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Push Notifications for Magento 2

With Magento 2 Push Notifications, increase your revenue by strengthening the interaction strategy with target customers. Send appealing push notifications with attractive deals to energize sales.
  1. Trigger repeat purchases from your existing customers
  2. Add catchy logos, images and links to draw visitors' attention
  3. Make data-driven decisions based on statistical info
  4. Let customers subscribe in one click (no customers' info required)
  5. Organize a real-time interaction: notifications are sent directly and immediately seen
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Segment your customer base and reach any user with personalized smart Push Notification to maximize profit from existing customers. While enjoying increased conversions, you get loyal repeat customers and lower the acquisition spends.


Statistic says that 40% of an e-commerce store’s revenue is generated by repeat customers. Do you get the most from your existing customers base? If not sure, you continue to lose profits.

How do you benefit from this tool?

Increase retention rate by establishing relations with existing clients

Enhance brand awareness by flashing before users' eyes

Increase total revenue by effortlessly growing subscribers base


Magento Push Notifications allows targeting the right customers and stimulating them for making purchases. Send catchy notifications with beneficial deals to customers to increase your retention and conversion rates.

1. Motivate сustomers to consent for subscription
An opt-in request is the first step to customers’ engagement. Due to the flexible extension settings, you can completely customize the prompt Magento 2 notification messages so that even first-time visitors will be interested in subscribing.

  • Specify the prompt text
  • Determine delay time for the opt-in pop-up’s appearance. See your Google Analytics average time on page
  • Choose the frequency of showing the prompt to those who haven't consented yet
  • Define the pages to show the opt-in request on
  • Set the daily limit of notifications per customer
Motivate customers to opt-in
2. Think over the core intention of your campaign
The more your push notifications campaign is personalized for Magento 2 web store, the higher results you achieve. Thoroughly think through the campaign you are going to launch. Start with the basics:

  • Choose store views
  • Choose customer groups
  • Define a dispatch time accurate to the minute
  • Configure the options of notifications
  • Send test notification

Collect the valuable campaigns’ data, such as the number of received and clicked notifications, etc., right on the grid. Analyze the effectiveness of each campaign - learn what works and what doesn't work for your store.

3. Get higher CTR with flexible notifications customization
Design the notification and provide it with irresistible deals to trigger immediate purchases. Focus on generating action: place links in Magento 2 push notification messages that direct users to a certain page of your store. In real time you can: remind customers about new deals, deliver offers, values and incentives.

  • Provide the core incentive - specify the message’s title
  • Set the message body
  • Insert an eye-catchy image or logo
  • Paste the link you want to direct your subscribers to
  • Add UTM parameters for complete campaign tracking
Customize notifications for higher CTR
Analytics dashboard
4. Make data-driven decisions with a smart Analytics dashboard
Constantly analyze your campaigns to get valuable insights into users behavior. Based on the data gained, you can constantly improve your campaigns to get relevant to customer needs and maximize profits. Magento Push Notifications offer complex analytics with:

  • The number of clicks and a click-through rate for each campaign individually
  • The number of notifications received by customers (on the campaigns grid)
  • The total amount of clicks for all campaigns
  • The total amount of subscribers
  • The total amount of finished campaigns

More Options

  • The extension is not compatible with Apple mobile platforms.
  • Push notifications don't work with Safari browser on Mac.
  • The module is also not compatible with EDGE browser.
  • Add Magento 2 Customer Group Auto Assign to automatically move customers to any desired group with no assistance required.
  • NEW: Replace IP addresses for debug mode
  • Manage all cron tasks on a Cron Tasks List grid. Delete tasks in bulk, use filtering and sorting options.
  • Add Magento 2 Customer Segmentation to accurately specify customer segments for push notifications.
  • Manage subscribers on the Subscribers grid: analyze the information for proper segmentation.

According to the statistics, the extension can cover each business need in synergy with the following solution: cross sell magento.

How to turn on notification messages for customers in Magento 2?

  • Install and enable the Push Notifications plugin.
  • Go to Marketing > Campaigns and click New Campaign.
  • Fill in the Name of your campaign and specify its Schedule.
  • Choose Customer Groups and Store View that should receive the notification.
  • In the Notification Settings section, define Message Title and Body.
  • Upload the Logo image and specify the Pop-up notification URL with UTM parameters.
  • Save the changes.
Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
3 Reviews
Mar 19, 2019
Boosts clients to order
Works cool for us, have it all for raising sales. We’ve tried various pushes on different customer groups, and even new customers, and the effect is rather good. Now we throw pushes around every 1-2 days. Especially good for spontaneous orders.
Feb 26, 2019
Best hides in stats
Jade D.
Plugin offers in-built analytics, and it’s the best part of it. Monitoring analytics for 3 campaigns for a month, I detected what worked well for young adults and then combined all insight for Valentine’s day pushes. CTR was around 30%, my all-time-best so far. Recommend
Jan 02, 2019
Not always evident
So many customizations in there that sometimes I get lost. And this eats time. But the team added user guide in admin, so now I’m getting better. Though working with guide also takes time, at least I’ll manage to set the module up well.

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Version 1.2.1
Last Update: Apr 13, 2020
1.2.1 - Apr 13, 2020:
  • Improvement we finalized Customer Segments support
  • Improvement we updated Browser Detection library
  • Improvement now the feature of manual feed generation checks index status in Magento instance
  • Fix we fixed the error on getting tokens grouped by store
  • Fix we fixed the issue with broken push notifications for new campaigns
  • Fix we fixed the issue on loading Password Reset page for admin
1.2.0 - Aug 19, 2019:
  • New we added the ability to specify customer groups for push notifications
  • New we added the ability to specify customer segments for push notifications when Amasty 'Customer Segmentation' extension is installed
See previous updates
Version 1.1.0
Last Update: Jun 11, 2019
1.1.0 - Jun 11, 2019:
  • New unit tests were added to the Geo IP Data module
  • Improvement the code of the Geo IP Data module was refactored
Version 1.0.5
Last Update: Jun 11, 2019
1.0.5 - Jun 11, 2019:
  • Fix the error in the browser console while sending a test notification was resolved
1.0.4 - Apr 16, 2019:
  • Compatibility the compatibility of Geo IP Data module with Magento 2.1.x was enhanced
  • Fix the error 'Token getting error' while sending a notification was resolved
1.0.3 - Mar 26, 2019:
  • New the ability to manage all existing cron tasks on a Cron Tasks List grid in backend was added. Run cron tasks and generate their schedule by clicking the ‘Run Cron’ button. Also, delete tasks in bulk, use filtering and sorting options when it is needed
1.0.2 - Jan 24, 2019:
  • Improvement the extension was enhanced for better performance when not standard base URLs are set for Magento
1.0.1 - Dec 21, 2018:
  • Improvement the link to the extension's guide was added to the admin panel.
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