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Code review can be an exciting stage in program development. When a code is under review, it means that a project is well underway, perhaps even close to completion. However, the project may need some fine-tuning before it is shipped out to a prospective customer or eagerly waiting clients. Code review can be daunting, especially for independent developers or small-team programmers, because of time constraints or its tediousness. If developers want easily maintainable code, however, developers need to invest in code review.

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Outsourcing the code review process offers numerous benefits to developers. Outsourcing allows development teams to pursue other developments while learning how to fix technical issues in ongoing projects. These outsourced experts also provide a second set of perspectives among a variety of coding languages and programs to ensure understandable, effective code that will perform as intended. Outsourced reviewers can also go over specific portions of code or assist in any aspect of the development process according to a company’s needs. Read on to learn four benefits to consider when outsourcing your code review.

Outsourcing Code Review Leads to Fewer Errors

When completing assignments for clients or generating new ideas for updates, patches, or products, coding teams get used to looking at the same pieces of code for long periods of time. This process may be useful for teams attempting to troubleshoot glaring errors or preliminary issues in code development. Still, it can also mean smaller problems, like typos or improperly formatted commands, might get missed. Outsourcing your code review allows a new set of eyes, independent of the project, to review the code and check for errors that might inhibit the proper functionality of the final product.

Effective code review requires extensive diligence and collaboration on the part of code writers and their reviewers; this means that a developer's code will be in good hands, and they can trust that they will look over their product in an unbiased way. Because the coding team is external and independent from the initial code development, they do not review the code with the same perspective. This means that incidents known to the development team, like setbacks or rushed programming, do not reflect on the quality or content of their review. Hearing solutions from an independent reviewer might make critiques feel less personal and more constructive. After all, coding is a difficult skill to master, and it can be hard to be told that a code contains many flaws, despite the time and effort put into it.

Smaller development teams might accurately understand or know the causes of their code errors. However, they may not have the technical expertise or time to fully investigate and come up with an effective solution. By utilizing an external team of developers, a team can gain insight from experts in program coding in the specific areas they struggle with. Working with a full team rather than one person also means that programmers can get input from more than one area expert at the same time. This expertise not only can assist a team in developing a solution to that specific problem but can also teach a development team how to implement that fix in the future to avoid similar problems.

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Outsourcing Can Provide New Perspectives and Teach New Skills

Small firms or teams might not be able to perform certain tasks or have the knowledge necessary to fully implement a vital business function or roll out a brand-new feature. When these companies outsource, they get a team of experts who can do those tasks and have that knowledge. Outsourcing code review ensures that no matter the size of a project or team, they will have expert-level code to back up their product.

In addition to fixing errors in code, outsourced reviewers can teach inexperienced or small teams how to build their skills. Outsourced reviewers can explain or demonstrate how and why errors occur in ways that automated code tests cannot. External experts might have a way of explaining a program or technique that makes more sense to newer or inexperienced programmers on a team. They can also provide advice on all aspects of the development process to help assist more advanced programming experts on a team. Independent experts can also advise teams on how to create code that’s more readable and understandable, making it easier for quality assurance teams to catch problems when finalizing a product shortly before the launch date.

Code review benefits everyone. It benefits development teams because it allows everyone on a project development team to contribute to the creation of the code, give feedback on potential problems, and help clarify misunderstandings or confusion about a coding process. With small teams that rely on everyone understanding all parts of the code well, reviewing code allows them to increase the accessibility of their codes and make them more understandable. When everyone can understand the code, it leaves space for new developers and other team members to step in when it’s crunch time or when they are expressing interest in understanding product development. Outsourcing this process brings everyone together to troubleshoot problems and create efficient solutions for their needs. Whether looking to review a specific section of code or not being able to quite understand a new programming language, outside expert developers can help.

Outsourcing Saves Time and Money

Code review decreases the likelihood of errors in code that result in bugs, yet conducting code reviews in-house can take a significant amount of time. For small firms, the time to do a code review can disrupt workflow and create confusion, especially when trying to maintain many complex projects simultaneously. Stressed developers may write imperfect code under stress, and overwhelmed teams might feel tempted to skip code reviews to keep up with project deadlines. It is crucial to reduce stress for the team and make space for code review. Working with error-filled code can also result in a disastrous testing phase, further amplifying developer anxiety.

Coding errors aren’t only a hassle; they result in lost time and revenue if left unsolved or unchecked. Broken code not only requires reworking the same lines of code continuously, it potentially can lead to setbacks in rolling out highly anticipated features or products. Missing set goals, project deadlines, and errors like crashes and bugs post-production all lead to time spent fixing problems that should’ve been spotted before launch.

Outsourced reviewers can perform thorough and efficient code reviews and free up company time to allocate their resources efficiently. An external team can direct their attention to specific portions of code without worrying about the constraints of other development projects and deadlines.

The time spent ensuring efficient and expert code from outsourced reviewers translates to real-time profits saved. In the short term, companies avoid lost profits and productivity due to buggy code or inconsistencies in programming. It also avoids the pitfalls of problems like needing to issue refunds, sending emails, and working overtime to lessen potential reputational damage that can come when an app or website sends customers error messages or cannot finish their requests.

In the long term, the lessons gained from outsourced expert reviewers allow a company’s team to become more competent and efficient programmers while giving them more time to pursue other developing projects. Their collaboration and expertise also teach developers to learn how to identify functional problems that might occur on future projects and implement proper solutions to ensure a seamless product rollout. Senior developers can then more effectively teach those skills to new programmers during onboarding and throughout project management. The better trained a development team, the more efficient turnaround, which results in superior products.

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Outsourcing Code Review Ensures Security and Maintains Compliance

The world of e-commerce and product development constantly evolves, and with it, its challenges. Accidental and structural errors in code can lead to devastating consequences for a company and its customers. Not only do buggy apps lead to dissatisfied customers and calls to customer service, but it leaves a company vulnerable to security breaches and subsequent liabilities. Bugs that cause breaches of security systems that result in lost or compromised data or finances can mean serious legal problems. Outsourcing code review prevents this risk. Outsourced reviewers also have insight into industry regulations, QA compliance, and best practices that can help prevent bugs and security flaws. In the realm of programming, reaching out for programming assignment help can be a great way to enhance your knowledge, just like when you outsource code review to gain new perspectives.

Wrapping Up

If you are building or expanding your e-commerce site, code reviews are crucial to not only ensure your team is working efficiently but that your customers have a positive experience on your site. When you outsource your code review, you can save time, and money, expand your team's knowledge and create a bug-free e-commerce website.

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Regardless, a very useful idea to outsource code review, however, I think it really depends on a team size, like if you have 3 people on the team - do you need code review from the outside?
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