Best e-commerce articles of 2014

In 2013, marketers came to a conclusion that 2014 will be the year of content. It was, and marketers were the first who started to create even more compelling, useful, and valuable content.

Today we share our version of top 10 e-commerce articles published in 2014. Each article is accompanied by its topic, author name, and a brief description. We chose articles from various topics so you could expand your knowledge in various fields of e-commerce.

Now, if you need some weekend reading, let’s proceed!

1. Top 50 SEO Tips & Tricks for E-commerce Websites


Author: Savaş Çetinkaya

Topic: E-commerce SEO

This is a nice post that can serve as a checklist to look through your e-commerce SEO strategy and see the points that can be made on your website. The list is divided into several sections so that unexperienced online retailers can make their way through all benefits of SEO.

2. 15 Hazards That Will Cripple Your E-Commerce Site’s Load Time

Author: Alesia Krush

Topic: Technical

A full breakdown on reasons an e-commerce site is losing speed. Site speed is a Google’s ranking factor and influences bounce rates and conversions, as well as returning visits. So, if the speed of your shop is not at the level desired, go through this list to cover all the points.

3. A Guide To E-Commerce Conversion Tracking Using Google Tag Manager


Author: Pier-Yves C Valade

Topic: E-commerce analytics

Google Tag Manager is one of the most important instruments to get your e-commerce analytics. Pier-Yves wrote a nice guide on implementing Google Tag Manager for Magento, which may seem tricky for inexperienced users at first.

4. An E-Commerce Seller’s Guide to Sweet Success [Infographic]


Author: Kimi Mongello

Topic: Statistics

This is a kind of infographic that was created using purely helpful facts. The data is represented in a wonderful and vivid way (and I know you’re probably tired of useless crappy marketing infographics, this isn’t the case).

5. Which ecommerce sites are getting it right? Here’s 21 of the best…


Author: Graham Charlton

Topic: Case studies

Tracking competitors and powerful brands is always a part of any e-commerce marketing strategy. Econsultancy shows 21 great e-commerce websites, highlighting their most effective features.

6. Microdata, JSON-LD & Rich Snippets: Everything You Need to Know


Author: Daniel Butler

Topic: E-commerce SEO

This is a killer, I mean, a KILLER guide on rich snippets. It’s huge and contains loads of useful information on various types of mark-up.

7. No Words Wasted. A Guide to Creating Focused Content


Author: Kyra Kuik and Harriet Cummings

Topic: Content

No Words Wasted is a detailed guide on creating great content from scratch. It describes the full cycle of creating focused content that’ll serve your needs. A list of tools, charts, examples, and interviews on the topic included.

8. The 2014 industry survey by MOZ


Author: Peter Meyers

Topic: SEO

Being a part of the industry always means it’s good to follow trends and note differences happening in the bubble. This survey is a quick overlook of what and how people did and used things in SEO.

9. The Ultimate DIY Guide to Beautiful Product Photography


Author: Jeff Delacruz

Topic: Product presentation

If you’re going to produce product pictures by means of your own team or even yourselves, this guide could serve for a good start!

10. Top 100 Business Blogs and Their Most Popular Articles



Topic: Education

Of course, we don’t expect you to read all these 100 blogs, but you might choose some to subscribe to. What is more, the author kindly added the most popular articles of each blog.

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