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Gift Wrap for Magento 2

Boost sales and provide a better shopping experience with Magento 2 Gift Wrap. Improve your holiday marketing strategy by applying additional services.
  1. Add multiple gift wrap options from the admin panel
  2. Let customers choose and attach gift message cards
  3. Wrap ordered products together or separately
  4. Limit the items available for wrapping
  5. Place wrapper selectors on product pages, shopping cart or checkout
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For most online shopping platforms, gift wrapping seems to be unimportant and not profitable, as it can be hard and time-consuming to agree on design with a customer. As a result, the lack of services may significantly impact customer loyalty and reduce potential income, especially during holiday periods.


Provide customers with additional options and improve their shopping experience with Magento 2 Gift Wrap. Similar to Amazon, the functionality will bring your customer service to a new level and give additional profit. The extension is designed to completely satisfy your customers and motivate them for coming back.

What benefits do you get for your store

Increase revenue with extra profits from multiple Gift Wrapping options

Strengthen customer loyalty by improving their shopping experience

Get more repeated purchases by enhancing customer service


Add an unlimited number of wrap designs

Offer your customers a wide choice of designs for their gifts. A handy wrap slider with prices lets shoppers create unique and appealing gifts right in your webstore. As an admin, you can view and manage all wrappings in a separate grid. Easily adjust each wrap price to meet your own business needs.

Propose wrappings on any purchase step

Do not let customers miss the opportunity to make their presents even more appealing. Display Gift Wrap options on the most significant store pages: product pages, shopping cart and checkout. All they need to do is to hit the “Add Gift Options” button and set the preferred design in a single click.

gift wrap designs
magento 2 gift message cards

Allow customers to attach gift message cards

During a holiday period, visitors are searching not only for a suitable gift to buy but also for the way to congratulate their friends and relatives. Give your customers an opportunity to have it all at once! Let them add catchy gift message cards with nice words and make your customer care service extremely appreciated.

Hide gift prices from the recipient

Apart from adding a gift message, the Gift Wrap module for Magento 2 has the option to hide the gift price from the addressee. Even though it is common to keep the price in a secret, a customer chooses himself whether to let the recipient know the price of a present or not.

Let customers wrap products separately

Speed up the shopping process by allowing customers to wrap products individually or put them all in one gift box. After proceeding to the shopping cart page, customers will see the “Gift Options” button and make their present appealing in a split second.

Limit items availability for wrapping

Some items are hard or even impossible to wrap. With the Magento 2 Gift Wrap extension, you can limit wrap options for particular items or differentiate the prices for them. If you restrict wrapping for specific items, customers will not be able to use the feature and will see the corresponding message in their shopping carts.

gift box
Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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Gift Wrap for Magento 2

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