You need to have statistical data to sell not worse than Amazon and manage your business by making data-driven decisions. Advanced Reports for Magento 2 gets you the current information about your customers’ behavior. This extension provides 17 detailed report types that are merged into 3 big groups: sales, catalog, and customers.

However, there’s no limit to perfection, and today we’ll tell you about the latest June updates of the Advanced Reports module.

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#1. New ‘Sales by Cart Price Rules’ report

We added the Sales by Cart Price Rules report to the Sales group. This new report helps you check the use of shopping cart price rules in your Magento 2 store. Now you can compare different rules and analyze their effectiveness. Customize the report for your needs – sort your price rules by:

• Number of Orders;

• Items Ordered;

• Subtotal;

• Tax;

• Shipping;

Sales by Cart Price Rules Quantity

• Discounts;

• Total;

• Invoiced;

• Refunded;

• Cart Price Rule.

Sales by Cart Price Rules Total

Now you will need only one look at the chart to understand what’s going on with your sales. Quantity graph is the number of customers, which use cart price rules. The Total chart shows the money that these customers spent in your store.

#2. New ‘Sales by Brands’ report

Running a multi-brand Magento 2 store? Then you’ll be happy to learn we added Sales by Brands report to the Catalog group. Now you can see what brands are popular among your customers and manage your marketing strategy with that in mind.

Customize this report table to make it meet your demands – use filters and column settings.

Sales by Brands

The columns in the graph clearly represent the demand of each brand in your store. But you can change this report and choose any other Product Attribute for Brands Report in extension settings. So you will get quick access to information about the most popular sizes, colors, materials and more. And you don’t need to choose this attribute every time, it will be saved in settings.

Advanced Reports Configuration

Also, you can see the Brand column in the report By Product. Thus, you can go to this brand report in one click.

Sales by Product report

Reebok report

Export the data in CSV or XML with correct information in tables, axis names, and tooltips. You can use this file as a base for your monthly reports.

#3. ‘Sales Overview’ report update

The Sales Overview Report has 2 main changes. Now you have the possibility to track the most important sales information on one page.

1. You can choose the percentage format for your report. Count daily percent of your income, taxes, orders, refunded money in one click. Check your day-to-day progress in 3 seconds.

2. Also, we introduced a new line with the total values of the columns. This feature allows you to use this tab as a quick and detailed financial report.

Sales Overview Report

#4. The amCharts library update

We updated the amCharts library to make your data convenient to analyze. Now you can save them as PNG, JPG, SVG or PDF files for all reports. Use these images to illustrate your presentations, reports, and offers. Now your business partners, chiefs and other employees will understand sales results.

Advanced Reports Dashboard

amCharts library update

In conclusion

Are you tired of building a business strategy on guesses? Make informed decisions with Advanced Reports Magento 2.

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