Though customers love ample choice options when shopping for a particular product, they have difficulties even choosing from 2 relatively similar products.

So why not to assist customers by reducing the number of variants to optimum?

This is what Magento 2 Automatic Related Products does. With this extension, you can simplify the process of choosing goods for customers by providing a block of several alternatives on the basis of various conditions. Likewise, you can offer products that can make a nice add-on for the good of choice.

This module does a lot of good not only to customers but also to store owners by providing statistically grounded routes for cross-selling and upselling. Find out more about the module features.


Magento 2 Automatic Related Products new features


#1. Save time and efforts assigning rules automatically

Now you’ll be able to save time and efforts automating the set-up of the block for cross-sell, upsell and related goods.

This is how the block can look like on the frontend:


#2. Set up rules using flexible conditions

The previous version offered a limited number of options: you could only relate products based on sales/views history. Now you can relate them automatically using single or multiple conditions:


Also, you won’t have to switch between tabs to complete all the rule settings:

source type Magento 2

In case you’ve already set up Magento 2 Automatic Related Products rules in your e-store, make sure to save the active ones. After the module is updated, the rules will be disabled, and you’ll need to set them up again.

#3. Offer targeted choice options: enable auto-select from the same attribute value

With the updated Automatic Related Products, you can auto-generate products for the block from the same attribute value, such as brand, price, material and more:


#4. Place the block where it suits most

The updated module offers detailed ideas on where to place the block with related products. You can choose from a multitude of locations on the Product Page, Shopping Cart, or Category Page. It’s also possible to add your Custom position:

Display conditions Magento 2

Also, now you can easily exclude out-of-stock items from displaying to show only those that can be immediately added to cart.

#5. Meet your goals – set rule priorities

Now you can design several rules and prioritize them according to your goals at a given moment:

#6. Streamline your work with a new rules grid [+ Elastic Search compatibility]

We added (a) a completely new Related Product Rules grid for you to manage all the rules in one place and (b) made the module compatible with Elasitc Search:

rules grid automatic related products magento 2
elastic search compatibility with automatic related products for Magento 2

Benefits outlined

With the updated Automatic Related Products for Magento 2, you will meet 5 needs in one deed:

  • motivate your customers to buy more by offering them an ample set of alternative products;
  • deliver most relevant alternatives, combining flexible conditions and same-value choice options;
  • save time and efforts for other tasks by automating rule set-up, a new Related Product Rules grid and settings placed in optimal positions;
  • use the rules in line with your marketing goals – prioritize them to put forward a particular product;
  • create several upselling, cross-selling and related products blocks and adapt them to any context.

We are looking forward to your feedback and welcome your suggestions for further improvements.

Check the improved Magento 2 Automatic Related Products extension: