Amasty's M&A: MagePlace and MagPleasure

Amasty Acquires Mageplace and Magpleasure
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Some great news has arrived!

Amasty team is happy to announce the acquisition of MagePlace, a Magento extensions developer, and MagPleasure, a Magento extensions and themes provider. This is a big step for our company, which will help us to offer even better services and extensions to our clients. Find all the details concerning the acquisition below.

MagePlace acquisition details

 Date: 08.28.2015

Mageplace is Magento extensions developer located in Minsk, Belarus. It can boast of almost 30 high quality extensions that have gained popularity among Magento users. Mageplace is Magento Bronze Partner known for its high professional level in customization services and Magento development.

Besides, Mageplace was a subdivision of Belitsoft, a software development company from Minsk, Belarus. Belitsoft has 120+ employees and ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management system.

Amasty highly appreciates the achievements of Mageplace and hopes that the acquisition would help its products to be sold, supported and improved at a new professional level.

All Mageplace products will soon be available at Amasty extensions store. All of them will be rebranded and reissued under Amasty auspices. We will continue to update these products, bugfix them and add new features.

Absolutely yes. Mageplace clients will now be supported and governed by Amasty Team with the use of Amasty support system. So in case you have any problems concerning Mageplace extensions, feel free to contact our support.

And some more good news for Mageplace clients: we increase refund period up to 30 days, so now you have more time to value all the features of the purchased extensions. Besides, Enterprise version of ex-Mageplace extensions will now cost much cheaper and will become affordable for a much bigger amount of companies.

MagPleasure acquisition details

 Date: 08.28.2015

MagPleasure is a Magento extensions and themes provider, founded in 2011. The company is a Magento Silver Partner and can boast of many popular products, such as Share Me module, Tier Prices extension, and Blog Pro (on the basis of which a new Magento 2 Blog module was developed).

Amasty customers will be able to make use of even more quality Magento extensions, as all MagPleasure extensions are now declared as property of Amasty. MagPleasure extensions will soon appear on Amasty extensions catalog. Our partners will have even more opportunities in expanding their businesses as well!

From Aug 27th, 2015 Amasty takes responsibility for all updates, maintenance and support of MagPleasure extensions. You may be sure that we provide the highest level of service quality for all the MagPleasure customers. Glad to see you as Amasty clients!

Amasty Team is sure that this acquisition will be mutually beneficial for all the companies and customers and will help to make Magento ecosystem even better.

As always, looking forward to new achievements.

Stay tuned!

August 28, 2015
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