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For all Wix users who struggle with manually monitoring all their in-store activities, Amasty introduces the new Admin Notifications app for Wix. This app lets you create email notifications on your Wix website, keeping staff members updated about various events

Don’t miss a moment when an order is canceled or a product runs out of stock! Now you can take action immediately after an event occurs. 

Key Features

Email Notifications for Wix by Amasty is a highly customizable extension. Here’s a glimpse at what you get with it:

Unlimited Alerts

Create as many alerts as you want for various store activities, setting Product-Specific alerts for individual products or Global Alerts for the entire catalog. You can also use Test Alerts to check the look and feel of your notifications before they go live.

Wide Range of Events

Choose event triggers that fit your needs and priorities. The app can notify you and your team about:

  • Stock levels (low stock, out of stock)
  • Product updates (created, updated, deleted)
  • Product collection updates (created, updated, deleted)
  • Cart changes (created, updated)
  • Checkout activities (created, updated, marked as complete)
  • Order statuses (created, canceled, paid)
  • Site properties updates
  • Fulfillment updates

Targeted Notifications

Address notifications to relevant team members who need to stay informed only about specific types of events. 

Use Cases

Amasty’s latest app for Wix aims to assist various teams of e-commerce businesses. See how the extension can benefit certain departments in your company:

Sales Team

  • Order Creation Notifications. Stay informed about new orders and ensure timely processing.
  • Order Payment Notifications. Confirm when payments are received and follow up with customers if necessary.
  • Order Cancellation Notifications. Quickly address issues and try to recover potentially lost sales.

Marketing Team

  • Product Collection Updates. Stay updated on changes to product collections and adjust marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Cart Created/Updated. Understand customer preferences and tailor marketing campaigns to recover abandoned carts.

Customer Service Team

  • Order Cancellation Notifications. Understand why orders are being canceled and assist customers in resolving their issues.
  • Checkout Completion Notifications. Confirm that customers have completed their purchases and address any issues immediately.

Inventory Managers

  • Low Stock Alerts. Know when stock levels are low and need replenishment, ensuring no products go out of stock.
  • Out-of-Stock Notifications. Take immediate action and restock items that have run out.
  • Product Creation/Update Notifications. Be aware of new products being added or existing products being updated to manage inventory efficiently.

Store Admins

  • Product Updates. Monitor changes in product listings and ensure accuracy.
  • Site Property Updates. Keep track of any changes made to the store’s settings or layout.
  • Fulfillment Updates. Ensure orders are being fulfilled on time and address any potential delays.


Currently, Admin Notifications is available for just $2.99/month with all features included. Try it for free with a 7-day free trial!

How to Get Started

You can install Admin Notifications on its official listing on Wix and find the user guide here.

Keep Your Team Updated on Key Website Events!

Streamline your store operations with Amasty's Admin Notifications for Wix!

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