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Before downloading Magento, read the official installation guide. We provide a Git clone of the Magento repository.

You must be:
- highgly technical,
- understand Composer and Git commands, and
- be able to update system software and Magento extensions with those commands.

If the above is not you, please choose another download method.

Why Magento?


Rich in-built functionality

Out-of-the-box, Magento provides you with all the features of a modern online store:

  • client-side features and user-friendly design
  • language options
  • promotional features
  • omnichannel strategy
  • user-generated content

Wide choice of extensions

Magento is the most flexible platform for an online store. Thanks to the rich selection of extensions from different vendors, you can add the functionality you need at any time.


Limitless customization

Thanks to open source, you can modify the code the way you like. Many agencies or freelance developers offer customization services that will allow you to adapt the site to your needs.



As your business grows, Magento's scalability will allow you to handle large volumes of products and transactions simultaneously, while giving you a great foundation for growing your business without the hassle.

You may find it useful

Elasticsearch installation

Starting with Magento 2.4, all installations must be configured to use Elasticsearch as the directory search solution. To save your time and effort, you can have our technical team to install Elasticsearch for you.

Server configuration

You have installed Magento 2, and the next step is to configure the server. If you don't want to read manuals trying to understand what configurations Magento 2 requires: Nginx, MySQL or PHP settings, then we are ready to help you with all server configuration duties

Extend Magento features

Find any solution for any of your store's needs in our catalog. If you need help with choosing the right extension, write to our online chat, we are always happy to assist.