Top 10 Free Magento Themes to Jumpstart Your E-store

Top 10 Free Magento Themes to Jumpstart Your E-store
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Creating an e-store may seem a daring undertaking. Even if you go for a template, you need to get some hands-on experience first to know what the theme that will drive you to the top is. If you’ve never worked with Magento before, you can start out without spending a penny with top 10 free Magento themes for e-commerce. It takes one click to download the freebie, which shows you what Magento is from the inside out.

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Why Magento is the Best Solution For You

Magento is one of the giants of the e-commerce market. This CMS has its own specifics and brings you a number of impressive advantages.

  • First of all, Magento does not limit the size of your store. You can start out with a small e-store and gradually grow into a huge e-store with up to 500,000 products on site. Magento provides for building extended filterable catalogs and powers splendid product categorization.
  • Secondly, Magento has the strongest SEO optimization options among e-commerce engines. With it, your store will be discoverable on the web with minimal effort on your part.
  • Thirdly, this engine is highly secure in its nature. Unlike others, it complies with PA-DSS and follows 14 critical protection criteria.
  • Last but not least, you can run several storefronts in one Magento backend. This is the major advantage for the businesses that run several brand stores.

Why Going For a Free Magento Theme Is a Good Idea

So, Magento brings you a number of sizeable advantages that corner the important aspects of e-store creation and maintenance. However, if you want to fully get the hang of it before you purchase a premium theme, going for a free theme is the best way to go. Free themes bring you the basic Magento e-store functionality. Moreover, some of them even let you get glimpses of the functionality, included in the premium templates. So, going for a free theme is a great way to prevent facing a steep learning curve when powering your Magento website next year.

Are you ready to see the top 10 free Magento themes? Meet the items that you can download with one click and choose the one that appeals most to you.

F2: Fashion Store Responsive Magento Theme


F2 is a one of its kind free Magento 2 template, the design of which matches the premium ones. The theme is more powerful and feature-rich than its predecessors. F2 brings you modern and clean coding. Moreover, the innovative caching system reduces the average page load time to less than a couple of seconds. The theme also includes a visual design editor, which allows you to modify containers and blocks without any special coding skills. If you want to learn more about this template, heck its video presentation:



Ketty: Modern Clothing Store Magento Template


Ketty is an innovative Magento 2 template that brings you all the advanced functionality of Magento 2 coupled with clean, minimalist design. The theme lets you tap into the new Magento 2 admin panel design. Moreover, Ketty theme lets you create configurable product swatches in order to maximize your sales. Going in line with 2018 Seamless Interaction trends, Ketty features an Ajax cart that displays the added items without page reload. What’s more, the theme includes a first-rate product zoom and brings your customers numerous checkout UX improvements.

FitBody: Fitness Store Bootstrap Magento Template


FitBody is a fully responsive Magento theme. Being well-organized, it integrates multiple innovative features into its clean and minimalist design. With it, you clients are welcome to switch between list and grid product page views. What’s more, the theme comes with top slider and touch product carousel, as well as embraces LazyLoad and Parallax effects. Thanks to the advanced incorporation of the Bootstrap grid, the theme neatly fits different screen resolution and delivers a supreme UX for users on the go. Moreover, FitBody can be easily translated to multiple languages, allowing you to account for the needs of the global market.

Men’s & Women’s: Clothes Store Free Magento 1.9 Website


Men’s and Women’s is a free Magento 1.9 theme that brings you a classic e-store design that’s optimized for conversions. From the visual standpoint, the theme makes it to the top with rich Parallax integration. To boost the UX on your website, the template incorporates MegaMenu. With large menu panels, users of your website are able to navigate right to the page they need without extra mouse clicks. What’s more, Men’s and Women’s theme lets you make your website more dynamic with seamless video background integration feature.

Ves Bakerop: Bakery Free Magento E-store


Ves Bakerop is a free baking/cake/candy/coffee/gift shop template with two mouthwatering niche skins. The theme is compatible with Magento 1.9 and brings you a number of appealing features. First of all, it diversifies the UI of your website with a stunning slider, Hot Deals, countdown timers, brands block, etc. What’s more, the theme brings users a more enjoyable shopping experience with new product categories display and informative product quick views. Next, Ves Bakerop is translation and RTL-ready, inviting you to tap into the global market to multiply your sales.

Ves Kasitoo: Furniture Store Free Magento E-store Design


Ves Kasitoo is an impressive furniture e-store Magento 2 design, which is not only responsive but also Retina-ready. With it, users can sort the products the way they like, choosing between Latest, New, Most Viewed and Bestseller sorting options. What’s more, Kasitoo brings your shoppers an amazing carousel with Hot Deals, which employs touch control on smaller devices. All in all, Ves Kasitoo is also the theme, which makes shopping process more convenient. It brings users fast and simple checkout procedure and fast-loading shop pages.

Ves Shoppy: Online Clothes Store Free Magento Theme


Are you looking for the most advanced theme sample on the market? Then, Ves Shoppy is definitely the Magento 1.9 template that deserves your attention. This theme features a fully responsive design based on Bootstrap v3 and brings you a handful of dazzling options. For example, it offers your clients different product listing options and lets them add items to the cart in one click thanks to Ajax Add to Cart. What’s more, customizing your Magento theme is simple with an advanced Ves Settings panel. Here you can configure header, categories, product pages & labels, Owl Carousel, Cart page, website footer, compression and customization.

Greyscale: Free Multipurpose Magento Template


Greyscale is a content-oriented Magento template with a refined minimal design. Coming in greyscale colors, this theme is ideal for electronic gadgets, jewelry or accessories stores. What’s more, it features five skins, letting you opt for the color palette that matches your corporal identity in one click. With this theme, you can fill your Homepage with conversion-boosting banners and top slider, lead-generation newsletter sign-up block, UX-boosting sidebar Shopping Cart and helpful Customer Service block. Moreover, setting up up-sells and cross-sells with Greyscale is a true piece of cake.

Trex: Bikes & Gears Store Free Magento Template


Trex is a modern Magento store theme with a number of nice-to-have extensions. The theme features a default color pallet of dark saturated backgrounds and red highlights, as well as 5 additional color themes. The list of complimentary extensions includes MegaMenu, Slideshows, Product Lists and Sliders. Moreover, with Trex, you can power MegaMenu and off-canvas menu for mobile screens. All in all, Trex is a perfect Magento template to rock on any mobile devices, widescreen resolutions or narrow viewports.

Necessary: Free Magento 2 E-store Design


Necessary is a free Magento 2 theme for building a flamboyant and high-converting e-store of any type. The theme features an advanced admin module, which makes it highly customizable and versatile. Necessary also includes a number a number of premium widgets free of charge. Among them, you’ll find such widgets as Advance CMS Static Block Widget, Bestseller Products Widget, Advance New Products Widget, Sale-Off Products Widget, etc. Such vital features as Ajax Add to Cart and Featured Products Widget are also included.

So, these are the free Magento themes that are the best to jump-start your website creation endeavor. Choose the one that matches your needs and niche best and make it to the top with it!

We wish you a good luck and prosperity!

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Harsh Mehta
October 6, 2018
Keep sharing this kind of stuff. I would like to suggest you one best Magento 2 theme which is Bizkick. It is suitable for any eCommerce store like electronics, fashion, jewelry, furniture, auto parts, grocery etc.
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Thanks for the helpful article. i liked the themes presented
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Hi, Mac, thanks for your feedback! We are glad to share our experience and be helpful.
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