Does SEO Still Matter in 2021? Why Use Amasty’s SEO Audit

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Does SEO Still Matter in 2021? Why Use Amasty’s SEO Audit
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If you follow us on socials, you've seen that we launched a new service - SEO audit.


However, we haven't introduced you to our SEO team. To clarify this new offer, we've had a short interview with our leading specialist, Pavel.


Pavel is the Team Lead of SEO at Amasty with 9-year experience in search marketing. He aims to turn controversial Google’s signals it gives to website owners into simple in-house SEO processes.






━  Pavel, how much does SEO matter in 2020? Let me clear daily Google issues new machine learning algorithms that no SEO specialist can trace. The number of algorithms used to range websites in SERP is so big that no expert who can put them to full use. Which begs the question, is it still real to succeed optimizing a website?

━  The diversity of algos can be kept to 15-20 main factors an SEO specialist usually works with. And though nobody can claim that their SEO strategy 100% correlate with Google algos, in the case with most factors, Google conveys a clear message saying which way to go next.

Also, analyzing Google's SERP allows us to understand why this or that website is ranked higher and to adapt our activities to meet the demands.

Thus, we don’t need to try to outsmart Google. We need to process available information and move in the right direction. Even if you manage to optimize a website for the main 50% of algos, in most cases, you’ll reach the top 10 in SERP and get targeted traffic.

At the same time, the cost of doing nothing may be too high. Just miss technical errors, content optimization, link building, or else, and your traffic will go to zero. That’s why it’s almost impossible to move forward with a commercial project without SEO’s assistance.


...if you manage to optimize a website for the main 50% of Google's algos, in most cases, you’ll reach the top 10 in SERP...



━  Why should I choose your SEO audit, why not choose an SEO guru like Brian Dean from Backlinko? I mean SEO was not about Amasty’s story. So, why should I?

━  We’ve been working with Magento for more than 11 years and know the system backwards. We’ve considered all the drawbacks while optimizing our own website. And this means we know what to look at while carrying out the SEO audit. Furthermore, we know the potential and specific features of our SEO extensions, I mean we know how to adjust them to your unique case.

We won’t spend your money on generic phrases and feeble advice. We’ll find all your website’s weak points and make a basic setting perfectly fit your current SEO needs.


...we know what to look at while carrying out the SEO audit...


━  How will I know the settings you’ve made helped me? Will we agree on targeting specific outcomes or something? Also, I know that any SEO activities have delayed impact (as a rule), how will we solve this, will I have any guarantees that I won’t waste my money?

━  To gain targeted metrics (position, clicks, revenue) we should proceed on all fronts. We’ll start with solving basic technical problems at the first stage to lay the foundations for website promotion. Fixing technical issues usually brings an increase in targeted traffic. Though, our priority is to eliminate these obstacles and give the initial push.

As for the audit report, we are ready to comment on our formal opinion and explain why the pull of work is essential for successful Google indexing. I stress again that pending technical issues can be worth serious time and money losses in the future. It’s dramatically difficult to “reassure” Google that your website closed that SEO gap. Sometimes, it’s even easier to start with creating a new website.


...pending technical issues can be worth serious time and money losses in the future...


━  Who will conduct the audit, and how do I know the specialist is a guru in SEO?

━  Our team has been doing SEO for 7+ years. For this time, we’ve come through many search engines’ updates that implied significant workflow changes from us. We’ve adopted a unique approach to the changes, which guarantees faster reaction, thus, smaller losses. And if in the first years of work we hot fixed technical errors, now we prepare for a new update in advance.

Say, when talking about Google's May 2020 core update, we’ve got a huge uplift in both traffic and positions in SERP (-25% from the average position in GSC) that can’t be explained by a good fortune.

The page experience signals that Google introduced will soon become critically important. We want to draw your attention to the factors today, although these signals will affect the SERP only in the future.

Now we can say that we’ve preempted and timely introduced changes to comply with Google's assessment of websites by anti-COVID measures they’ve taken. Websites that have developed anti-COVID programs aiming to take care of their users got a nice karma move from Google. So, we are sure to cope with an SEO challenge of any complexity, just click "talk to our expert" to get a free consultation. experience signals...will soon become critically important...


→ Go see what our SEO Audit includes


P.S. If you haven't found an answer to your question, feel free to ask it from Pavel in the comments below. He'll be happy to help you out.

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