Fresh updates to Amasty extensions – November 2022

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updates to amasty extensions november

December is here, which means it's time to take stock of the past month. Look below for all the updates to your extensions released in November: 

New features to Magento 2 extensions

  • We added the “Priority” setting to the Bundle Packs so now it is possible to set the Bundle Packs order on the Product page.
  • The Related Products rules indexation process was improved.
  • Now zero discount is not displayed on Bundle Pack products.
  • We solved the problem with an error that occurred when using GraphQl queries.
  • The indexation issue occurred once updating to the latest version was fixed.
  • We optimized the query performance on the Sales Order grid.
  • We eliminated messages duplicating when Bundle Pack with a few Configurable products was added to the Cart.

Product Feed

  • Now a Store name is displayed with a Store code on the Feed Profile page.
  • We added the possibility to add Regular Price into Feed.
  • Now it is possible to exclude Child Products from the Feed when their Configurable Product is disabled.
  • We added a new modifier called “Capitalize Each Word”.
  • The Undefined array key error occurred while Feed generation was fixed.
  • We corrected the Categories displayed in the Feed in case of the multiple category mappings.
  • The Condition-Based Attributes output by Store View were fixed.
  • The issue with Categories getting into the Feed from the wrong Store View was resolved.
  • We corrected the VAT rates displayed in the Feed.
  • We solved the issue with the style tag in the Feed.
  • The tax_min_price value displayed for Bundle Products was corrected.
  • The compatibility with Amasty Pre Order was fixed, so now Feed is saved as intended.

One Step Checkout

  • Now it is possible to add validation to the “Phone Number” checkout field (available in the Pro and Premium Versions of the One Step Checkout Solution).
  • We solved the problem with managing Zip/Postal and State/Province fields. Please note that after updating these fields will no longer be required, also, this option won’t be available for configuration.
  • The captcha behavior on the Checkout page was corrected.
  • Now Сheckout field labels are displayed correctly.
  • We fixed the compatibility with Amasty Gift Card so now the “Apply Gift Card Code” field is displayed as it should.
  • We resolved the issue with the Amasty/CheckoutCore/Plugin/Model/QuotePlugin.php plugin.
  • The problem with products quantity editing in Order Summary was solved.
  • The Shipping Address validation work was corrected.
  • We fixed the compatibility with Amasty GDPR so now consent checkboxes are displayed as intended on the Checkout page.

Extended Product Grid with Editor

  • The Extended Product Grid performance was improved.
  • Now the “Action” column is draggable.
  • We added scrolling into the View menu in case there are a lot of Products Grid views.
  • The issue with the wrong Store View URLs in the “Front-end Product link” column was resolved.
  • Now an Attribute Default Label is displayed correctly on the Product Grid.
  • The issue with sorting was resolved.
  • We solved the problem of saving Product names that include special characters.
  • Solved the problem of changing the type of Downloadable Products when setting a weight for them from the Product Grid.
  • We solved the problems with empty values of additional Attributes in the export file.

Advanced Permissions 

  • We fixed the issue where a user with website restrictions could filter products by all store views.
  • The issue with Use Default Value checkboxes being unchecked after a product is edited by a user with website restrictions was resolved.
  • We improved the behavior with the product type switching to virtual when a product is edited by a user with no access to the Weight attribute.
  • The error that occurred when a user with website restrictions tried to access a non-default category in the backend was eliminated.
  • We enhanced the compatibility with the Extended Product Grid extension.
  • We improved the German translation of the module.
  • Now it is possible to add HTML into Cookie and Cookies Group descriptions.
  • Minor UI improvements according to the GDPR standards.
  • The issue with customers’ names displaying on the Consent Log was resolved.
  • Now the customers who had no orders are displayed in the “Delete Requests” grid.
  • Now Cookie Side Bar is displayed on the mobile version as it should.
  • We corrected the Billing and Shipping Addresses data anonymization process.
  • The Cookie Side Bar buttons displaying was fixed.
  • We corrected Cookie Popup displaying according to the countries specified in the settings.


  • We fixed the memory limit issue on the “My Orders” section
  • The compatibility with PHP 8.1 was fixed.
  • We updated the “URL Prefix” sample link.
  • The styles issue in the Admin Notification Template was resolved.
  • We resolved the issue with different RMA request creation for products from one order.
  • The issue with discounted products refund was resolved.
  • We corrected the error that occurred when changing the RMA Request status in case the customer was deleted.

B2B Company Account 

  • Now it is possible to use the Company Store Credit payment method when creating orders from the backend.
  • We fixed the memory limit issue that occurred while setup:upgrade command running
  • The issue with the getMainTable request was resolved.
  • The issue with Terms and Conditions displaying when the Company Store Credit payment method is being used was resolved.

Jet Theme 

  • We fixed the errors that occurred after enabling custom colors and redeploying the static content.
  • The issue with an incorrect link in the Reset Password email was resolved.
  • We eliminated the error with the deprecated trim() functionality
  • We improved the page scrolling when the sticky menu is activated

Subscriptions & Recurring Payments

  • We fixed the compatibility with Amasty Request a Quote so now products are added to the Quote as intended.
  • The issue with the error that occurred on the “My Subscriptions” page was resolved.
  • We solved the problem with a discount applied to taxes.

Blog Pro 

  • We fixed the compatibility with Fastly.
  • The issue with the comment posted time displaying was resolved.
  • We corrected the headings SEO issue by replacing the <h3> tag with the <div> tag.

Color Swatches 

  • We’ve updated the deprecated jQuery functions.
  • The issue with image swiping in the mobile version was resolved.
  • We fixed the error that occurred on a product page when SKU for a simple product that is preselected in a configurable product was changed.


  • We added the option to apply different settings depending on the configuration scope.
  • The error that occurred when admin emails or CC-recipient emails were separated with a comma followed by a spacebar was resolved.
  • We fixed the issue preventing a dealer user from creating an invoice and shipment after placing an order from the backend.

Cron Scheduler 

  • The error with the deprecated str_replace() functionality that occurred on PHP 8.1 was fixed.
  • We resolved the issue with the cronjobs being scheduled in Cron Tasks List after the associated module is removed.

Delivery Date Manager 

  • The issue with the First Available Day functionality incorrect work was fixed.
  • Now the available days in the Delivery Data picker are displayed correctly for customers with different locales and time zones.

Received minor improvements

Product Labels

Request a Quote

Maintenance Page

Shipping Suite

Promotion Suite

December 1, 2022
December 7, 2022
November 29, 2022
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