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From Local to Global: How Amasty Products Boost Businesses of All Scales

While Magento is often dubbed an enterprise-level platform, it’s actually used by a wide variety of businesses including one-man companies, family stores, and SMBs. These businesses have different capabilities, needs, and target audiences. But what unites them is the goal of maximizing their Magento stores to bring as much customer satisfaction and revenue as possible. In this article, we’re sharing a few success stories about our products and services to showcase how Amasty empowers our own very varied clientele – from small businesses to famous large corporations.

March 25, 2024

Hyvä Migration: How Amasty Enhanced a Magento Store’s Performance by Moving it to a Hyvä Theme

Do you still believe that website themes are solely about visual aesthetics? Amasty’s recent success story challenges this myth head-on. Having successfully performed a smooth migration of a European store to Hyvä, our team allowed the e-commerce business to enjoy not just the looks but also the speed, cross-device compatibility, and other benefits of HyväFollow our story below to see how themes – and Hyvä in particular – play an instrumental role in the optimization of e-commerce websites.

September 29, 2023
Performance Testing and Optimization of Store Locator

How Amasty’s Approach to Performance Testing and Optimization Helped to Speed Up a Module by 72%

With a score of 4.8/5, Amasty’s Store Locator  has reportedly helped clients to achieve “more visitors” and “increased sales in physical stores”. But the success of Store Locator isn’t something that Amasty’s team achieved overnight. Here’s how our approach to performance testing and Magento optimization helped us get the most out of the module and meet the needs of even large-scale businesses. 

August 31, 2023
IronPlane uses Amasty extensions for Magento 2

6 Amasty Extensions That Enriched IronPlane's Colibri Foundation

When IronPlane was looking to build out our Colibri e-commerce foundation for Magento, we chose several Amasty modules as essential components. In this post, we’ll describe why and how we use Amasty extensions, discuss the main features of Amasty extensions we implement for our clients, explain how each extension has added value to our Magento services offerings for our B2B and B2C clients.

August 31, 2022
case study by PushON 2 for Amasty

[Case Study by PushON] Online Fitness Store on Magento - PureTec

Today we've asked our partner PushON to tell us how they build online shops from scratch, what platform they choose, how they extend it and what Amasty modules help them cover the needs. PushON are Magento Solution Partners of many years standing with a full-service e-сommerce team in Manchester. They work across B2B, B2C, D2C, have particular experience with complex integrations, and they loo...
November 26, 2019
14 A/B testing case studies: e-commerce edition

14 A/B testing case studies: e-commerce edition

In the melting pot of A/B testing case studies that you can find on the web, not so many of them are helpful for your business niche. One successful case can’t suit all industries due to the factors like diverse audience, sales funnels, and other things.  Actually, there is an approach that really fits every industry - prove your reputation with hard evidence and build customers’ tru...
November 20, 2017

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