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Multi Warehouse Inventory for Magento 2 | v1.0.0

Magento 2
Multi Warehouse Inventory

Multi Warehouse Inventory for Magento 2

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Equip your store with an advanced inventory management tool. Easily split inventory among multiple warehouses and keep track of stock items on a website or a store view level. Manage stock data for each separate warehouse on one handy grid.
Accurately distribute inventory among different warehouses
Assign warehouses to store views and customer groups
Use a smart algorithm for warehouse selection
Set a default warehouse for unassigned items
Separate orders from different warehouses

Unfortunately, default Magento functionality doesn’t allow merchants to work with multiple warehouses. Such limitations may be highly inconvenient for vendors who stock up on products for several storages at a time.

How it works

Create an unlimited number of warehouses and easily manage them


Due to the Magento Multi Warehouse extension, one can easily split inventory among multiple warehouses and manage the product stock per warehouse within one Magento installation.

Assign warehouses to specific store views and customer groups, set the warehouse priority to easily fine tune the warehouse selection algorithm which determines the most appropriate warehouse for each order item. Use Google technology to automatically select a warehouse closest to customer’s location.


magento 2 multi warehouse inventory

Extension features

Advanced inventory management

With the Magento multistore inventory tool, you can create as many warehouses as you need. Define your own stock locations, track the offline shops inventory and create a virtual warehouse for defective products to be sent back to the manufacturer. Keep an eye on the supplier’s stock (dropshipping), etc. Distribute your inventory among the warehouses, keep all stock information at hand and edit all stock values and shelf location right on the grid.

Assign warehouses to store views and customer groups

Associate specific warehouses with particular store views and customer groups. These options will help you accurately allocate your stock items and optimize inventory management.

Stock Control

Easily update product stock per warehouse either from the Manage Stock grid or from a product page in the backend. Edit quantity of each separate product and specify a shelf location per warehouse in line.

Separate orders for products from different warehouses

In case an order contains items from different warehouses you can divide the order into several shipments and calculate delivery costs for each shipment separately depending on the warehouse location.

Three different stock levels

  • Physical Quantity: Total Stock in the warehouse;
  • Quantity to ship: Stock to be shipped;
  • Available Quantity: Stock available for sale;

Smart algorithm of warehouse selection

Flexible Magento multi-location inventory settings let you customize the algorithm of a warehouse selection. Place the following criteria in the order you need to pick up the most appropriate warehouse once a customer places the order:

  • Warehouse priority;
  • Warehouse location (nearest warehouse);
  • Store view where the order was placed;
  • Customer group the warehouse is assigned to.

The stock from that storage will be automatically decreased when the order is fulfilled.

magento 2 multi warehouse inventory

Get low stock reports

Set a custom stock value that will be considered as a low stock. Track items running out of stock on s special grid and get a detailed low stock report either for each particular warehouse or for all warehouses together.

Easily manage returned items

To speed up the processing of returned items, the module lets you automatically add them to stock of the corresponding warehouse.

Import stock data

Update stock data in one go by importing all necessary info from a CSV or XML file. Apply either absolute or relative values for stock status update.

Export stock data

Export stock information from manually or take advantage of the automatic export which runs when you start and finish using the module. See all export attempts and download exported data in the Export History tab.

Full control:

  • Log all stock adjustments;
  • Decrease available stock when the order is placed;
  • Decrease physical stock during invoice, order shipment or order creation;
  • Update & retrieve stock data using Magento SOAP API v1, v2 and Magento REST API (see the details here);


  • Set the warehouse priority;
  • Order email notifications configured to be sent per warehouse;
  • Google address autosuggest support;
  • User-friendly Magento 2 interface & flexible settings;
Extension will be useful for:
Vendors Running
Multiple Warehouses
Stores with
Multiple Admins
If you have more than one warehouse, store, and/or office, this module is a must-have for you. Split your inventory among different warehouses and use any of them for your stores depending on their priority, location and other parameters. Associate warehouses with specific stores if necessary. Assign warehouses to different store views (English, French, German etc.) to let local administrators easily manage inventory of the store view they are responsible for. One and the same warehouse can be assigned to several store views if needed. Assign appropriate warehouses to particular customer groups (wholesalers, retailers etc.) Help store admins responsible for specific groups to keep track of the corresponding inventory and significantly reduce time spent on stock management.
Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • W3C Validated Code
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Works great; awesome support!
Unfortunately, Magento doesn't provide OOTB features around multiple warehouses. So, when we ran across this requirement for one of our client projects, we started searching for solutions. Amasty's multi-warehouse module was perfect for our needs. Easy to install, a breeze to configure, full API support, etc.
When we needed an additional API endpoint (update by SKU), Amasty support was on top of it and quickly provided us an update giving us exactly what we needed. Totally worth the money!
Blue Fish
Awesome support
This is a very good add on for the store with more than one warehouse. The support team did an awesome job, they answered every my question until I was happy. Very good experience!
It's simple and very efficient
Nice plugin. It effectively solves the multi location inventory problem, filling a gap in Magento. It worked exactly as described out of the box. Thanks!
Great job
I have spent a lot of time and money to get this functionality developed for my Magento 1 site. Now i have moved to Magento 2 and have found this extension. I am satisfied have been using it so far. It has fulfilled all my requirements and bugs free. Great job!
it’s worth the price
Since installation no bugs and no conflicts have been detected. May be this is not the cheapest app on the market, but it’s worth each penny we’ve paid for it.
Powerful app!
We've been running the app for about 2 weeks. The installation was seamless and the tool works as described. It's really a great helper for merchants like me, who operate distant offline stores and warehouses. Now all inventory is under total control and I'm really glad I've chosen this very app among similar offers. Thank you Amasty!

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