Elastic Layered Navigation for Magento 2

Enrich your store with Elastic Layered Navigation to seamlessly guide every customer to completed purchase. Help users find exactly what they need with a powerful combination of multifunctional navigation and speedy search.

  • Build a compact and user-friendly navigation system
  • Provide precise search results despite typos and tricky inquiries
  • Use built-in analytics to understand customer demand
  • Choose from various display options to customize navigation menu
  • Engage mobile users with a responsive mobile-friendly interface
  • Hyvä-ready storefront and Hyvä Checkout ready
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Make Navigation and Search work together to create a flawless shopping experience for your customers


Engage every visitor that lands on your website with intuitive navigation


Turn search queries into purchases with flexible Elastic Search


Increase average check by promoting related and bestselling items


Improve SEO by creating custom URLs for category and search result pages

Create a fast and user-friendly navigation and search system

Equip your store with a mighty combo of layered navigation and elastic search to help your customers instantly find needed products. Enjoy an extended range of features designed to enhance your customers’ shopping experience.

Upgrade you store with Improved Layered Navigation

Intuitive and easy extension settings allow you to effortlessly set up layered navigation to meet your business needs. Tune each filter to help your customers conveniently search for needed items and increase your add-to-cart rate.

There’s many more navigation features you’ll get. Learn more

Help customers find everything they need within seconds with Elastic Search

One of the main reasons why visitors leave a store is not being able to quickly find what they need. Elastic Search will prevent this from happening.

View complete list of features to see Elastic Search in full force.

Convert visitors into customers at any point of their search process

Make product searching more engaging with a variety of promotional tools. Increase the number of items per order and elevate your sales.

Make the shopping process not only simple, but also eye-pleasing

Adjust the style and placement of the search bar and the price slider to compliment your store. Upgrade the category tree with icons and images.

Explore extra features for a superb user experience

Fallback Search

Sometimes no items match the search query. When this happens, Fallback Search comes to rescue. Automatically offer your customers alternative products if there are 0 found items to satisfy their needs.

Asian languages support

Expand your client base by speaking your customer’s language. Elastic Search supports Japanese, Chinese, and Korean languages, allowing you to provide more customer-oriented service.

Redirect from broken URLs 

Make sure your shoppers won’t get lost while looking for something. Reduce customer churn by enabling redirects from 404 pages to the search results page.

Custom pages

Create unique custom pages for specific brands and filter results. Add custom banners, logos, titles and descriptions to show customers all their favorite products on a single page. Thus, you can create a page with all-yellow items for summer season or a page with only Nike products for the brand lovers.

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Version 1.0.0
Last Update: Feb 08, 2022
1.0.0 - Feb 08, 2022

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