Magento vs. PrestaShop

Brief summary

PrestaShop is easier to use and has better performance when working with small to medium stores. And Magento 2, in its turn, offers unlimited customization opportunities and can handle large catalogs and websites with high traffic.


 Magento 2


 Ease of use

Requires technical skills



 Advanced built-in integrations



Over 5000 extensions

Over 4000 extensions

Supported inventory size

Can manage up to 200 000 products and up to 500 000 with proper optimization

Up to 100 000 products




Ease of use

It’s hard to name Magento a beginner-friendly or easy-to-use platform. You’ll need to spend time reading official documentation to fully understand how and what works. Also, it requires technical skills and knowledge, especially if you want to develop a custom theme or features.

PrestaShop is more user-friendly, and it’s possible to use this platform without any programming skills.


Magento 2 offers basic and advanced features like integration with eBay, Amazon, Elasticsearch engine, etc.

PrestaShop comes with basic functions that you can extend with modules and plugins.

Modules and extensions

Both PrestaShop and Magento Open Source are entensible and supplied with modules, plugins, and extensions that you can integrate into your instance to add new features and possibilities.

Supported inventory size

Magento 2 can handle up to 100 000 - 200 000 products, but with proper optimization, this number extends up to 500 000 items. That makes Magento 2 more suitable for large stores.

PrestaShop is more suitable for small and medium-size stores that have up to 100 000 products in the catalog. The platform allows you to add more items, but it may affect the performance of your website.

Magento 2 vs PetraShop 1.7: final verdict

Choosing between Prestashop and Magento, you need to pay attention not only to their features but also to your goals and future needs. Magento 2 is a more complicated solution that can handle large stores and offer endless possibilities for customizations and scalability. PrestaShop is more suitable for small businesses and startups. It’s easier to use and works faster if you don’t have many items in a catalog or a lot of custom plugins.

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