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While Magento is often dubbed an enterprise-level platform, it’s actually used by a wide variety of businesses including one-man companies, family stores, and SMBs. These businesses have different capabilities, needs, and target audiences. But what unites them is the goal of maximizing their Magento stores to bring as much customer satisfaction and revenue as possible.

In this article, we’re sharing a few success stories about our products and services to showcase how Amasty empowers our own very varied clientele – from small businesses to famous large corporations.

Website Speed Increase for a Small German Business 

Fliesen XL is a private business that sells natural stone tiles, mosaics, vinyl, and other surfacing materials for professional outdoor and indoor surfacing. Headquartered in Germany, the company also has offices in the Netherlands but makes most of their sales via an online Magento store.

While they appreciated Magento’s flexible and scalable nature, at some point Fliesen XL had to admit that their website had slow loading times. One of the reasons for the slow speed was the high number of various JS files loaded with no bundling, server push, or image optimization techniques. 

To overcome the low-speed issue, the company decided to give Amasty's Google Page Speed Optimizer a try. This solution helped them to automatically implement all the Magento speed best practices, including:

  • Image conversion to AVIF and WebP formats
  • JS structure improvement
  • Smart JS Bundling
  • Introduction of Lazyloading

Since leveraging Google Page Speed Optimizer, Fliesen XL has seen a 15% increase in their page loading speed. According to Google PageSpeed Insights, they are totally in the Green now, with 0.5s for the First Contentful Paint and 0.7ms for the Largest Contentful Paint. The website also has an 87% grade for Performance, 83% for SEO, and 87% for Best Practices from Google.

"We wanted to optimize the website speed as much as possible and to offer the best shopping experience for our customers. Good support is very important for us too. Amasty is excellent in this regard and we’ve been using their Google Page Speed Optimizer for 3 years now."

Simon Kaminski

Creative Director at Fliesen XL

Smooth Start on Magento 2 for Australia’s Key Cycling Retailer

Adventure Online is the Australian group that owns both Pushys and Bikebug – the country’s two biggest cycling retailers. Working with Shimano, Continental, Fox, and many other world brands, the online stores sell high-end road and mountain gear, accessories, bike parts, tires, and clothing.

When migrating their Pushys store from Magento 1 to 2, the company wanted a smooth move with as little friction as possible. Hoping to achieve this, they relied on Amasty and opted for an entire suite of Magento 2 extensions: Improved Layered Navigation, Order Attributes, Out of Stock Notifications, and Payment Restrictions

The extensions helped the company successfully settle in and quickly adapt to Magento 2 without causing any disruptions for the customers. Amasty modules provided all the additional functionality that the platform lacked out of the box but was necessary for the business workflows.

"I needed solutions to build on the functionality we adopted in our legacy M1 store and we bought Amasty modules for our new Magento 2 store. All worked really well. These extensions are flexible and scalable, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any SMB."

Michael Carliste

Chief Information Officer at Pushys

Custom and Ready-Made Solutions for a Global FMCG

Apart from boosting small and mid-sized businesses, Amasty’s products and services assist enterprise-level companies. One of our cherished customers is Nestlé – a renowned global brand from Switzerland with an annual revenue of $102.59 B and over 275,000 employees. 

The company wanted to leverage a Free Gift extension, designed to boost sales and foster customer loyalty, for their promotion campaign. Amasty’s offer was the most feature-packed offer on the market, letting customers manually select gift items, set up rules to have gifts automatically added to customer carts, and display a Free Gift pop-up for real-time updates. However, the brand wanted the extension to be even more powerful. 

Nestlé wanted to add the option of bundle products as gifts while letting customers choose between bundled and stand-alone gifts. At the same time, the brand was very cautious of its website speed and performance and feared that extensive functionality might slow down the store. After discussing the requirements with the client, the Amasty team created a personalized business case and launched the development of a custom add-on for the Free Gift extension. As a result, our team managed to implement all the desired functionality, including:

  • A configurable number of products in a bundle
  • A configurable number of bundles as gifts
  • Specific rule logic for bundle promotions
  • A special promotional pop-up for bundles and stand-alone products.

Thanks to the customized functionality of the Free Gift extension, the brand successfully ran its promotional campaign. But the customization wasn’t the only case of the cooperation. The brand also relied on our Recurring Payments functionality. Thanks to – this time 100% out-of-the-box – capabilities of Amasty’s Recurring Payments, Nestlé created custom subscription plans, integrated multiple payment gateways, and managed scheduled auto-paid orders for their B2B clients.

"We needed to implement subscriptions on Magento 2, so we chose Recurring Payments by Amasty. For 1 year so far, we have been relying on this extension and it works amazingly. Very easy to install and configure."


Marketing Manager at Nestlé

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