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How To Win Back 10% Of Abandoned Carts With No Cost

Seven out of ten users that come to your Magento 2 store don’t complete the purchase leaving the cart abandoned. That is the reality. Then we thought whether there was some way to keep users in store converting them into customers. The things we tried and that worked we’ve described below. Learn how to retain your abandoners→ How much you lose because of abandoned carts Before we will make som...
August 7, 2020
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Recurring Billing Can Get Your Magento 2 Store Back in Line

With the social distancing people shift to online life. This caused an increased demand for subscription products like well known to us all Netflix, Disney, HBO, and other streaming services. The share of Amazon Prime members increased by 16% from 59% of all shoppers last year to 75% nowadays. But the automatic billing model doesn’t limit to entertainment SaaS, people want to get their cosmetic...
May 8, 2020
no-contact delivery in magento 2

How to Introduce No-Contact Delivery and Safe Online Payment to Magento 2 Store

I think that you will all agree that we are living in most interesting times. Joseph Chamberlain, 1898 Regardless of who we are, in which sphere we're occupied or how we organize our life, the COVID-19 outbreak affected everyone. Over 1 million confirmed cases and even more affected by precaution measures, like curfews or limiting groceries shopping to once a week. The latter is a mere recomme...
April 16, 2020
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How to Optimize Your Magento 2 for Voice Search Used by 111.8 Million People?

As stated in the OC&C Strategy Consultants report, the total amount of money spent on shopping via a voice assistant will increase by up to $40 billion in 2022. There are 2 main reasons for this: the increasing mobile traffic and the growth of smart speaker devices sales. At the beginning of 2019, the mobile share of the retail traffic was around 64% according to Statista research. This sho...
March 10, 2020

Canonical URLs and Duplicate Content in Magento

Have you found duplicate content on your site? No worries, it’s all right. There are weighty reasons why your website includes several URLs that lead to the same page or duplicate content on different URLs. Moreover, this is a usual practice for online stores in general to have content like that; which is normal because of the typical e-commerce functionality. And though the case is not unheard...
March 3, 2020
every day is a holiday sale

Why Are Gift Features Necessary for Magento 2 Stores All Year Long?

There is nothing unusual in running special sales for Valentine’s Day or Cyber Black Friday nowadays. A great opportunity to sell more shouldn’t be missed, ever! Every merchant runs several great discounts here and there and enables a few tricks to stir the demand up. And once the celebration is over, related discounts and tricks are dismissed as redundant. What is not entirely right. Which ty...
February 25, 2020

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