How Much Can Slow Magento Checkout Support Cost You?

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How Much Can Slow Magento Checkout Support Cost You?
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Customers' issues during the checkout process and a delay in resolving these problems can lead to customer frustration, abandoned carts, and loss of sales. That’s not a conjecture but a proven fact.

Baymard Institute estimates the average cart abandonment rate in 2024 to be 70.19% and states that many respondents name checkout issues as their key reason for not completing a purchase. Specifically:

  • 22% blame overly complicated checkout processes.
  • 17% report website errors during checkout.
  • 9% mention card payment failure. 

What do these stats mean for your business?

Magento Checkout Not Working Properly: Impact on Revenue

Unresolved checkout-related problems can have a ripple effect on your business performance. If your e-commerce platform processes 1,000 transactions per day and a checkout issue causes a mere 5% drop in successful transactions, that translates to 50 lost sales daily. Over a month, that's 1,500 potential sales lost, which could severely impact your bottom line.

The speed of response to Magento checkout-related tickets can make or break your business. Delays in support responses will only exacerbate the situation, causing downtimes, accumulating ticket volumes, and further revenue losses from unsuccessful checkout attempts. 

Meanwhile, a prompt reaction will help you maintain an uninterrupted flow of transactions and retain your profit margins.

We fully understand the gravity of issues related to checkout and know that speedy response to such tickets is vital to your revenue. That’s why we have stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for our One Step Checkout Amasty One support:

  • Response Time – We guarantee a response time of under 14h for checkout issues. Any disruptions in your checkout process are addressed with the highest priority.
  • Resolution Time – Our average resolution time for critical checkout tickets is under18h hours. This helps to minimize the impact on your sales and customer experience.
  • 24/7 Availability – Our support teams are available round-the-clock for Amasty One subscribers, providing continuous assistance regardless of time zones or business hours.

The goal of the Amasty Support team is to address any checkout issues ASAP, eliminating all potential blockers of your e-commerce operations and protecting your revenue streams.

Secure Your Profit with One-Step Checkout!

Leverage One Step Checkout to rely on our rapid response times and 24/7 expert assistance that protects you from revenue losses!

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