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As you may know, Amasty is present on the new Magento Marketplace as an extensions vendor. Some merchants prefer to buy Magento 2 extensions from there, and our clients are often asking how to install extensions they purchased via the marketplace.

Here's the short guide on doing it. The process is quite simple, but in case you have any additional questions, you can always contact our support department.

1. Purchase the desired extension on the Magento Marketplace.

2. Open the My Access Keys page in your Marketplace account.

3. Click on the Create a New Access Key button, and the Magento 2 access keys will be generated automatically.

create new access keys

4. Log in to your Magento website, go to System > Web Setup Wizard, press the System Configuration button and sign in using the generated Magento access keys.

sync to marketplace

5. Click on the Component Manager.

component manager

6. Press the Sync button and then install the available extensions.

install extensions from magento markeplace

7. Select the following extension packages and click Install:

  • amasty/scroll
  • amasty/base

NOTE: In case you see amasty/base among available packages, please tick it. If there is no such a package, it means you have already installed it before.

select packages

8. Run the readiness check.

readiness check

readiness check 2

NOTE: If during the readiness check you see the following errors, please make sure you’ve configured the cron job for Magento properly. Here you’ll find the information on how to set up the cron job.

Possible issues

9. Create Backup.

create backup

10. Install the extension. The installation may take a couple of minutes.

extension installation

11. After the installation is complete, you’ll see the success page.

installation complete

12. Now you can proceed with the extension settings. Thanks for choosing Amasty!

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May 25, 2017
Arindam Chakrabarti
June 19, 2017
Many thanks for sharing the in-depth information about this super brilliant magento extension. On a positive note, Amasty's loyal customer support policy and perception of customers' need stands out from it's competitors in the market. I always recommend this plugin (extension) to enhance your Magento store's functionality and efficiency by great extent.
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