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micro and macro environmental factors

The Impact of Micro and Macro Environment Factors on Business

When talking about business, we most likely associate it with its shareholders. As an "artificial person", a business exists in an environment influenced by immediate and indirect factors. Here we discussed the main micro and macro environment forces impacting businesses and why it is a mistake to ignore them when building a long-term strategy.

May 13, 2022

Advanced Reports — Analytics for Everyone

The importance of data is indubitable but integrating your store with Google Analytics is a time-consuming process that requires specific knowledge. Besides, in 2023 Google Analytics is moving to a new version, which means that if you already have GA, you'll have to set it up from scratch. And there is a much simpler way out. 
April 29, 2022

Product Recommendations: How to Save $5000 on AI Development

Product recommendations make up 26% of e-commerce revenue while accumulating only 7% of the traffic. Buyers who engage with a recommended product have a 70% higher conversion rate. 54% of merchants claim product recommendations to be the key driver of the AOV (average order value). Looking at these impressive statistical numbers, it seems logical to invest in product recommendation algorithms and engines. So today, we’ll discuss the role of AI and best practices you can use for any product recommendation system.
April 28, 2022

Information Paradoxes in E-commerce: How We Share and Use Data

“80% of an organization’s data is dark and untouched” - David Pier, IBM Google announced a phasing out of third-party cookies support in Chrome in 2023. This news has met two opposite reactions: users are happy that they will have more control over their personal data marketers, data analysis specialists, and other people whose job relates to information get nervous about their future But act...
March 25, 2022
9 Ways to Strengthen Information Security for E-commerce Businesses

9 Ways to Strengthen Information Security for E-commerce Businesses

With all that goes into starting a business, owners can easily overlook the importance of thoroughly ensuring their technology systems are safe from cyber security attacks. It's no wonder: knowing what the checkpoints are for a complete information security protocol is an ever-changing landscape. However, if you're doing business online that requires sharing sensitive information and financial ...
March 4, 2022
why image alt text- atters in seo

Why Image Alt Text Matters in SEO

You may already know the basics of image alt text. It's important to tell users and search engines what the image is about and that it can be clicked on to go to a certain web page or show some more information. Alt text does exactly that for you. Coming back to basics It's also important to know that image alt text matters in SEO. An alt attribute has been in use since the very early days of H...
February 23, 2022

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