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  1. Hyva compatibility
    ChatGPT AI Content Generator M2
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    Utilize our Magento AI extension to automatically generate actionable content for your online store thus maximizing productivity. Attract wider audience and grow sales by creating highly relevant product descriptions and metadata tailored to your Magento store specifics and business needs.

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    • Generate content for product, category and CMS pages
    • Automatically add metadata to your store pages
    • Create content for multiple products with one click
    • Generate texts via Page Builder
    • Produce content on any language
    • Create different content for each store view
    • Choose Amasty AI Service as content generation provider
    • Supports GPT-3, GPT-4, GPT-4o and GPT-4 Turbo
    • Compatibility with Blog Pro
    • Hyva-compatible by default
    • New! Hyvä Checkout ready
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  2. Hyva compatibility
    Blog Pro M2

    Drive more targeted traffic to your store with Magento 2 Blog Pro extension. Power up your promotion strategy by sharing engaging content that converts visitors into customers and ranks higher on Google.

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    • Flexibly customize your blog page layouts, fonts, widgets and structure
    • Utilize multi-level category tree and tags for convenient blog navigation
    • Make your blog more visible in Google search using built-in SEO features
    • Promote related products on blog post pages
    • Import and Export blog posts, categories, tags, authors, etc.
    • Provide a smooth and fast reading on mobiles with AMP
    • Hyva-ready storefront (view demo >>)
    • Integration with Amasty AI Content Generator
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  3. Google Automated Discounts Premium M2

    Looking to increase in sales on Google Shopping? Complete all requirements and join the recently launched Google Automated Discounts Program with a 3-in-one Magento 2 solution from the official Google Channel Partner. Promptly persuade searchers to make a purchase with personalized discounts generated by smart algorithms.

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    • Integrate your Magento with Google Merchant Center
    • Implement price change passing via URL
    • 💎 Generate appropriate product feed to upload
    • 💎 Set up conversion reporting with cart data
    • Display discounted prices on Shopping ads and your site’s product pages
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Welcome to our AI-powered Extensions category, where innovation meets e-commerce. Magento AI extensions offer a transformative edge to e-commerce businesses. These intelligent tools leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance various aspects of online stores.

Elevate your content with ChatGPT AI Content Generator, supercharge your blogging with Blog Pro, and drive sales with Google Automated Discounts. Explore these cutting-edge solutions designed to boost your Magento store's performance.

Magento 2 AI extensions empower businesses to operate more efficiently, make data-backed decisions, and deliver exceptional experiences to their customers.

Explore our AI-powered extensions today and unlock the future of online retail.