If you want to create a perfect website for your restaurant hand over fist, try these new top 30 food & restaurant Magento themes! This way you will not only save your time but also get a fabulous result. Actually, these themes are very flexible and easy-to-customize, that is why you will be able to show your dishes, add a blog page with culinary art classes and even run multiple stores from a single admin panel using one of them. As you can see, using ready-made templates is the best solution for restaurant business development. That’s why we have chosen the best inspiring food Magento themes for this collection, so you can make your choice right now!

Pretty themes can attract customers, but will they stay? This Magento 2 Product Attachments module may assist you further. Add a range of documents proving your expertise and ensure customers’ trust.

It is a well-known fact, that ready-made templates are affordable and easy to use. They are even cheaper than the custom ones, so you will undoubtedly save your time and money! Furthermore, you can use all pre-designed themes from this list without any programming skills. Together with the theme, you will get the detailed instructions to follow, and you will have no need to edit the code, as almost all food & restaurant Magento themes have a built-in visual editor. Also, you will be able to get professional help at the provider’s official website TemplateMonster.com, or you could also contact the TM Service Center in case of some issues or questions.

As you can see, all these themes are stylishly designed and visually appealing so they will fit any tastes. The design is fully responsive, so your website will look and load perfectly both on PC and mobile devices. Also, these restaurant Magento themes are search engine friendly. In other words, you will have an opportunity to use SEO-plugins and choose the best headings and keywords for your content. As a result, you will get your targeted traffic without any great effort. Moreover, all themes from this collection have a great number of additional features and social options that go together with them. Without any doubts, your customers will be pleased with the social login, contact form and a commenting system, where they could read and write feedbacks. And this is just the beginning! So, if you want to build a flourishing business, try the best ready-made templates and make a first step to your online-career right now. The only thing you should do is choose the most suitable one and start your way to success!

Online Food Store Magento Theme

This is a perfect Magento theme for your future online food store. It has a simple elegant design with a clear structure: the whole page is divided into blocks with the necessary information. Here you can use a MegaMenu, which will make your goods eye-catching, and add a clear Ajax search. Also, this theme has some languages included.


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Stylish Unusual Restaurant Magento Template

This stylish and unusual restaurant Magento template looks smart and eye-catching. It has a well-built structure with a clean code, many additional widgets and UI elements included. It’s a perfect solution for running an online restaurant page without any great effort. Also, this food Magento theme is fully responsive and SEO-friendly.

Saturnino - Pizza Responsive Magento Theme

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Online Store for Spice-Lovers Magento Theme

Want to sell spices and food? Use this wonderful online food store Magento Theme! It is fully responsive and SEO-friendly, so your website will have the highest ranking in search results top. Besides, this theme has a perfect architecture, elegant design, various social options and Google Web Fonts integration.


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Beautiful Seafood Restaurant Magento Template

This Seafood Restaurant Magento template is a real catch for each seafood culinary business enthusiast. It will be a perfect solution to create a fish restaurant website and attract new visitors quickly. This template has a built-in slider effect, Ajax product filter, wishlist & compare and additional blog pages. In addition, it has multiple theme options, a social login and social share.

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Simple Bakery Responsive Magento Template

Simple Bakery Responsive Magento template is a perfect and fully responsive theme for your future bakery website. It is powered with Ajax products: product filter, shopping cart, search, wishlist, compare and catalog. Also, it has a special prices countdown and smart product labels. In addition, this template has useful blog page, where you could give pieces of advice and special recipes.

Bakerix - Bakery & Cakes Responsive Magento Theme

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Online Spice & Herbs Store Magento Theme

This is a perfect theme for your future Magento-based spice & herbs online store, which will help you to propel your business to the next level. It has an elegant and stylish design and a simple, clear structure. This theme is fully responsive, retina ready and SEO-friendly, and has a useful admin panel, Ajax and sample data installer. The gallery script is based on the carousel and slider effects.

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Food Delivery Online Services Magento Theme

As you can see, this food delivery online services Magento theme has a stylish design and a clear structure. It has TM modules, MegaMenu and sorting options. With this template you could use different product badges to indicate their status and product value. Besides, this Magento theme has various animation effects and extra plugins, which you can see in the live demo at the provider’s website.

Deliatte - Food Delivery & Takeaway Magento 2 Theme

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Top Class Online Coffee Store Magento Theme

You like coffee and know all its sorts? Then it’s time to start your own coffee business on the Internet with this Top Class Online Coffee Store Magento theme. It has a classy soft color palette and a modern-looking structure with different information blocks. It looks pretty simple, but stylish and elegant. As you can see, this theme also has a cloud zoom Magento extensions, 4 languages, categories accordion and many other additional features.

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Eye-Catching Winery Store Online Magento Template

This Magento template is fully responsive, multilingual and search engine friendly. It has useful search and contact forms, newsletter subscription popup and stick-to-top menu. Also, this powerful food & drinks Magento template has multiple layout and social options and the Parallax animation effect, which will make your website look and load perfectly. Not to mention, that it has some additional pages for your blog and extra projects or services information.

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Up-to-Date Online Food Store & Restaurant Magento Theme

This is a modern and unusual template that can be used for your online food store or restaurant. It looks visually appealing and well-structured. This Magento theme has a clear documentation, so you will be able to install and customize it without any programming skills. It has a great number of additional features and plugins, which will make your work better and less time-consuming.

Food Store Magento Theme

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Unusual Grocery Magento Template

Unusual Grocery Magento template will definitely fit all your customers’ tastes, as it is stylishly designed, has a clear structure and a useful navigation. Besides, it has an easy-to-use commenting system, so your customers will be able to leave feedback right away directly on your website. Also, it is cross-browser compatible, 100% responsive and SEO-friendly.

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Elegant Coffee Shop Magento Theme

This is one of the best coffee shop Magento themes, which has a very stylish design and a simple structure with a clean valid code. Using this template you will get a fully responsive, crossbrowser compatible, easy-to-use and search engine friendly website that will easily reach the first place in search results top. It has a useful MegaMenu, where you cloud place your best goods and offers. Also, this theme has a parallax animation effect, so your pages will look and load in a perfect way.

Coffee Shop Magento Theme

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Herbs & Spices Online Shop Magento Template

This Herbs & Spices Online Shop Magento template looks really up-to-date and visually appealing. It will look and run perfectly both on PC and mobile devices, as this theme is fully responsive. This fact will also make a great positive influence on your website’s search engine ranking. In addition, using this Magento template you will have an opportunity to start your own blog and keep it on your website to attract viewers’ attention.

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High-Quality Beer Store Magento Theme

As can be seen, this theme has a simple eye-catching structure and a rich color scheme, which is easily editable with the advanced theme and background options. It has the cloud zoom and social icons Magento extensions, sliced PSD, commenting system and custom page templates. The navigation is clear thanks to the drop down cart, dropdown menu, back-to-top button and categories accordion. Also, this theme is fully responsive, SEO-friendly and has a built-in online chat that will please your clients.

Pro Beer Brewing Magento Theme

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High-Class Caviar Online Store Magento Template

This template will undoubtedly attract new clients and catch their attention with its elegant design and well-structured pages. It is fully responsive and crossbrowser compatible, so your website will look and work good on PC and mobile devices in any browser. Furthermore, this theme also has custom page templates and social options. And its back-to-top button, dropdown cart and menu will make your website’s navigation perfect.

Sell Buy Caviar Magento Theme

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Popcorn Delivery Website Magento Template

This template is designed in a bright and eye-catching color palette. Unusual block architecture will definitely catch your viewers’ attention and attract new visitors. This original theme has two Magento extensions included: cloud zoom and social icons. Also, it has custom page templates and Google web fonts integration.

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Exotic Delicacies Online Store Magento Theme

Using this theme you could sell some specialties and exotic dishes of different cuisines. It has a modern design and a simple color scheme. The structure is also simple and clear, and the navigation is understandable. Besides, it has a useful admin panel and an online chat option so your customers will be able to ask their questions right away.

Asian Specialties Magento Theme

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Multifunctional Online Supermarket Magento Template

This food Magento template looks simple and elegant. It has a clear structure, everything is well located and each your customer will quickly find all necessary information. Multifunctional Online Supermarket Magento template is fully responsive and SEO-friendly, so you will be able to get your traffic without any great effort. Besides, it has three additional gallery scripts: carousel, accordion and slider.

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Sweets & Candies Shop Magento Theme

Sweets & Candies Shop Magento theme looks modern and well-built. It has a perfect structure and transparent navigation. In addition, this theme has lots of extra features. For example sliced PSD, back-to-top button, categories accordion, cloud zoom Magento extension, commenting system, cross-browser compatibility, custom page templates and many others.

Candy Web Store Magento Theme

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Natural Tee Online Store Magento Template

Here you can see an unusual design and a harmonically built structure. This template has a fully responsive design and an online chat so your customers will be able to order your goods directly on your webpage even using their mobile devices. Also, this Magento template has a useful commenting system, social options, sample content and custom page templates.

Naturally Grown Tea Magento Theme

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Elegant Online Wine Store Magento Template

This wine store Magento template has a modern and elegant design and a clear structure with the slider gallery at the top of the page. Here you can choose grid or list category view and accordion, carousel and slider gallery script. Also, with this theme, you can use a user-friendly commenting system and custom page templates.

Wine Store Magento Theme

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Clear Spiced Foods Magento Theme

As you can see, this theme has a clear design and a straight structure. It looks pretty simple but elegant. This food Magento theme has such additional features, as cross-browser compatibility, custom page Templates, drop down cart, dropdown menu, favicon, Google map + web fonts, sample content, social options, and tooltips.

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Oriental Specialties Store Magento Template

This foods template has a simple unsophisticated design that will fit any tastes. It looks clear and well-structured with its useful admin panel, categories accordion and a dropdown menu. Not to mention, that this template is fully responsive, well-documented and search engine friendly.

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Premium Coffee Online Store Magento Theme

This is a minimalist Magento template with a clear structure. It has a simple white background, which will emphasize your photos’ colors and attract viewers’ attention. Also, this template has advanced theme options and a color switcher so you will be able to change its design. This Premium Coffee Online Store Magento theme has 4 languages, 3 gallery scripts and video player integration.

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Spirituous Drinks Online Store Magento Theme

Want to sell alcoholic beverages? Choose this wonderful Magento template! It has all you need: 100% responsive and search engine friendly design, cross-browser compatibility, commenting system and custom page templates. This template looks unusual and stylish, and its dark black background is eye-catching and intriguing, so it will definitely increase the number of your clients.

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Online Grocery Responsive Magento Template

This Online Grocery Responsive Magento template is multipurpose. It has a simple design and a well-built structure. This template is fully responsive and has social options. So, your customers will have an opportunity to buy something with the help of their mobile devices and log in with their Facebook or Google+ accounts.

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Naturally Grown High-Quality Tea Shop Magento Template

With this template, you will have an opportunity to sell all sorts of naturally grown tea and devices for tea ceremonies. It has a perfect architecture and a bright color palette. This template looks elegant and minimalist, and it will undoubtedly fit all tea-lovers’ tastes. Also, this Naturally Grown High-Quality Tea Shop Magento template is well-documented, search engine friendly and fully responsive.

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Wine & Beverages Online Store Magento Theme

This Wine & Beverages Online Store Magento theme has an elegant design without any excessive details and a clear well-built structure. It has a few Magento extensions: cloud zoom and social icons. Also, this theme has a useful and handy admin panel, sliced PSD, categories accordion, commenting system, dropdown cart, dropdown menu, and social options.

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Alcoholic Beverages Store Magento Template

As can be seen, this Magento template has an elegant design and a good clear structure. It is visually appealing, and its warm golden tones look gorgeous. This template has a great number of additional features, which you can see in the live demo. Besides, Alcoholic Beverages Store Magento template is fully responsive, cross-browser compatible and SEO-ready.

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Exotic Tea Sorts Online Shop Magento Template

This inspiring Magento template has soft and eye-catching greenish color in its color scheme and its structure is perfect. There are no excessive details and everything is well-situated. This theme has multiple layout options, social login and cross-browser compatibility and custom page templates.

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