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how to ask for review

We humans are social beings. We look to others for answers when uncertain. We can’t beat this psychological phenomenon.

Online is impersonal. But even here we seek for social proof. Customer reviews are the most powerful social proof in online commerce:

  • 70% of online users read online reviews before purchasing
  • ~ 20% of online users trust customer reviews as much as personal recommendations 

If we can’t overcome this phenomenon, we need to learn how to take advantage of it.

How to ask for a customer review?

please leave a review template

Most satisfied customers won't leave a product review without asking. You need to encourage the “silent advocates” by asking for a review at the right time.

When to ask a customer to leave a review

Every client goes the way of the customer lifecycle. The classical five stages suggest customer reach, acquisition, conversion, retention, and loyalty. You have nothing to ask for yet at the reach and acquisition stages. The best part starts with the conversion.

But many companies ask for a review too early before the customer has an informed position for that. The right timing depends a lot on what you sell, e.g.:

  • product reviews: ask after the customer has had a chance to use the purchased product for some time
  • service reviews: ask right after you have provided the service

Understanding the emotional state of your customer can give you some non-obvious ideas about when to ask for feedback, e.g. the customer:

  • is satisfied with the support service
  • is satisfied with the return service (the problem is not related to the quality of the product or service)
  • shared the news about the purchase in their social networks (mainly for brands, Awario and other “social listening” tools can help you track your mentions)
  • shared the positive feedback on a customer review website — Google My Business, Yelp, Foursquare, others.

No two businesses are exactly alike. That’s why you need to research and find your right timing to ask for reviews.

In which ways to ask for a product review?

Direct requests for a customer review

  • in person
  • via email
  • over the phone or SMS
  • via social media (direct message)

Indirect requests for a customer review

  • through your website (product page, reviews page)
  • on thank you pages
  • on invoices

There are many ways and no one-size-fits-all answer. How to ask for a review for your business depends a lot on the methods you use to communicate with customers.

The only universal truth here is that you never know what will work best. Utilizing an effective email search tool can significantly enhance your ability to connect with customers and gather valuable feedback. You shouldn’t stick with one of the ways, but rather test them all. The good news is that 72% of people asked to leave a review will do so.

10 email templates to ask customers for reviews

ask for review email template

One of the simplest and most effective ways to reach out to your customers and ask to leave a review is through emails. There are hundreds of thousands of feedback email templates on Google. Yet, simple copy-and-paste is no good. You need to follow your tone of voice and adjust these review email templates to your style. If not, at least, it will sound weird, at most, it will ruin your clients' trust.

A good email asking for a customer review should have:

  • short and personalized subject line
  • brief opening part
  • clear request
  • thank-you words
  • reliable email signature

Below are samples that will help you overcome the fear of a blank page and write your product review email template in the right words.

Subject line

1. [First Name], thank you for choosing us! How was your [Product Name]? 
2. [First Name], tell us what thought about [Product Name] →
3. Hey [First Name], take a second to tell us how we did! 
4. Hey [First Name], take a second to rate your experience!
5. Hi [First Name], did you like [Product Name]❓
6. [First Name], thanks for your order! Here’s a link to leave a review →
7. [First Name], what do you think about [Product Name]?
8. [First Name], we need you. Can you help us by leaving a review? 
9. Liked our [Product Name]? Tell us about your experience
10. [First Name], your honest feedback can help us improve our service

Opening line

1. Hi [First Name],
Thank you for choosing [Product Name]!
We hope you had a great experience with us.

2. Hey [First Name],
Thank you for trusting us!
Were you happy with the [Product Name]?

3. Hi [First Name],
We’d like to say a huge thank you for choosing us!

4. Dear [First Name],
How are you liking your [Product Name]?

5. Hi [First Name],
Congratulations on the purchase of [Product Name]!

6. Hi [First Name],
Thank you for shopping with us!

7. Hi [First Name],
Thanks for choosing us! We hope we were able to take good care of you!

8. Hi [First Name],
Thanks for choosing our products! What was your experience like?

9. Hi [First Name],
Thank you for buying our products!

10. Hey [First Name],
We hope you enjoyed your new [Product Name]!

Your request

1. We'd like to know how you found the experience with [Product Name] and our service, so we would like to invite you to rate us on [Link].

2. If you can take a few minutes to rate us at [Link] we'd be super grateful!

3. We're constantly striving to make our service better and would love to hear your opinion. Please review your [Product Name] here [Link].

4. Please help us improve our service by sharing your quick review. Rate your [Product Name] here [Link].

5. We would appreciate it if you could review your [Product Name] here [Link].

6. We'd like to know what you thought of [Product Name]. Your feedback is really important to us and we'll be super-happy if you could spare a few minutes to leave your review here [Link].

7. If you could take a few minutes to tell us how we did here [Link], we’d be very grateful to you.

8. We hope you liked your new [Product Name] and would like to share your thoughts about it with us [Link].

9. Please let our customers know about your experience of using [Product Name], share your thoughts here [Link].

10. We would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts about [Product Name] here [Link].

Thank you words

1. Thank you.
2. Thank you so much.
3. Thank you very much.
4. We sincerely appreciate your choice.
5. Our thanks and appreciation.
6. Thank you for your support.
7. We value the insights you provide.
8.Thank you for taking the time.
9. Your help is greatly appreciated.
10. We very much appreciate your support.


Every company’s email signature is unique so here are just a few must-haves for this part:

  • company name
  • link to your company website
  • permission reminder
  • good to have: the photo of the specialist sending the email

What makes a good customer review?

5 star review template

A good customer review:

  • increases trust in your product
  • gives prospects confidence in their choice
  • makes your website stand out and rank higher on Google

What customers pay attention to when reading reviews?

  • 83% of users say reviews must be recent to be trustworthy
  • there should be a balance of positive and negative reviews
  • 62% of shoppers are more likely to buy a product if seeing other customers’ photos and videos
  • the majority of users pick a product by overall star ratings

Customer review templates

Let's see what a good review might look like and why and where to show it on your website.

  • Make a product choice easier — add a separate reviews page to your website:

reviews page on site

  • Speed up the user’s decision to buy — show reviews summary for a product:

product reviews summary

  • Convert users into customers faster — show star rating, pros and cons:

reviews summary

  • Ensure the review looks authentic — show product photos from customers:

photos from customers in reviews

Should you encourage a customer to leave a review?

We strongly believe that your customers trust you because they buy from you. Try to start by just asking (never forget about the “silent advocates”). And make it as easy as possible for a customer to leave their review:

  • offer templates to save users' time on leaving their reviews
  • add vivid call-to-action buttons to your product pages, and customer accounts
  • make a post asking for reviews on social media
  • automate follow-up emails so you don't forget to send them
  • ask your customers personally

If that doesn’t work, try to encourage customers by using incentives, like:

  • a random giveaway to a customer who leaves a review this week
  • discounts that customers can apply towards their next purchase
  • free gifts, and others

In the end

Products with 1-10 reviews have 52% higher conversions than those without reviews.

Does that sound incredible?

Just start asking your customers.

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