gamification analysis would do without mentioning badges (works great for farmers). At Jewelmint you can get badges for plenty types of action from submitting a review to commenting on other person’s profile.

eCommerce gamification: Badges

Fans and style points

Doesn’t the website have anything for Networkers? Of course it does. Every time someone finds your product review funny, creative or helpful you get some style points. This works great for networkers, who see that their point of view is appreciated, self-seekers, who feel their influence and acceptance, and farmers, who just enjoy receiving points.

eCommerce gamification: Fans and style points

Besides, you can become a fan of another user (hello, networkers), comment and exchange messages, which also creates great environment for loyalty growth.
As you see, using gamification techniques on a daily basis doesn’t require a lot from your store. Besides, these are only few ways to entertain your customers. Go and find your own path in the Gamification universe.