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According to Statista’s 2024 report, search engines and marketplaces are among the most popular ways customers find new products. Research by Ecommerce News adds that 45% of shoppers express frustration when coming across insufficient product information, and as many as 82% say they check products on multiple sources before making a purchase.

What does this data mean for you? Omnichannel selling and diligent product feed management should now be indispensable elements of your marketing strategy. And if you have a Shopify-powered store and don’t yet leverage a Shopify product feed, it’s high time to start!

What is a Shopify Product Feed?

Let’s start with understanding what e-commerce data feeds are. A product data feed is a comprehensive file that contains all vital data about your products and services: product titles, images, compelling marketing copy, features, unique identifiers, and more. A Shopify product feed is simply such a feed for a Shopify store catalog.

Typically, all Shopify product feeds are stored as TXT, XML, JSON, or CSV files on a website. Online marketplaces support these formats, so merchants can submit data feeds to other platforms and sell products to a broader audience. Some of the common scenarios include:

  • Distributing your products on popular online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or Google Shopping.
  • Running product ads on advertising platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads.
  • Displaying your products on comparison shopping websites where users can compare prices and features.

Submitting a Shopify product feed to other platforms for one of these purposes also means regular and automated data sync of your products via API. This way, you’ll always showcase the latest product data on a Google Shopping feed, Amazon, eBay, and any social media platform.  

Meet Amasty’s FeedFusion: Product Data Feed Software for Shopify!

Amasty’s FeedFusion is a powerful feed generator for Shopify, designed to widen your reach and boost your sales across various e-commerce platforms. It helps you effortlessly create, manage, and optimize Shopify product feeds in just a few clicks – and then display your products on multiple marketplaces, increasing catalog discoverability.

Key Features of our Shopify Feed App:

  • Custom feed creator mode – Craft tailored feeds for different marketplaces.
  • Ready-made templates – Quickly create Google Shopping feeds or target Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and other platforms with templates.
  • Multiple format support – Choose from TXT, CSV, or XML formats to suit your target platforms’ requirements.
  • Optimized product feed management – Use smart category mapping and filtering options to streamline feed management.
  • Tight security Protect your Shopify product feed URLs with custom credentials, ensuring that your data is accessible only to authorized users.
  • Automatic feed generator  Set up schedules for automatic feed creation.

Our Shopify Product Feed Pricing

FREE Plan – Launchpad Edition

Make a perfect start!

  • 100 products and 200 variants.
  • 2 Shopify data feeds.
  • Quick setup thanks to ready-to-use templates.
  • XML, CSV, and TXT format support.
  • Guaranteed data security.
  • Basic filtering and mapping capabilities.

BASIC Plan – Growth Accelerator

Expand your reach!

  • 1000 products and 2500 variants.
  • 5 different Shopify product feeds.
  • Feed generator with ready-made templates.
  • XML, CSV, and TXT format support.
  • Protected URLs.
  • Filtering and category mapping for optimal results.

PROFESSIONAL Plan – Business Booster

Skyrocket your sales!

  • 2500 products and 5000 variants.
  • 10 Shopify feeds for Google Shopping, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, Bing, Pinterest, eBay, etc.
  • Access to all templates and formats.
  • Advanced filtering and category mapping options.
  • Secure product feed links and access controls.

A well-crafted, optimized, and maintained Shopify product feed can become the most powerful and convincing advert for your catalog, bringing you the desired sales growth with the least possible effort from your team's side.

Try out Amasty’s FeedFusion to create an eye-catching Shopify Google product feed, showcase your bestsellers on Amazon, or see the benefits of the social media shopping trend in action!

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