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Magento Extensions

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Order Attributes
Order Attributes M1

Order Attributes extension allows you to efficiently collect and use all the necessary order info by adding custom fields to checkout page. Get all the order data you need during checkout and process orders faster.

  • Collect enough order-related information
  • Improve order processing not to lose money
  • Grow customer satisfaction with faster order completion
  • Create any number of fields for checkout pages
  • Display the info on order grid, order pages, in emails, etc
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Payment Restrictions
Payment Restrictions M1

Limit use of payment methods by country, state, groups, store view, customer and product attributes. In addition, you can apply restrictions based on order information.

  • Increase effectiveness of your payment process
  • Restrictions based on country, state, other shipping data
  • Limit payment methods based on product and order info
  • Block methods by customer groups and other customer data
  • Reduce business risks and don’t miss opportunities
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AJAX Scroll
AJAX Scroll M1

Meet an original way of catalog browsing! Such bonuses as easy shopping process, improved usability and customer loyalty as a result are attached!

  • Draw customers' attention to products in catalog
  • Much more usable catalog pages
  • Auto loading & Up-Scroll of the pages
  • Loading of pages on request
  • 'Back to top' button
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Out of Stock Notification
Out of Stock Notification M1

Be aware of what products customers subscribe to - get more sales and improve customer service.

  • Improve inventory turnaround and get more profit
  • Build customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction
  • Subscribe to out-of stock options of configurable items
  • Customers see and manage their product subscriptions
  • Track out-of-stock and price subscriptions
  • GDPR compliant
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GeoIP Redirect
GeoIP Redirect M1

Automatically define visitors' locations by IP and redirect them to relevant information. Segment store visitors by location to increase probability of purchase thanks to proper content presentation, familiar currency and language.

  • Auto detect visitor's IP address
  • Redirect to all or particular urls
  • Exclude only specific urls
  • Redirect to store views based on IP
  • Currency change based on location
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Promo Banners
Promo Banners M1

Now you can increase profit from each order! Place image banners on the customers' path to purchase - offer them promos which will stimulate them to add more items to cart.

  • Display promo banners on the cart, category and product pages
  • Display promo banners among the products
  • Inform customers about new deals in an engaging way
  • Show deals relevant to the products viewed by customers
  • Mobile-friendly design
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Improved Sorting
Improved Sorting M1

Let your customers find the best products fast! Give them effective options for sorting - by bestsellers, biggest saving, etc. Add featured product blocks based on the sorting options for different categories.

  • Enable customers to sort products by bestsellers, rating, etc
  • Create product blocks using the sorting options
  • Specify the order of the sorting options in dropdown
  • Set any sorting method for products listing on catalog and search pages
  • Show out-of-stock products at the end of the lists
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Extra Fee
Extra Fee M1

Are you ready to provide customers with additional services? Learn how to motivate clients to spend more and increase the avarage order value with the Extra Fee extension.

  • Create numerous fees for extra services
  • Configure fees based on payment and shipping methods
  • Place fee options to checkout and cart pages
  • Specify flexible condition settings for fees display
  • Use different input types
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SMTP Email Settings
SMTP Email Settings M1

Reliable delivery of emails is crucial for business. Proper Magento 1 SMTP extension settings greatly increase the chance for your order confirmations, marketing emails and other correspondence to get actually delivered to customers.

  • Use reliable email providers to decrease email rejection
  • Set SMTP authentication and connection security params
  • See log of all emails, with detailed view of messages
  • Debug mode for easy detection of wrong Magento SMTP settings
  • Option to automatically clear logs after a certain period
  • Prevent your emails from being labeled as spam
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Advanced Permissions
Advanced Permissions M1

Assign permissions to users for editing products and categories, Magento store-views and websites. No mess when having a lot of users in your store – vendors, category managers, etc – let them see and edit certain categories and products.

  • Restrict access by store-view and website
  • Separate products management
  • Separate categories management
  • Duplicate roles quickly
  • Automatic compatibility with other extensions
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Store Credit
Store Credit M1

Provide registered customers with a flexible credit system. Let them spend their credit balance on product purchase or easily share it with friends.

  • Refund orders directly to customers' credit balance
  • Share credit balance with friends
  • Subscribe to credit balance updates
  • Update credit balance for individual customers or in bulk
  • View detailed credit transactions history
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Shop by Brand
Shop by Brand M1

Let customers quickly find the brands they love with a user-friendly brands showcase. Increase your sales giving users better shopping experience with unique and fully custom brand pages.

  • Brands Showcase in a Sidebar, Menu and Top links
  • Brand Listing with a Brand Slider and a Search box
  • Embed Brand Listing and Brand Slider anywhere
  • SEO-friendly URLs for Brand Detail Pages
  • Import and export Brands using CSV files
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Multiple Coupons
Multiple Coupons M1

Let your customers use multiple coupons for one order and benefit more from their loyalty.

  • Allow several coupons to be used together in one order
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Make the shopping process more comfortable
  • Ability to limit usage of some coupons with others
  • Compatible with Magento tax functionality
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Color Swatches Pro
Color Swatches Pro M1

Color Swatches Pro is a Magento color selector module which presents configurable products on a new level by animating boring text attributes. Use advanced color swatches to be creative in your products positioning.

  • Use images for attributes selection
  • Let customers buy configurables from category pages
  • No need to specify price difference for associated products
  • Reload product images, name, and description with AJAX
  • View configurable swatches details with zoom and lightbox effects
  • Fully optimized for mobile
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Mass Order Actions
Mass Order Actions M1

Hate editing each order when you need to send invoices or submit shipments? This extension will definitely cheer you up by allowing to process orders in bulk. Create invoices and shipments, capture payments for multiple orders in one go!

  • Invoice and ship orders right from the order grid
  • Easily change order status and capture payment
  • Apply mass actions to multiple orders
  • Print all docs in one click
  • Build great reputation with efficient order processing
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