“If You’re Using Magento, Amasty Should Be Your Top Pick” – Interview with Our Catalog Subscriber

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“If You’re Using Magento, Amasty Should Be Your Top Pick” – Interview with Our Catalog Subscriber

Amasty’s clientele is diverse, and the reasons why they chose Magento or our modules are all different as well. We’ve already shared some client stories – including that of Nestle – in our recent post. This time, we’ve decided to dive into the business case of one of Amasty’s most cherished customers. 

Meet Val Gvozdev, the Product Manager at Adaptive Business Solutions – a US-based software company with a focus on jewelry business, with clients that include Frederic Goldman, Richline Group, Borsheims, Tappers Jewelry, Days Jewellers, and many others. We talked to Val and discussed the specifics of his business, the reasons for using Magento, and the motivations behind subscribing to Amasty’s entire product catalog.

Amasty: "Val, tell us a little bit about the software your business relies on."

Val:  "We have two solutions that drive the workflows of jewelry businesses. One is a B2B procurement platform that connects retailers with jewelry manufacturers. The other is what we call “InStore Search”, a system that lets retail store employees check store availability of specific items that customers ask for – and then either redirect customers to stores where the item is in stock or request these items to be transferred to their outlets."

A: "Why did you choose to have these solutions powered by Magento?"

V: "We did thorough research before choosing a platform. We knew that some were open source and decided to go for one of them for the sake of more flexible customizations. 

First, we considered Nopcommerce but eventually passed on it because of the costly and somewhat rigid .NET technology. Then, we took a good look at WooCommerce. I thought it was a good option since I was familiar with WordPress, but objectively, its functionality was too limited for what we wanted to offer to our customers.

"Magento made a great impression on us, feature-wise, so after making sure its functionality was the most robust on the market, we went for it. I soon hired a tech team to have them set up Magento hosting on Microsoft Azure, create a Kubernetes cluster, and take care of system customization."

A: "Despite the platform’s powerful functionality, you opted for Magento extensions too. Can you share the reasons with us?"

V: "There were some things in Magento that my team and I wanted to enhance. Take product attributes. With jewelry, different combinations of stones, metals, and decorative elements make for several hundreds of product variations. And these variations matter to clients, making or breaking a sale."

"Out of the box, Magento doesn’t support such high numbers of attributes. Even after the customizations we’ve made, the systems took a lot of time to load all of the product variations. Amasty’s Product Attributes extension was what finally helped us resolve all issues and reduce attribute loading time to a fraction of a second."

A: "We’re glad to hear that our module was helpful! You’re also one of our cherished catalog subscribers who has access to the entire catalog of our extensions. How did you decide to subscribe?"

V: "We’re not a big team but we have a lot of business processes to take care of. I wanted to minimize at least any accounting efforts by having a specific and unchanging sum of monthly expenses." 

"Catalog subscription helps me avoid the scenario where my team or clients would request some specific functionality – and then we’d need to purchase a new extension, possibly pay for support, recalculate the expenses, and adjust the auto-payments. Instead, I pay the same sum monthly and always have access to any functionality that my clients might need. Opting for any new module doesn’t inconvenience me in any way.

A: "How many of our extensions do you use regularly?"

V: "25 modules for the B2B procurement software and 12 for the retailers’ InStore Search system."

A: "Was there any reason why you chose specifically Amasty extensions?"

V: "We did market research back then, just like with the platforms. But while we wanted a single partner, some companies didn’t offer all the extensions that we needed. Besides, to be honest, everyone I consulted with at the time said that it was best to work with Amasty."

A: "That’s extremely flattering! Can you give us a peek at the plans you have for your business? Do you believe Amasty can continue to support you?"

V: "We plan to implement the B2C and marketplace solutions, completing the supply chain. Our goal is to make not only jewelry purchasing but also repair services and even custom orders easy for clients and retailers alike. We’ve yet to run a detailed comparison of the functionality we need against the extensions Amasty offers. But from what I’ve already checked, I think you guys have most of what we need."

A: "That’s great but feel free to let us know if there’s any new functionality that you’d want to see in our catalog! Do you think there’s anything you could share with fellow merchants, who might consider Amasty as a business partner?"

V:"I’d say that if you’re using Magento, Amasty should be your top pick. If we hadn't gone with an in-house team, I feel like I could’ve fully entrusted Amasty with the maintenance and optimization of both solutions. This would’ve been a productive and – possibly even – more cost-effective strategy."

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