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Magento 2 Web Design Service

Can’t find a perfect web design for your Magento 2 store? Hire our team to turn your unique vision into a rolled out solution. The first consultation is FREE.
  • dedicated development team
  • 2-month free support
  • flexible payment models
  • 100% compliance with coding standards
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What we offer

Finding Magento web design that will be not only beautiful but also functional, without spaghetti code, and with good performance sounds like mission impossible. That’s why we believe that it’s easier to develop a custom theme than find a perfect ready-made solution. (Unless if our Jet Theme suits you, of course :) )

Within Magento 2 Web Design Services, our custom development team can offer you 3 cooperation options:

  • help you install and set up a ready-made theme use a 3rd-party e-commerce web design for Magento of your choice and customize it according to your business needs
  • develop a custom theme from scratch using the default luma theme as a base.

How it works



First off, our manager will contact you to discuss the details of your project, find out your specific business needs, and approve the final work plan. 



If you want us to develop a custom theme, we need to create a Magento e-commerce website design. Here you can show us your ideas or our designers will offer you possible options. We can create both simple minimalistic designs and complex ones.


Building and implementing

When the Magento site design is finished and approved, we transform it into code and implement it in your store. Then, we test your website for any errors and release the project.


Warranty and support

As for any service we provide, our Magento website design company give a free 2-month warranty on all the customizations we made.

Reasons to choose us

100% compatibility with coding standards

In 2021, Amasty became the top developer in Slovakia 2021. With 12+ years of experience, we’ve learned all sides of Magento development. We follow the best coding practices in our customizations and can guarantee that our solutions won’t trigger any conflicts with the system or 3rd-party extensions.

Experienced development team

Our project manager will build a team of experts that are needed for your project. Depending on your request, it may include:

  • certified Magento developers
  • DevOps engineers
  • QA specialists
  • designers
  • and marketing specialists.

Flexible payment models

The final cost of your projects depends on multiple factors and may vary. In order to meet your budget, we offer 3 payment models:

  • fixed price
  • time and material
  • dedicated team

Free 2-month support

As your strategic partner, we not only provide you with 2 months of free support but also will stay in touch even after this period is over. We'll help you with updates, optimization, and website maintenance as your business grows.

Technology Stack

Web development

PHP: Zend (2), YII (2), Laravel (2), Symfony (2) and other well-known frameworks;

Node.JS: Express.js, Hapi.js, socket.io, Mojito, Sail.js Meteor, Crafty, D3 etc.;

Perl: The team was set up for the long-term client.

Servers administration

(V)DS server, as well as cloud-based services setup and optimization, Rackspace cloud, AWS, Azure.

Setup of VPN, DNS, DHCP, Mail (we developed several spamming and traffic generation systems and tools for the needs).


Bootstrap, SASS, LESS, 960 grid, Blueprint, Material, Semanti, Sencha(touch), etc.

Mobile Development

Android/iOS native development. Cross-platform development using Cordova/PhoneGap/Ionic, as well as React Native.

Quality Assurance

Black/White box automatic and manual testing.


Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.


Angular (2), React, Backbone, JQuery, D3, and many other in-demand frameworks.


MySQL, Postgree, Mongo, SQLite, MS SQL, NoSQL.

Ready to start?

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Magento comes equipped with a solid, but basic web design package. There are a variety of templates that can be used, and it is possible to edit the site’s coding on the CMS platform. However, when it comes to taking the site to truly high-end levels, there is a fair amount of technical work that needs to be pursued. This is especially true of creating a powerful Magento site that utilizes a responsive design.

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