How to become a Magento certified developer in 2023?

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Magento certification for developers
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One of the ways to add more weight to your CV would be verifying proficiency in Magento 2 development by getting certified. We’ll discuss what a Magento 2 certification is, what being a Magento certified developer might entail, the value of certification, and some types of Magento certifications, as well as how to become a Megento developer with certification. Let’s begin!

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What is a Magento 2 certification?

Magento 2 certification is designed to certify that holders are able to use Adobe's Magento software at various levels. Adobe offers different levels of certification – professional, expert, and master, for different roles – such as business practitioner, developer, and architect. These certifications are aimed at showing that users are well-versed in the software and able to use it efficiently. Users in different roles may need to understand how to use the software at various levels and for various applications. As such, Magento certifications – now referred to as Adobe Commerce Certifications, are tailored to various roles and experience levels. You might be wondering how to become magento certified developer; Adobe administers exams in order to certify users.

What does being Magento certified entail for developers?

As a developer, Magento certifications are a way to show that you’re able to demonstrate your proficiency as a developer at either a professional or expert level. Magento developers, tasked with working on their clients’ ecommerce sites, might be interested in Magento certifications as a way of demonstrating to clients that they possess the necessary understanding and skills to successfully manage these duties.

What do Magento certifications mean to clients?

Magento certifications don’t just help show clients that holders are proficient with Magento software – they also can be used to help clients understand which roles, specifically, one might be suited to. Magento certifications are classified by both skill level, and role, so they can be used to demonstrate your specific skill level while operating in a certain role.

Types of Magento certification

There are several different Magento certifications available. Adobe has integrated Magento certification into Adobe’s Digital Learning Services, as part of a larger effort to consolidate their commerce branding. There are eight certifications in total, ranging from Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner at the Professional level, to Adobe Commerce Architect at the master level. We’ll review some below.


1. Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Expert Certification

This certification is designed to show that holders are able to work on Magento at an intermediate level. This certification might be suitable for those with a few years of experience in commerce, who are looking to demonstrate that they can use Adobe commerce software at an expert level. In a business practitioner role, holders of this certification might be tasked with operating an ecommerce site and getting the most out of Magento software.

2. Adobe Commerce Developer (with Cloud Add-on) Professional Certification

This certification might be ideal for developers, as it can be used to demonstrate a developer’s ability to work on Magento systems. In order to become certified, users must demonstrate an understanding of working with admin, architecture, databases and entity-attribute-value, layout and user interfaces, checkout and sales, catalog, Adobe Commerce Cloud architecture, Adobe Commerce Cloud setup and configuration, and more.

3. Adobe Commerce Developer (with Cloud Add-on) Expert Certification

This certification is suitable for a developer role, just as the Adobe Commerce Developer Professional Certification is, but at an expert level. In addition to the requirements of the professional level certification, holders must also demonstrate a further understanding of many of the same topics, such as use of databases and entity-attribute-value models. At one time, Adobe offered a certification for Cloud, specifically, but that certification has been retired. This certification also serves as a way to demonstrate comparable skills using Adobe Commerce Cloud, and combines what used to be two certifications into one.

4. Adobe Commerce Architect Master Certification

This certification is used to demonstrate a very high level of skill with Adobe Commerce software, and is suitable for those with years of experience working with Adobe Commerce. As a commerce architect, one might be tasked with overseeing an entire system of software, and ensuring that it’s designed, maintained, and deployed properly. As such, holders must demonstrate a high level of understanding of Adobe Commerce software.

5. Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer Expert Certification

Some developers focus primarily on the front-end of a system. For those working on Adobe Commerce systems, this certification can be used to show that they have an expert level of proficiency in working on front-end components. This is the part of a site that consumers see, and creates a big part of the user experience. At one time, Adobe offered a certification for Java at the expert level, but that course has been retired. This certification can also be used to demonstrate Java skills in Adobe Commerce, and serves as a replacement for what used to be two separate certifications.

How to prepare for Magento (Adobe Commerce) certifications

If you’re thinking about getting an Adobe Commerce certification, there are a lot of factors to consider. For one, what is your current experience and skill level? Different certifications will be suitable for varying levels of experience and skills. Another important consideration is what role you’re looking to operate in. As Adobe Commerce certifications are organized by suitable roles and experience levels, it can be important to think about what type of role you’re looking to fill and how certification will impact that.

If you’ve determined which certification you want to prepare for, Adobe offers some resources that can help you prepare. For example, if you’re seeking the Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Expert Certification, you can find a relevant study guide here. You can find more information about each certification here, as well. Study guides for courses will offer links to pages covering relevant information. It’s also a great idea to try to find ways to gain on the job practical experience.

Whatever resources you use, and whichever certification you seek, be sure to fully understand what types of topics you can expect to see on the exam, and consider using practice questions in order to test yourself. If you want to learn more about Magento in general, don’t forget to check out our knowledge base, where you can find Magento guides and more!

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