Skippable video vs. Bumper ads. Which one to choose for promoting your sale on YouTube?

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Skippable video vs. Bumper ads

Bumper ads give better reach. You can get 2x more impressions and unique users. That's the result we got last year. But don't jump to conclusions.

We asked our in-house PPC expert, Vera Ryabinina, which kind of advertising to choose:

"I recommend doing both. Both ads are good for a certain scenario: skippable video ads for brand awareness and bumper ads for promoting a specific offer. Together they’ll work better.

Bumper ads in particular are the best remarketing ad format. If your audience is aware of your products, this is the best way to promote your marketing campaign: Halloween, Black Friday, or any other sale.

From a cost perspective, there's no big difference in CPM between the two. Yet, the bumper ad can spend a lot more due to higher reach, so don't forget to set spend limits if you have a strict budget."

Vera Ryabinina

Leading PPC Specialist, 5+ years

Skippable video ads


  • longer ad spots can dive deeper into the brand and its products
  • videos of high quality from the filming and content sides have more chances to be watched to the end
  • 80% of users aged 35 to 44 are more likely to watch your ad until the end


  • you have 5 seconds to grab the user’s attention
  • filming, editing, background music, and equipment of a quality video ad can be costly
  • 64% of users aged 18 to 24 skip ads regardless of their quality

Bumper ads


  • unskippable, users have to watch it
  • a good remarketing format
  • the best format is if you can convey your message within 6 seconds


  • 6 seconds may be very little to get your message across
  • not good for complex promotions and products
  • doesn't work for new audiences unfamiliar with the brand


Running the ad formats in conjunction is the best choice.

But if, for some reason, you need to choose only one, pay attention to:

  • your business model – B2C, B2B
  • who your end user is, what habits they have – customer profile
  • how well your audience knows your products – familiar or unfamiliar
  • how sophisticated your product is – pizza or software
  • how simple your promo is – discount coupon, offer with a progressive discount, or many conditions
  • advertising budget you have
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