Gift Card Extensions for Magento 2: Amasty vs. Aheadworks

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Magento 2 Gift Card Extensions: Amasty vs. Aheadworks

According to the study data by MarketWatch, the global gift card market is expected to reach $716.9 billion by 2028. Another study by CapitalOne focuses on customers’ opinions and suggests that 61% of consumers spend more than the gift card amount when redeeming, with an average overspend of $31.75. The same survey also uncovers that 90% of people see gift cards and certificates as legitimate and quality presents.

Does your Magento store offer gift cards? If not, the figures above may give you an idea of why it should. Gift cards provide customers with a convenient and highly demanded gifting option (think about it, 90% of your customers are in!) as well as can potentially boost your store's revenue.

If you’re considering gift cards for customers, this article will help you choose the best Magento 2 gift card extension between the popular options: Amasty's Premium Gift Card Extension and Aheadworks’Magento 2 Gift Card. We’ll compare the functionalities of both apps to help you make an informed decision on which solution best meets your business needs. 

Magento 2 Gift Card Module: Functionality Overview

When analyzing the two Magento 2 gift card extensions, we’ll divide their functionality into 3 groups: core logic, design options, and admin possibilities. Of course, let’s check the basic features of the core first.

Core Logic

The extensions by both Amasty and Aheadworks include all the features necessary for implementing gift card functionality on Magento 2. The shared basic features in both extensions are:

  • Support for printed, virtual, and combined card types
  • Possibility to choose a fixed/open amount or both for a gift card 
  • Gift card description or message option
  • Gift card code generation from secure code pools
  • Gift card design preview
  • Storage of gift card information in customer accounts
  • Flexibility in choosing delivery date
  • Email notifications
  • Gift card balance return during refunds

Aside from this, the Premium Gift Card extension by Amasty gives you access to 3 more features:

  • Card balance for store credit exchange. This separate module offers additional flexibility for customers who want to consolidate several gift cards or prevent expiration by converting them to store credit.
  • 'Check Gift Card Code Status' widget for placement on any store page.  The widget boosts user experience by making the gift card status check easier to find.
  • PWA add-on. Amasty’s gift card functionality is fully compatible with mobile devices.

Speaking of compatibility, both Amasty and Aheadworks have made sure that their gift card Magento 2 extensions fully support GraphQL, API, and Hyvä Themes. For merchants who keep up with the trends, this implies seamless functionality integration with the Magento front- and back ends. 

Design Options

When it comes to gift card design, Amasty’s module offers significantly more flexibility and personalization than that of Aheadworks. The Premium Gift Card Extension lets customers upload their own images for gift cards and allows you, the merchant, to:

  • Offer any of the 15+ ready-made card designs for various occasions.
  • Customize gift card designs and create gift certificates using drag-and-drop. 

Thanks to these features, both you and your clients are free to either get full-on creative with custom card designs or save time by choosing a work of a professional graphic designer from the collection offered in the extension. 

Admin Functionality

Amasty’s and Aheadworks’ gift card Magento 2 extensions both provide admins with the comprehensive tracking of gift card balances and the possibility to set the lifetime of gift cards. 

Still, some additional admin features come only with the Amasty Premium Gift Card offering. These are: 

  • A built-in barcode generator for easier gift card identification.
  • Code auto-generation in case a certain threshold is achieved to ensure smooth operation during high-demand periods. 
  • Ability to download gift card images from the backend for better administrative convenience.
  • Automated customer group management (delivered through a separate module included in the package) to segment and manage customer groups effectively.

The two modules also enable the import and export of the extension-related data entities, but Amasty’s import and export are more comprehensive since they cover a larger number of extension entities.

Amasty Gift Card vs. Aheadworks Gift Card: Pros and Cons Summary

Choosing the right gift card extension depends on your business needs and priorities. Amasty's extension is perfect for businesses that need a truly top-class and feature-rich solution with extensive customization options and advanced admin functionalities. If your store values these advanced capabilities, Amasty will be a great fit.




Amasty (Premium) Gift Card Extension

Advanced functionality including:

Card balance to store credit conversion.

Built-in barcode generator.

Code auto-generation, and more.

Custom image upload, drag-and-drop design, and image collection.

PWA add-on available.

Additional cost for additional features.

Aheadworks Gift Card Extension

Strong support for basic functionalities.

Lack of personalization in card design.

No PWA add-on.

No possibility of converting the card balance to store credit.

Limited admin functionalities compared to Amasty (no built-in barcode generator, no automated customer group management, etc.)

In contrast, Aheadworks' Magento 2 gift voucher is ideal for businesses seeking a straightforward, and easy-to-use gift card solution. If your store wants to implement gift card functionality for the first time and prioritizes simplicity, Aheadworks will provide all the essential features at a reasonable price.

Consider your audience’s needs and business requirements to make the best choice. Feel free to check out the Gift Card Magento 2 product page or reach out to Amasty experts to confirm if the offered functionality fully meets your expectations!

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