Boost customer loyalty in 2024: Enhancing storefront usability and site speed for more returning customers

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Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty in 2024 with these tips

In the highly-competitive modern business world, boosting customer loyalty is one of the most critical components for long-term, sustainable success. Given several rapid technological advancements and evolving customer expectations, e-commerce businesses increasingly turn to innovative solutions to enhance the customer experience.

Storefront usability and site speed are crucial to boosting customer loyalty in 2023 and seeing your business outperform its competitors. By prioritizing digital growth, you can expand your customer base and create a team of loyal, repeat customers dedicated to your e-commerce brand.

Fostering long-term loyalty is possible with the best tactics to gain more returning customers. This article will help you navigate today’s competitive landscape to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, boost your number of repeat customers, and implement digital solutions to maximize your e-commerce potential. Let’s dive in!

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How customer experience influences brand loyalty

To increase brand loyalty, you must start by understanding how a positive e-commerce experience can encourage repeat, loyal customers and boost your revenue. While a seamless customer experience might seem like one factor influencing brand loyalty, you might underestimate just how necessary a positive online experience is to gain returning customers.

Since 96 percent of customers believe customer service is crucial in brand loyalty and 89 percent are willing to switch brands following a poor shopping experience, customer experience undoubtedly impacts loyalty. Customer experience can boost or harm your reputation through positive or negative word-of-mouth marketing from past customers.

returning customers

Analyzing storefront usability

E-commerce stores seeking ways to increase customer loyalty often implement new storefront usability tactics to improve the online customer experience. In a business era where customers have endless options available at their fingertips, having a user-friendly and intuitive storefront is paramount to your long-term success.

Enhancing usability using Hyvä themes, a frontend for Magento 2, can boost your online performance and promote an easier development experience. Boosting customer loyalty by improving usability is possible with some of the following strategies:

  • Streamlined navigation: this strategy simplifies the navigation for your e-commerce store and ensures that customers can quickly find what they’re looking for. Streamlined navigation includes clear and concise menu options, easily locatable search bars, and logical categorization of your products to minimize confusion.
  • Responsive design: this method ensures that your e-commerce store responds quickly on all platforms and screen sizes. A responsive design must be mobile-friendly and include easy-to-tap buttons and layouts for a smooth browsing experience on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.
  • Intuitive product search: implementing this functionality into your e-commerce structure improves the customer experience, therefore improving customer loyalty. Intuitive searching includes functionalities like predictive search suggestions, filters, and product sorting options to help customers quickly find the products they’re looking for.
  • Compelling descriptions and imagery: keeping customers interested in your e-commerce products is likelier when you use intriguing and memorable product descriptions and imagery. These descriptions require comprehensive, accurate product information and high-quality images to help users understand how your product can help them without seeing the physical product before purchasing.

Prioritizing site speed

Given today’s fast-paced digital environment, customers anticipate instant gratification and efficient browsing experiences. Poor or inconsistent site speed can massively damage the customer experience, harming your e-commerce profitability and lowering the chance of repeat purchases. Since almost 70 percent of consumers state that page speed is a significant factor in their purchasing decisions, optimizing your site speed is more important than ever.

But how do e-commerce site owners improve their site speed? Consider some of the following strategies to boost speed and increase customer loyalty:

  • Optimize your website performance: frequently analyzing and optimizing your site to reduce page load times can contribute to a seamless customer experience. Optimizing performance is possible by compressing images, minifying code, and leveraging your current caching techniques to deliver efficient and reliable content.
  • Reliable web hosting: ensure you’re using a reliable web hosting service capable of handling high traffic volumes while providing optimal server response times, such as Magento 2 using Hyvä themes. These platforms distribute content across numerous servers globally to enhance speed and reliability.
  • Mobile optimization: optimizing the mobile browsing experience requires fast loading times to avoid high customer bounce rates. Ensuring your e-commerce site is optimized for mobile devices can increase customer satisfaction and encourage brand loyalty.
  • Simplified checkout process: streamlining and shortening the process can help customers get the products they want without going through several unnecessary steps to place an order. Minimize the steps required for checkout and eliminate any unnecessary details. Include guest checkout options and pre-fill forms, and ensure that your site supports popular payment gateways for an accessible and hassle-free process.

For more tips, check out: 10 Tips for Speed Optimization

Personalized marketing techniques

Boosting customer loyalty is possible when implementing personalized marketing techniques to target specific customers. While several personalized marketing techniques exist to boost customer loyalty, below are some primary tactics that e-commerce store owners use to increase customer loyalty.

Email marketing segmentation

Though some e-commerce store owners incorrectly assume that email marketing strategies are a thing of the past, a comprehensive email marketing campaign can do wonders for customer loyalty. There are several options for automating your email marketing campaigns; you can also use email marketing segmentation to personalize content to specific audiences and foster customer relationships.

Segmenting your audience into different groups allows you to tailor your content to distinct customer segments based on demographics, past purchases, engagement levels, and other factors that indicate a customer’s current loyalty to your brand.

Product recommendations

Having a feature to recommend products to customers based on their shopping habits and past purchases shows customers the range of products available to meet all of their shopping needs. This dynamic content is integral to customer loyalty, with 78 percent of consumers stating that they are likelier to repurchase if they receive personalized recommendations and communications.

Hosting your e-commerce store through Magento 2 using Hyvä themes is an excellent way to identify patterns in your customer base and provide targeted content to suit their purchasing behaviors.

Behavioral retargeting

This personalization tactic tracks user behavior on your e-commerce website to deliver personalized advertisements based on previous interactions. For instance, successful behavioral retargeting can be used for customers that add products to their cart without completing purchases.

Personalized ads featuring these products can remind customers about their uncompleted purchases and incentivize them to complete the transaction.

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Customer loyalty programs

Among the top ways to increase brand loyalty are loyalty programs designed to encourage repeat purchases by providing returning customers with specific benefits for remaining loyal to the brand. Customer loyalty programs reward customers by offering incentives like discounts, exclusive product offers, or a points-based rewards system for customers to accumulate points and redeem these points for future purchases.

Loyalty programs go beyond encouraging repeat purchases. They also foster a sense of exclusivity for customers and offer an experience they won’t find elsewhere, making them feel like a valuable contributor to your brand. Given that 72 percent of American adults subscribe to at least one loyalty program, there’s no better time than the present to implement this strategy into your overall marketing efforts.

Simplify the return and refund process

While having customers return or request refunds for your products isn’t ideal, it inevitably happens with any e-commerce store. While returns and refunds are unavoidable, there are ways to simplify the process for customers to encourage them to return to your store and make future purchases with the knowledge that they won’t lose out if they’re dissatisfied with the product. Have several refund options if possible–for instance, some customers might prefer another copy of the same product without any damage, while others will prefer to get their money back instead of the product.

A transparent and convenient returns and exchanges policy can foster trust between you and your customers by showing consumers that you value their well-being and understand the disappointment they feel when they spend big on a product that doesn’t meet their expectations. Offer customers free return shipping, extended return windows, or simple refunds for defective products. By demonstrating your value for customer satisfaction even after the initial purchase, you can increase the likelihood that a customer will return to your site for future purchases, even if they weren’t satisfied with products in the past.

Amasty’s dedication to your e-commerce success

Finding a service that understands your e-commerce needs and the best practices to help your business sell more products while fostering customer loyalty is essential to your brand’s overall growth and longevity. Services like Amasty provide innovative, consistent, and practical solutions to deliver a high-quality customer experience for sites using Hyvä themes.

Amasty is dedicated to providing e-commerce site owners with the resources they need to succeed and improve customer engagement. Generating more returning customers is possible by prioritizing storefront usability, site speed, personalized marketing, and other solutions accessible through Amasty’s services.

Choosing Amasty guarantees a better chance of succeeding and profiting through your e-commerce website. Our innovative Magento 2 solutions ensure that you have all of the assets necessary to build a positive brand reputation and generate sustainable revenue.  If you’re seeking a solution to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, don’t wait. Contact Amasty today to find the best e-commerce solutions to thrive in 2024 and beyond.

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