Global accessories store on Magento 2 for artists from Seattle


Designer Accessories, Fashion Market

Technology stack

PHP, MySQL, Nginx 1.10.3, RequireJS 2.1.11, knockout.js, jQuery 1.12.4


Project focus

Our customer wanted us to perfect their monster platform they'd built on Magento 2 removing unnecessary extensions and striving to checkoutless process.


OHM is a diverse team of designers who live, work and play in the Great American Northwest. Located in Seattle, this vitamin D-deprived crew creates quirky, provocative, and whimsical beads for bracelets, chains, necklaces, and other accessories.

Fueled by coffee and talent, OHM's artists create stunning collections that appeal to everyone - pouring their hearts into each and every piece, while thriving on experimentation and risk.

Instagram: @ohmbeads

OHM's message

We are constantly adapting and improving our website to accommodate shoppers from around the world and create optimal easy checkout experience for everyone.

Our original concept was to try and please all the customers, so we created a monster platform based on Magento 2 with all kinds of features including multiple currencies, multiple warehouses with inventory per warehouse, and regional tax calculations.

Then we started to run into all kinds of little issues that interfered with our workflow. The worst scenarios started to happen on the regular basis after we upgraded to Magento 2.3 which was a big jump from 2.2 version.

At that time we decided to downsize our monster platform by removing non essential extensions, and stick to 'less is more' concept.

Project concept

We chose Amasty because most extensions we ended up using were made by Amasty.

It was clear to us that only a developer with an understanding of how things work from the inside out could provide quick, reliable, and efficient support to our issues and accommodate our growing needs.

The most important extensions we use to this day are Multi Warehouse Inventory, Cron Scheduler, Cookie Consent, and Improved Sorting.

What's next?

Amasty will continue supporting the OHM team advising about the technological core of the project and extensions that can fit their current business needs.

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