Magento Modified Core Files report

Hey Amasty blog readers! Today I wanted to share a tool that I created to help our developers in providing faster and better support for our customers.

But after chatting with my colleagues I realized this tool can be of help for other developers and even store owners! Click read more to see what the tool is about and to download it for free.

 When looking for a solution to track all the Magento backend activities, our Admin Log is for your help.

Who needs to check if Magento core files were modified?

  1. Sometimes store owners may need to check if Magento core files were modified. This script isn’t needed if you have a ‘clean’ Magento installation.

This point is all about buying extensions from trusted vendors. The script lets you check if a free extension or an extension from an unknown developer modifies Magento core files – and if it does, you may suspect malicious activity behind your back, for example, stealing payment data.

  1. Magento developers will also benefit from using this script. You can quickly and easily check Magento core files of the store you’re going to support or to identify changes that were made by previous developers or Magento extensions.

Why is modifying core files a deadly sin?

It happens (sigh) that developers modify Magento core files, but this practice is what you should avoid at any costs.

If you’ve noticed that a developer changed Magento core files of your store, here’s my indulgence to fire him straight away.

Compatibility issues

Say, you install an extension that modifies Magento core files. It may work perfectly only until you use any other Magento modules; they will rely on expected (standard) Magento functionality. Therefore, Magento core changes are likely to cause incorrect performance of other installed extensions.

Upgrade issues

If you use an extension that modifies Magento core files or you have manually modified files, you lose an opportunity to properly upgrade your Magento installation. An upgrade will destroy core changes, and features attached to these changes won’t work. To restore them, you’ll need to reinstall the module.

Given that Magento upgrades are essential for safety and correct performance of your store, it becomes too much of a problem.

For example, here’s an article about the latest Magento critical vulnerability, and we have spoken of Magento upgrade importance before.

A trusted developer knows that Magento has a way of overriding native features without hurting the installation.

What does Modified Core Files Report do?

If you’re unsure about the source of troubles on your store after someone’s customization or installation of third-party modules, or if you’re a developer and need to quickly check if the Magento core files are untouched, the Modified Core Files Report will help you.

Manual check of core files can’t be performed because Magento core has lots of files, and the tool does it automatically, saving your time and effort.

  • It shows the core files that have been changed;
  • It shows the exact changes and highlight them, comparing the files with the original files from your Magento version;
  • It also shows the changes made by ‘legal’ overriding of Magento core files in the app/code/local/Mage folder.

Check Magento core files

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If you have any questions regarding the tool, I’d be happy to help.
UPD 13 Nov. 2015 the checker was updated