6 things to A/B test on your Magento Product Page

We are pretty sure you’ve already read a dozen of catchy articles on how to run A/B tests for your website. Indeed, since this method has already proved to be an effective conversion booster, why not try to “squeeze more” from your pages? To prevent you from spending hours trying to figure out which elements to start with, we’ve created a list of essential A/B tests every online merchant should run right now.

Can’t wait to start A/B testing? Hold your horses, before taking up the ball, you should carefully plan which page blocks deserve your attention first of all. A good A/B testing strategy will help filter out the most important elements of your page and gather priceless empirical data. Follow our TOP-6 things for A/B testing for product pages at any Magento store and may A/B force be with you.

#1 Product Titles

As soon as a product title is the most important content part of your selling page it makes sense to thoroughly test it.

Tip #1
  • Test rich keyword and a simple product names. (For example: “Bestseller of 2014: Elegant Floral A-Line Dress” vs. “Floral A-Line Dress”);
  • Test different fonts and styles to find out the one that works best.

To see the importance of a perfectly written headline just look at the example below:

WhichTestWon Company tested two variants of headlines for AwayFind’s company.

WhichTestWon headline A/B test

The results were amazing – variant B increased the signups by 38%. Such numbers can be explained by a more detailed title and bolded words in the subheader. However, it doesn’t mean that the same version will be more beneficial for your website. That’s why we encourage you to run your own tests. The more, the better.

#2 Product Images

No product is being sold without an image. But what image type will bring you more conversions? Have you already tried different variants to increase visitors engagement?

Tip #2

Here is a great variety of samples to test depending on your store specifics:

  • Illustrations vs. Product photos;
  • Product images vs. Product images with people (for apparel, jewelry etc.);
  • Product images with different filters/effects;
  • Product images vs. Videos as a default image;
  • Single product image vs. Multiple pictures.

Check the example for A/B testing Magento Color Swatches PRO product images. Which one do you like better?

Product images split test in Magento

#3 Product Badging

Placing “stickers” or “badges” on the default product images is a great way to draw customers’ attention to particular products, features or benefits. It’s nothing else but a wise appellation to human need to be guided. By the way, if your Magento store doesn’t have a special tool for placing such badges, you might want to use Custom Stock Status, which lets attributing  a customizable image to a product or a group of products.

Tip #3

Online vendors can implement a number of effective A/B testing tactics, such as:

  • Seasonal badges/sale badges;
  • Updated products badges /new products badges;
  • Great-greater-the greatest ranges;
  • Various designs (color, fonts, sizes etc.).

Badge testing on Magento product pages

#4 Product Descriptions

And of course, no product page can exist without tempting product descriptions that not only list the item characteristics, but make customers immediately click on the “Add to cart” button. Here you can implement tons of various tactics for your content optimization.

Tip #4

Compare simple features listing to:

  • Catchy marketing texts;
  • Texts with customer insight (taken from reviews and support emails);
  • Brief descriptions/detailed descriptions;
  • Plain text/tables.

NOTE! Keep in mind – improvements that seem to immediately boost your conversions in reality can only slightly raise your sales rate. But it doesn’t mean you should stop experimenting. On the contrary, such result should become a trigger to test more versions.

Not long ago we ran Magento split testing experiment for our product page: simple product description vs. a handy table with an accurate feature listing and easy-to-observe screenshots.

A/B testing content on product pages

The experiment ran for more than 30 days and the results were really surprising:

A/B test results for a Magento product page

The data we got showed that customers’ behavior on the pages was almost the same. This motivated us to create more product page samples to find out the one that will work better for our website. In our next articles we promise to share with you all the details and up-to-date statistics.

#5 Stock availability notes

As soon as ready-to-buy area is an essential part of any product page, it’s very important to figure out what elements of this block drive more conversions to your Magento website. It’s not enough just to persuade customers they are grabbing a real bargain. They also want to know when their product will be delivered.

Tip #5
Add in stock availability note to the ready-to-buy area and test as many different texts as possible (“Ships in 24 hours” “Coming soon”, “Delivery by…” etc.).

Stock availability split testing

#6 Call-to-action-buttons

Of course we couldn’t but mention one more great conversion booster – Call-to-Action buttons. This obvious element to test seems to be underestimated nowadays. But statistics clearly shows that wisely designed CTAs can dramatically increase the number of clicks. According to Hubspot a simple change of CTA button color from green to red increases the number of clicks by 21%. Still in two minds whether to start experimenting with call-to-action-buttons?

CTA buttons testing for products

Tip #6

Exploit the power of A/B testing tools to the full. Test such iterative changes as:

  • Font;
  • Color;
  • Texts;
  • Buttons placement;
  • Buttons shape.

Having found the tweaks that visibly improve your conversion stats and increase your sales, you can implement them on all your product pages. However, marketing trends and customers preferences tend to change over time; therefore there is no time to sit back.  The best thing you can do to remain on top of sales is to run website A/B testing on regular basis. Or try Magento A/B Testing extension from Amasty! Why not start doing this right now?