Whether you are planning to start a new e-commerce business or seeking for ideas of what to sell this year, this list would be helpful for you. I found that most of the lists contain the same and repeating items such as selfie sticks, matcha tea and EOS lip balm, so I’ve collected a bigger list of various trending items, supported with Google Trends data.
Note: all the Google trends data was taken for the whole period available, worldwide.

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1. beard products

Trendind products - beard products

Impressive beards have become a trend in late 2015-2016. To make the beard look more impressive, men need products and instruments to trim, wash and condition the face hair. In 2016, people search for beard products more than before.

2. wooden sunglasses

Trending products to sell - wooden sunglasses

Wooden sunglasses fit into several trends – hipster, lumbersexual and sustainability. That is why glasses made of light wood and bamboo are a very strong trend, and its popularity is still holding steadily. In the last couple of years, several startups selling wooden sunglasses were born.

3. eyebrow products

Trending items - eyebrow products

I bet you noticed that eyebrows are a trend now! And to make eyebrows look more natural, filled up and healthy with a decent shape throughout the day, one needs a range of products – eyebrow mascaras, gels, powders and pencils, waxes and brushes. Taking care of the eyebrows now is a solid part of a morning makeup routine, that’s why eyebrow products are a trending item offline and online.

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4. balayage products

Trending products to sell online - balayage products

Balayage is the new ombre – it’s a very popular scheme of coloring hair, so it gets natural, but stylish highlights and volume. Usually balayage products include lighteners, toners, spatulas and brushes for color application, as well as hair care products such as shampoos, masks and conditioners for maintaining the balayage effect. Balayage is a top request in salons now, and people are even doing it at home, too, so these products are trending in 2016 as well.

5. gold sandals

Trending items - gold sandals

Summer 2016 was all about gold sandals when it comes to city fashion. They match virtually any outfit and look great on anybody – Instagram doesn’t lie. The benefit of this item is that the sandals can be really different, with various straps design and width, tone and materials. Gold sandals are heavily promoted by big brands and are popular among fashion bloggers as well.

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6. hoverboards

Top trending products - hoverboards

Hoverboards are an absolute 2016 trending item! Now they are more a fun tech piece than an actual vehicle, but they have a great potential both in entertainment and practical usage as SegWay descendants.

7. VR headsets

Trending products - VR helmets

The moment when Oculus was bought by Facebook told the whole world that virtual reality headsets are a future of entertainment, not just an expensive toy. Things are heating up, as Sony, Samsung, Microsoft, HTC and other tech giants are investing into their own VR headsets, which soon will become as accessible as an Xbox. Still the range is quite narrow now, and developers also have to adjust software and games for virtual reality glasses and sets, but now we can definitely say these products are trending and will be popular in 2017 as well.

8. aromatherapy diffusers

Trending products to sell - aromatherapy diffusers

Ceramic lamps with oils and liquids are cosy, but really messy. That’s why the USB diffusers are now trending for aromatherapy in homes, cars and offices.

9. snail beauty products

Snail beauty products - trending items of 2016

The first products with snail mucus appeared in Japan, and a couple of years ago these products entered the international market, mostly thanks to beauty bloggers. Snail products are known for their extreme moisturizing qualities, and people are going crazy about them all over the world, so that major beauty corporations are now manufacturing snail products all over the world.

10. fitness trackers

Fitness trackers - trending product ideas

In two years, fitness trackers have gone from a new exclusive type of wearables to a mass market item, and lots of companies have released their versions so far. Despite of the fact that they are very popular, the demand isn’t dropping, and the markets are still expanding – looks like in two years’ time a workout without a fitness tracker or a smart watch will be incomplete, and fitness trackers will become not just a trending item, but a usual and necessary thing, such as a simple wrist watch.

11. spray nail polish

Trending products - spray nail polish

Spray nail polish is a new trend and an excellent item to sell in 2016, if you’re all about beauty products. It’s a fun and easy way to paint nails, and only a few makeup and beauty companies released spray versions of nail polish yet, and the biggest blast is to come in the nearest future. Be prepared for that!

12. oval makeup brushes

Trending product ideas - oval makeup brushes

Oval makeup brushes entered the market like a storm. Brushes for powder, foundation, concealers and blush/contouring are especially popular among makeup lovers because of their shape and thickness. Looks like currently a few manufacturers can’t satisfy the growing market needs, and the popularity peak will happen later, but if you’re selling beauty products or searching for a product idea to manufacture and sell, keep an eye on this top trending item.

13. slip dresses

Slip dresses - trending items of 2016

Just a few years ago a slip dress was a cocktail variant of an occasion dress, while now it’s not only a special day outfit – in late 2015-2016 slip dresses became an everyday option, and now you can find this kind of dress in all the major clothes shops.

14. can wine

Top trending products - can wine

Taking care of a glass bottle, opening it, carrying glasses for wine can be a pain, especially on a picnic with friends. That’s why can wine is a trending product now – it’s a comfortable way of having your fav drink everywhere without inconveniences.

15. fermented food

Trending products to sell online - fermented food

Together with probiotics, fermented food is a very popular product among people who tend to take care about their health. Also, they’re rather popular among vegetarians.

16. matte lipstick

Matte lipstick - top trending products

Matte lipstick is a huge product trend in 2016 – and the reach of this trend is massive. It’s hard to find a makeup brand which doesn’t offer matte lipsticks now. It’s hard to remember a stronger lip trend of the latest 15 years…

17. dry shampoo

Trending product ideas - dry shampoo

While dry shampoos existed before, now they are still gaining popularity, being a convenient option not only for keeping the hair fresh and clean before washes, but also for creating additional volume and texture when needed. The formulas are now offering more comfortable and convenient usage of these products, and a dry shampoo is present in virtually every line of hair products right now.

18. halal makeup

Trending products - halal makeup

Halal makeup and beauty products is now a trending beauty topic in many countries. Women all over the world want to use makeup and beauty products and to follow the Islamic laws at the same time.

19. standing desks

Trending items to sell - standing desks

Sitting is the new smoking, they say. Did you know that Ernest Hemingway loved to stand while working? A standing desk helps your posture and back health and significantly reduces typical office health issues. People make DIY standing desks, choose cheaper adjustable variants (like the ones from Ikea) or buy extra cool ergonomic desks. Who knows, maybe in five years all of us will be standing, not sitting, in our offices thanks to this product trend?

20. power banks

Trending products to sell online - power banks

Bigger screens and juicier hardware influence the battery working time for smartphones, notebooks and other personal tech items. Well, manufacturers also place more powerful batteries into them, but we all know that in reality we have to charge our phones minimum once a day, if not more. And while traveling a power bank is a must have after the passport, money and the phone itself.

21. selfie drones

Selfie drones

Another cool entertainment thing gaining popularity in 2016.

22. smart wallets

smart wallets

Smart wallet is a wallet that stores info about your cards (sometimes also discount cards, too) and lets you pay with more security (biometrics, voice unlocking, encryption, all that stuff), or emulates any card, all that to make your wallet with plastic cards a more convenient and protected accessory. The trend curve goes up along with the number of smart wallet startups.

23. keto food

Top trending products - keto food

While ketogenic diet is a medical diet which is prescribed for several conditions, such as prediabetic and diabetic states, seizure disorders and such, many people adopt this low carb, high fat and protein diet for everyday life. And people on keto still want snacks and treats! For example, keto friendly bars are popular not only among keto dieters, as they are rich in protein; people who care about their carbs/protein intake, use keto bars as a healthy snack alternative.

24. wireless headphones

wireless headphones - trending items 2016

People gradually switched to listening music on their smartphones. Those wires are often too messy when you’re doing sport, or just outside, and remember that people fall into two types – those who place the wires under the shirt, and those who place it over the shirt? Now you can find wireless headphones in all the big tech stores, and their sales are rising.

25. wireless chargers

wireless chargers - trending products

Wireless chargers extend the life of the charging slot (which may die long before any other part of your phone because of everyday usage) and can be extra convenient in some cases.

26. cushion foundation

Cushion foundation - trending product ideas

Cushion foundation is a new form of foundation – a compact version of a liquid product, which won’t spill or melt and is easy to apply. Like BB creams, cushion foundation also offers additional skin care. This product trend started in Korea, and the western markets accepted the challenge, too.

27. subscription boxes

subscription boxes

Subscription boxes have been existing in the field of beauty and makeup for several years, and now you can find hundreds of subscription box services on every type of products – from food to art supplies, from pet stuff to wine, from children products to tea, coffee, and shaving products.

28. 360 degree cameras

360 degree cameras - trending products to sell online

360 degree cameras became the next trending items in stores after action cameras. They are extremely popular among travelers and sportspeople, and social media features (like the possibility to post a 360 picture on Facebook) are only adding to this popularity.

29. probiotics


Probiotics is a definite trending item of 2016. This trend was born because now we learn more and more about our body, and the scientists have found that many health parameters depend on the bacteria that lives in our digestive tract. That’s why we have to take care of everything that ensures this balance as well.

30. bralettes


Bralettes are a new form of underwear. They look like usual bras, but they don’t offer strong elements for support and are made of fabric or lace only, being more soft and comfy in comparison with the sports bras. For the past year, all the major underwear brands have released this type of bras, and many small businesses also began to manufacture this kind of clothes.

We hope this list of trending products to sell in 2016 was useful for you. Did we miss an important item? Let us know in the comments!