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Among numerous vendors, who offer Magento ecommerce solutions, Amasty stands out with loyal customer support policy and perception of customers' needs. In developing Magento ecommerce software we follow the standards of high quality and clear structure of the code offering only best Magento extensions. The priority of our support team is to take care about customers' Magento mods in the way they would care about their children. Want to feel it on your own skin? Become our dear customer today and try our Magento add ons :)

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  • Improved Layered Navigation

    69 Review(s)
    Improved Layered Navigation
    • Ajax Layered Navigation
    • Shop by Brands
  • Full Page Cache

    32 Review(s)
    Full Page Cache
    • Magento loads pages much-much faster
    • Huge decrease of your server load
  • Color Swatches Pro

    57 Review(s)
    Color Swatches Pro
    • Use images for attributes selection
    • Let customers buy configurables from category pages
  • Extended Product Grid with Editor

    55 Review(s)
    Extended Product Grid with Editor
    • Extend product grid with any attributes e.g. brand, cost, etc.
    • Edit product attributes right on the product grid with fast AJAX
  • Special Promotions Pro

    31 Review(s)
    Special Promotions Pro
    • 13 additional discount rules for powerful promotions
    • Deals based on any customer attributes – name, DOB, etc.
  • Customer Attributes

    52 Review(s)
    Customer Attributes
    • Add unlimited number of fields to registration page
    • Effectively manage the collected data in admin panel
  • Shipping Restrictions

    40 Review(s)
    Shipping Restrictions
    • Adjust shipping process to your legal and business needs
    • Block shipping carriers or some methods of shipping carriers
  • Product Feed

    30 Review(s)
    Product Feed
    • +1 high-conversion sales channel
    • Create unlimited number of feeds
  • Mass Product Actions

    40 Review(s)
    Mass Product Actions
    • Modify prices in bulk;
    • Promote related products with up-sell and cross sell-blocks;
  • Special Promotions

    40 Review(s)
    Special Promotions
    • Deals with cheapest and most expensive items
    • Discount items to a fixed price and by percent
  • Admin Actions Log

    28 Review(s)
    Admin Actions Log
    • Keep all log details on the grid for the specified time
    • Log the actions of specific admin users
  • Auto Add Promo Items

    44 Review(s)
    Auto Add Promo Items
    • Automatically add free promo items to cart
    • Offer promo items with a discount
  • Custom Stock Status

    35 Review(s)
    Custom Stock Status
    • Create unlimited number of product stock statuses
    • Assign stock statuses to products automatically or manually
  • Order Attributes

    35 Review(s)
    Order Attributes
    • Collect enough order-related information
    • Improve order processing not to lose money
  • Product Parts Finder

    27 Review(s)
    Product Parts Finder
    • Year-make-model and analogous product filters
    • Display product finders at home page and category pages

Items 1 to 15 of 130 total

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Amasty offers a great variety of comprehensive Magento extensions, developed to effectively optimize online store management process and let merchants perform routine tasks within minutes. We carefully arranged all our Magento addons in categories to help you easier navigate through the site. Here you’ll definitely find the plugin you are looking for whether it is an advanced zoom or a powerful SEO tool.

All you need is just to open the appropriate category and choose one of Magento commerce extensions that meets your needs. Detailed descriptions, vivid screenshots and a user guide will draw a clear picture of the module’s functionality and live demo will enable you try the chosen Magento extension in practice.

Moreover, to raise your client’s experience sky high our support team is always at your disposal. They’ll immediately answer your questions and help to adjust any Magento extension you select to your specific needs. Being an experienced Magento ecommerce software developer Amasty knows that to release the product is just half the battle and pays careful attention to its support team efficiency.

If you haven’t made your mind which module to buy, you may open the whole list of our Magento ecommerce extensions and simply browse through the list until you see the tool able to solve your current store problem.

Apart from that, you can always dig into numerous reviews, written by customers who’ve been using our Magento software to make sure your choice is right.

While creating our Magento addons we tend to satisfy all the needs of the modern e-commerce community. And no wonder that our products have already won customers appreciation and proved to be one of the best Magento extensions.