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According to Forbes, 90% of users follow at least one brand on social media. This shows how important social media is for selling and promoting your products. To make social media for Shopify businesses easier, Amasty has released the AutoPost: Social Media AI Post app. This AI social media post generator helps you easily create and publish social media posts.

Key Features of AutoPost: Social Media AI Post App

Automated AI-based social media marketing

Automate your social media tasks and save valuable time. AutoPost uses AI to generate and publish social media posts, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business. No more manual or even scheduled posting – let AI handle it for you!

Integration with X (Twitter)

AutoPost seamlessly integrates with X (Twitter), a platform with approximately 619 million monthly active users worldwide. This integration allows you to tap into a vast audience for your social media campaigns. We plan to integrate with more social networks in the future, expanding your reach even further.

Standard and AI Templates

Keep control over your content with templates. Create standard templates for typical social media posts or opt for AI templates, letting AI generate social media captions for each post based on your prompts. This flexibility ensures your social media presence remains consistent and on-message.

Try AutoPost for Shopify Now!

Download the app from Shopify store and try it for free!

Advanced Possibilities with Amasty’s AI Social Media Post Generator for Shopify

Now that you know the app’s key features, take a look at what advanced strategies you can leverage:

Pull Up-to-Date Product Data

Simplify content creation by using variables in your templates to automatically pull relevant product information (e.g. price, stock status, etc.) from your catalog. This will ensure accurate and up-to-date details in every post.

Include Product Images in Posts

Enhance your posts by including product images, pulled directly from your catalog. Simply set the option to include images in your post – and the relevant image will be added automatically!

Use Scheduled and Event-triggered Posts

Publish social media posts automatically, scheduling them for specific times or occasions. The app offers two types of automation. With specific product automation, you get posts related to particular products. With condition-based automation, the app generates and publishes posts when a certain type of event occurs (e.g. a new product is added to your catalog).

Choose Any Language for Your AI-Generated Text 

Cater to a global audience by specifying the language for your AI-generated posts. Amasty’s AutoPost allows you to choose the language your audience speaks, ensuring your content is accessible and understandable to all.


We offer three flexible pricing plans to suit the various needs of our clients:

Free Plan

Our Free Plan allows you to dip your toes into automated social media posting. Publish up to 5 posts per month, with a limit of 2 posts per day. Enjoy the freedom of unlimited templates to keep your content fresh and engaging. This plan is ideal for brands that are just starting out or launching their first campaign on X.

Basic Plan

Step up your social media game with our Basic Plan. Every month, you can publish up to 150 posts, with a maximum of 5 posts per day. This plan includes unlimited templates and automation, giving you the tools to streamline your posting process and keep your audience engaged.

Advanced Plan

For those who need even more power, our Advanced Plan is perfect. You can publish up to 300 posts monthly, with a maximum of 10 posts per day. Like our Basic Plan, it includes unlimited templates and automation, providing maximum flexibility and efficiency for your social media strategy.

Choose the plan that best fits your needs and benefit from automated AI-based social media marketing. Check AutoPost on the Shopify app listing. Save time, increase engagement, and rely on AI to boost your social media presence!

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