How to Test Magento 2 Extensions on Mobile Devices

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how to test magento 2 extensions on mobile devices
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Nowadays there is a great variety of mobile devices, starting from different brands, models and ending with operating systems for them. Testing all of them can take too much time.

This post can help if you are looking for a way how to make your Magento 2 website more mobile-friendly and make your Magento store mobile responsive, or you need to test your custom options and modules.

Today we will tell you how to choose the right mobile devices for testing, and what main tests you need to do.

Mobile devices selection criteria

Find the countries where your product is used

In my opinion, this is one of the most important points, because of the list of the most popular producers and models is different for every country.

Say, the top devices in the USA can be not in demand in India. Or, for instance, Chinese manufacturers are not so beloved in Europe, as they are in Russia. As a result, if you use worldwide data, it can misrepresent the list of needed devices for testing.

So, first of all, you need to analyze in what countries your products are famous and popular. And according to this data, you can go further to the next criterion.

Analyze the popularity of mobile devices statistics

The second step is the analysis of the most popular devices in the countries that you have selected. As a result, the list of devices required for testing will be shortened. Some devices will be deleted, while others will get higher priority.

At the moment, there are a huge number of services that provide information about the popularity of devices in countries.

Here are some sources that you can use:

  • - This site provides you with statistics about the popularity of Android devices worldwide.
  • - This site allows you to find information about the top 12 devices for different countries. Here you can get data about both iOS and Android gadgets.
  • - This service offers you to see the distribution of manufacturers in various countries in dynamics. You can also see statistics for several years. The settings of graphs are quite flexible that allows you to customize them according to your needs.
  • - This service shows statistics on Apple devices. It has data on a specific version of iOS relative to previous ones or statistics on the iPhone Models market regarding the time.

Check prevalence of OS

And last but not least is the operating system version popularity. By now, you will already have an approximate list of devices. So you can identify the most important Operating Systems according to it. It can be possible to exclude some operating systems.

You can use the following sources to identify the necessary OS systems:

  • - This is the official Google site where you can see detailed version lists of Android.
  • - This is the official Apple site. It shows currently popular versions of iOS.
  • - This service allows you to evaluate the popularity of Android OS.
  • - Here you can find the distribution of old iOS versions by devices.

Points to remember

  • Don’t forget that you need to understand the market, where you are working.
  • Always use fresh statistics. Any data older than one year is not relevant. It is better to update your list every 3-4 months. It relates to mobile devices and OSes.
  • Do not confuse lists of the most selling, powerful, expensive and famous devices. For example, Samsung S10 is one of the most powerful and famous smartphones, but it has low popularity among users in India.

Testing on mobile devices

When you need to test your extension on mobile devices

You need to do mobile testing of Magento 2 modules if you have changed or added a new element to the frontend or admin panel. In these cases, you always need to check how these elements look on different gadgets and whether they match the declared layout.

Let’s take as an example our One Step Checkout module. It has many customization opportunities. You can make it with one, two or three columns, or use different locations and colors for the Place Order button, etc. So it’s important to control how it looks on mobile devices, if everything is displayed correctly and works as needed.

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Or let’s consider another module - Free Shipping Bar. It allows you to add a banner to several pages of your Magento 2 store. And also, it has flexible design settings you can specify in the admin panel. You need to check the result of customization on smartphones. Test if the banner is in the right place, the text fits the borders, and if it works correctly.

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Also, pay attention to the correct displaying of all elements on mobile devices in every new extension.

The list of basic checks for mobile devices

  • Check the general look and design.
  • Review all states for each functional element.
  • Test that all elements are clickable, their behavior is predictable and meets the requirements.
  • Control the correct displaying of items with the most popular Magento 2 mobile themes.
  • Check that the elements do not overlap with each other.
  • Test the scalability of an element.
  • Review links functionality.
  • Prove the correct work of validation forms, if there are any.
  • Compare how elements are displayed in different browsers.
  • Check the correspondence of letters with the declared design, if the module has this functionality.

Note: You can also make a supermodel tour. Learn more in the article about exploratory testing.

Don’t forget to test functionality that was designed for mobile devices, as in our Magento 2 Stripe Payment. According to new security requirements, it’s better to optimize your payment methods for gadgets.

To sum up

Following these tips, you can collect and analyze a large amount of data that is relevant for you and your business, and make your Magento website mobile friendly.

You can be surprised that some of the devices are not appropriate for you and you don't need to waste time on them.

In our company, after we have made a weighting table for each device that is relevant to us, we were quite surprised. Before we often paid more attention to the iPhone 8 and X, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S10. However, after analyzing the data, sorting the devices by weight, in the first place, turned out to be the iPhone 7 and 6s, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7.

Feel free to share your experience of testing Magento 2 modules on mobile devices or ask questions in the comments below.

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