Amasty introduces product subscriptions

As of February 1, 2022, the annual product subscriptions went into effect, meaning that all products within new orders become available by subscription only.

Why are we switching to product subscriptions?

As we all witness now and for the past few years, customers and businesses alike grow more demanding towards continuous delivery of product and service quality.

To ensure innovative solutions and in-demand services delivery with higher frequency while maintaining the highest quality standards, we have rethought our approach and considered switching to the subscription model a must.

This will help us provide our clients with aspects they see the most value in:

  • higher product quality owing to continuous investment in development and compatibility assurance
  • regular functional updates based on the latest development approaches and user experience practices due to continuous market research
  • warranties for the stability of services and full coverage with integrated updates and support

We see this opportunity as a new grand step towards making the Magento ecosystem the place where every business will succeed.

What does the Amasty product subscription stand for?

The product subscription implies a change in the pricing method and services available for a customer depending on whether their subscription is active or not.

Thus, our annual product subscription will include:

  • lifetime access to the original codebase
  • availability of all Magento versions and inter-product compatibilities
  • availability of all the new features delivered within the product line
  • and full support coverage for the product during the entire subscription period

So, it means that to keep access to the latest updates and support services, you need to have an active subscription. If you cancel a product subscription, you will not have access to the updates released after the subscription end date, as well as to our support service.

However, regardless of your subscription status, you can continue to use, customize and maintain the purchased products.

What are the terms for orders made after February 1, 2022?

Starting February 1, 2022, all products will be available by annual subscription only. Purchasing an annual subscription means that you will get:

  • lifetime access to the original codebase — regardless of your subscription status
  • 1-year access to all updates as well as 1-year support coverage for the product

To keep access to updates and support further you have to keep product subscriptions active.

You can cancel your subscription anytime. In this case, you'll keep access to the support service and product updates until the product subscription end date.

Product subscriptions for the second and next years will be 60% of the original product price. However, if you cancel your subscription and later decide to renew it, you'll have to pay an additional renewal fee of 20% of the initial product price to activate it.

What are the terms for orders made before February 1, 2022?

To ensure seamless onboarding of existing customers into the new subscription paradigm we’ll offer the following terms:

Option #1

To keep access to both the support service and product updates for all products purchased before February 1, 2022, you are offered to activate the support service subscription.

It grants the support coverage per account, meaning no matter how many extensions you have, all of them will be supported as long as you keep the subscription active.

You can choose the most preferable billing schedule as support subscription is available on a monthly and annual basis.

However, if you cancel the support service subscription per account, after February 1 you will be offered to proceed with the product subscription (support and updates per extension).

Option #2

We will offer a grace period of 6 months. During this period, you will keep access to all product updates even if you don't activate product subscriptions.

During the entire grace period (until August 1, 2022), you can activate the product subscription for products purchased before February 1, 2022, at a discounted rate 40% of the actual product price (only for the first year of a product subscription).

Option #3

If you don’t use either the support service subscription or grace period to upgrade, you can continue using all purchased products and all update releases before the end of the grace period. Also, you will be able to purchase product subscriptions any time later on, when you need new versions.

The list of vendors switching to subscriptions

  • Mageplaza
  • Aheadworks
  • Mirasvit
  • Mageworx
  • Meetanshi
  • MageComp
  • Webiators
  • MageDelight


    We are launching an annual product subscription, meaning that you purchase a product with 1-year access to its updates and support, and you will be further billed annually to keep the access.

    For the first year, you will make a payment equal to the current product price and get:

    • lifetime ownership of the original codebase and all the updates released within 1 year;
    • 1-year access to all new product updates (compatibilities, improvement, features);
    • complete 1-year support coverage.

    For each of the following years, the product subscription cost will make 60% of the original product price while providing:

    • 1-year access to all new product updates (compatibilities, improvement, features) and the lifetime ownership of all these updates;
    • complete 1-year support coverage.

    Yes, regardless of the subscription status, you can continue to use, customize and maintain purchased products. You will keep ownership and access to all updates released before the subscription end date.

    Yes, all Amasty products from our catalog (extensions, solutions, add-ons, etc.) will be available by subscription only.

    Yes, you can do so at any time. In this case, you keep access to the support service for the product and those updates until the original subscription end date.

    You can renew your subscription any time, of course. But it will require an additional renewal fee. The exact proportions will be introduced shortly across all our info channels.

    We've gathered the most frequently asked questions about subscription here. Please look them through.

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