Fully-Maintained Site on Magento in 2 Days — New Amasty PaaS Hosted by JetRails

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New Amasty PaaS hosted by JetRails
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Amasty and JetRails announce a partnership that will allow you to get a fully-maintained store on Magento 2 super fast and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional Magento 2 website.

The perfect combo of Amasty’s expertise in providing services and extensions for Magento and the hosting gurus at JetRails that will free you from infrastructure challenges.


We at Amasty wondered how we could help merchants get a powerful Magento store in the shortest time possible at minimal fees. The key objective was to take on the technical requirements, so that the clients could focus on what matters most, running their business.


Over 49.000 live Magento sites keep running their stores on Magento 1. This is 1/4 of all live sites on Magento. No doubt, everyone knows it’s unsafe. Magento 1 no longer receives official support from Adobe — no updates, no security patches.

Many of the stores would have moved to Magento 2 years ago if migration did not pose huge operating and financial risks.

At the same time, there are over 1.5 million live Shopify sites. The platform is particularly popular with startups.

Yet, as e-commerce businesses evolve, business requirements outgrow the capabilities of SaaS platforms like Shopify.

Alternatively, merchants can switch to Magento with incomparable flexibility and scalability for businesses of all sizes. And so, once again, there is the problem of migration. Or to look at this another way, strategically thinking entrepreneurs could have built their online stores on Magento if it wasn’t so costly. The average cost of launching a site for a startup ranges from $40,000 to $100,000 with Magento.

But all these problems are in the past now. Thanks to our joint efforts with JetRails, a solution was found.

Solution: Amasty PaaS — your new Magento 2 store by subscription

We offer you a whole new approach — an out-of-the-box site on Magento that you can launch in 2 days starting at $1699. Hosting, configurations and maintenance services are all included.

The benefits

  • Fastest time-to-market: Delivered in 2 days after your payment is received
  • Ongoing website maintenance included: Magento core updates, extension updates, and security patches
  • Trusted hosting services provider: JetRails
  • New features and customizations: Available upon request
  • Single point of contact for handling all requests: A dedicated Amasty project manager
  • Starting at $1699

The Amasty PaaS offers three plans. Whether you choose Lite, Pro, or Premium, you will save time and money, allowing you to focus your efforts on merchandising, marketing, and growth strategies.

The features

All three plans come with:

  • Extended Functionality

You will get a ready-to-use store on Magento 2. Along with the vanilla Magento features, the store is powered by a highly-customizable theme, advanced search capabilities, improved navigation with smart filtering, built-in cross-selling and upselling options, an optimized checkout experience, and many other features.

  • Technical Maintenance

Amasty’s technical specialists take responsibility for upgrading Magento 2 and all the extension versions, as well as installing new security patches in a timely fashion. JetRails will provide the fast, and secure hosting infrastructure that will allow your Magento 2 website to be performant and reliable 24/7/365. JetRails is the leader in highly-supported Magento hosting, with environments built from the ground up to best support Magento sites, including key solutions such as Cloudflare’s CDN.

There is no need to exhaust internal resources or outsource these tasks. You can focus on your business objectives, while the technical requirements of your Magento site will be fully-managed by our teams.

  • Limitless Customization Possibilities

And the icing on the cake — your wish is our command. The Amasty PaaS is a core solution that can be upgraded and fine-tuned to suit any of your business needs. Your dedicated project manager will be your guide and your helper, gathering your requirements for the project and answering all of your questions.

Start creating your new online store today! Explore the plans →

July 13, 2022
July 13, 2022
July 11, 2022
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