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Push Notifications for Magento 2
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Push Notifications for Magento 2

See how easily you can strengthen the contact with your target customers. Reach them directly through the devices they use the most time of the day with Push Notifications for Magento 2 extension.

  1. Fully control the content and design of your notifications
  2. Create an unlimited number of campaigns
  3. Send triggered notifications
  4. Divide your subscribers into segments to send highly targeted notifications
  5. Get the necessary statistical data and generate reports
  6. Configure the prompts' display settings


Push notifications are compact, attracting attention pop-ups, that appear right on customers’ mobile devices or desktops. The way they work is that when the customer opens your site's page in a browser, he gets an opt-in request - the prompt. From the moment the customer opts in, he will receive push notifications. Even if the recipient is not currently on your website, he will get the message for it will be displayed on the screen.

Implementing Push Notifications is a way to:
  • Boost customers engagement
  • Boost retention rate
  • Get high average subscription and click-through rates
    – 10% each for e-commerce industry, according to MaxTraffic research
  • Convert your website visitors into customers

What kinds of notifications to create with the extension

The ones that know the location of its users

Would you like to receive information about the sales in Germany while living in New Zealand? Probably not. That’s why you should pay attention to your subscribers’ location before sending notifications. With the extension, you can create personalized special notifications for customers from different countries.

Encouraging to continue activity

Engage your customers by tapping into positive emotions. Make them feel excited – inform the subscribers about great sales and opportunities awaiting them.

Important alerts

Inform the customers about important issues. For example, when a new payment method is available in your store, or the product is back in stock, let the customers know about it.


Send to your customers highly useful notifications, which will serve as a kind of life hack. For instance, provide them with new ideas of using your products or the way they can upgrade them.

Stimulating excitement

To warm up the interest, organize a special event for your main customers, for example, a lottery or a free concert, and remind them about the upcoming event through the notifications. The extension allows you to send notifications regularly, according to the schedule you’ve specified.

Your own kind

Think out your own unique kinds of notifications and bring them to life. You don't have to be a genius to make your clients feel they are taken care of.

The secrets of push notifications effectiveness

Customers don't have to be on the website to receive notifications
Only target customers will receive notifications – those, who gave a consent
Delivered directly to the customer and immediately seen: a big chance your message won’t be ignored
magento 2 push notifications

Create your own design of notifications for each special event

Flexible notifications settings allow to manage each detail of a notification according to your taste: specify the title, the body text and add a catchy logo to make notifications appealing to your customers.

Control the process of prompts’ display

Prompt is a popup message with the proposal to subscribe to notifications. With Push Notifications for Magento 2 extension you can create a custom design for your prompts, as well as choose the pages to show them on and specify the frequency of their demonstration to customers. You can also configure settings for each prompt kind individually: for the site-wide, the back in stock and the order status prompts.

Split up subscribers to segments

Create the segments of your subscribers, depending on their location, date subscribed, or source used. To make notifications more targeted and personalized, set campaigns, which will send them only to subscribers of the specified segments.

Send triggered notifications

You can send triggered notifications, based on order update, back to stock or abandoned cart events. All you need to do is to specify the event trigger and choose the segments, to which it should be sent. Such notifications will help you to keep in touch with customers and increase their retention.

Configure flexible custom campaigns

The extension provides you with the ability to set an unlimited number of campaigns to reach your customers and establish strong connection with them.

  • Make your customers receive notifications according to the schedule
  • Control the frequency and lifetime of notifications
  • Create an unlimited number of simultaneously scheduled campaigns
  • Select the segments of subscribed customers, to which notifications will be sent
  • Send test notifications

Follow the statistics

Analyze the statistical data on your campaigns and improve your efforts to receive impressive results.

Due to the extension, you can obtain the essential information, including:

  • The total amount of clicks for all campaigns;
  • The total amount of notifications sent;
  • The total amount of subscribers;
  • The total amount of finished campaigns;
  • The number of sent/shown/clicked notifications for each campaign individually.

Generate reports to get the detailed structured information you need.

push notifications for magento 2

Collect information about your subscribers

The subscribers are those customers, who are expected to be the most interested in your company’s events. They deserve special attention. The more information about such customers you receive, the more long-term and closer relationship you can establish.

By analyzing the data obtained, you will get the more explicit view of your main customers.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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