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Product Labels
Product Labels M1

Draw customer attention with the colorful ribbons like Best Seller, Most Popular, Customers Pick, Limited Edition, Special Offer, 100% Natural, New Arrival, Sale % OFF, Free Shipping, etc.

magento 2 data migration
  • Design elegant labels of different shapes and color
  • Use sticker collections coming out of the box
  • Preview label from backend
  • Automatic and manual rules for label display
  • Create unlimited number of labels
  • Fully optimized for mobile
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Promo Banners
Promo Banners M1

Now you can increase profit from each order! Place image banners on the customers' path to purchase - offer them promos which will stimulate them to add more items to cart.

  • Display promo banners on the cart, category and product pages
  • Display promo banners among the products
  • Inform customers about new deals in an engaging way
  • Show deals relevant to the products viewed by customers
  • Mobile-friendly design
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