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Magento SSL Setup Service

While shopping online customers are concerned about one thing – their payment and address info privacy and security. Implementing SSL certificate to your Magento webstore is the best way to ensure safety of your clients’ private data.

Furthermore, Google sees https as a ranking factor; It means that Magento 2 stores with enabled SSL will likely get more visitors from search engines as they will rank higher in search results. Take into account that Magento SSL configuration is a difficult process for a person without specific system administration skills. You can hand this task to professionals, who know for sure how to enable SSL in Magento, to avoid mistakes or incorrect store operation.
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Magento 2 SSL Setup Services include:

Installing the certificate into Apache or Nginx and setting Magento login and checkout pages on https protocol.

Installing the certificate into Apache or Nginx and redirect all http:// pages to https://

If you are using cPanel, Plesk, iWorx, etc. as a hosting control panel we can install SSL as well

The whole procedure of implementing Magento SSL certificate and configuring the platform takes about an hour or two; it may take longer if any issues appear. If this happens we will do our best to make your store run as soon as possible.
Build up trust and improve your reputation in search engines with Magento SSL Setup service from Amasty!

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