The Benefits of Hyvä Themes: A Breakdown Of Statistics And Features‍

the benefits of hyvä themes

In a year Hyvä has gained tremendous success and has become one of the most popular Magento themes, so we decided to find out the reasons for this, and here are some interesting facts that we managed to discover:

How did the Hyvä Themes come about?

By studying the market, the Hyvä team identified the main challenges and pains of such Magento frontend solutions as Luma and headless PWA and was able to develop a solution that helps solve these problems for merchants and agencies of all sizes.  

As Hyvä says itself: “Hyvä is not revolutionary. Hyvä is not built to become a hype. One could say that Hyvä is the version of Luma we wished Magento had built. Or the frontend that Luma potentially could have become.”

hyva themes frontend

Hyvä Themes usage statistics

  • Hyvä Themes are used by over 800 e-commerce websites in the world
  • There are 52 Magento 2 sites live in the US build with Hyvä Themes 
  • Hyvä Themes visitors spend an average of 10.3 minutes per visit. They are likely to make a purchase after visiting one of these sites. 
  • Hyvä themes are used for a number of different website types: e-сommerce, business, and corporate websites, culture and society sites, entertainment websites, health and wellness sites, lifestyle sites, and more. Business sites account for the majority of these sites. 


Luma vs Hyvä performance comparison

They say Hyvä is the new Luma, but with improved performance. And here's why:

Hyvä Themes are created from scratch using an utterly empty theme. All layout.xml, .phtml files, and all JavaScript have been discarded. This resulted in improved performance compared to the competition. 

Hyvä Themes compared to Luma using Lighthouse

Luma performance:

luma performance

Hyvä performance:

hyva performance

If you're considering migration from Luma to Hyvä, check out our migration guide.

What are the benefits of using Hyvä Themes?

Hyvä Themes offer advantages for developers and store owners alike.

Benefits of Hyvä Themes for developers:

  • Reduced complexity. Developers do not need special training to work with the theme builder. 
  • Hyvä Themes are developer-oriented. It has a simple and smooth user interface that makes it easy to create themes without any obstacles.
  • In addition, fewer dependencies are involved, increasing the development speed and overall website performance. It's easy to set up Hyvä, too.

Benefits of Hyvä Themes for website owners:

  • A non-responsive website is considered a “black mark” against a website. Google will take this into account when it comes to search engine optimization – a website that follows SEO rules is more likely to be found in Google search results. To boost SEO, a website must load quickly, be easily readable, and be easy to navigate. Hyvä themes check all of these boxes. 
  • Hyvä Themes are fully responsive and can be used on a variety of devices. Whether a customer uses a computer, tablet, or smartphone, they can easily access your site.
  • Flexibility and customizability are crucial factors when choosing a theme, as every store owner wants to positively stand out with their online store through individual features and design, as well as provide their customers with a better user experience Hyvä Themes provides great flexibility in terms of versatility and customization by using modern frameworks
  • The power of community. When you purchase a Hyvä theme, you gain access to the Hyvä community and support through a private slack room. 
  • Continuous development. Hyvä Themes is regularly updated with new features and functionality. You can find a Roadmap of updates on YouTube: 

    Features of the Hyvä Themes

    You can find all available functionality in the Hyvä Feature Matrix. It includes all existing features as well as features that are coming soon(in progress) or are planned for the future.

    What are users' opinions about Hyvä Themes?

    Hyvä Themes compatibility

    Hyvä is already compatible with a wide range of extensions. You can check all the compatible modules with the public compatibility tracker and vote for those extensions you want to have compatibility with.

    Following the wide adoption of the theme and Hyvä & Amasty's partnership, we are working to make it compatible with all Amasty extensions, just like we did with Improved Layered Navigation. Find all extensions that have already been tested and are compatible with Hyvä here.

    Keep track of what other extensions are in line for compatibility tuning and progress in our work related to them with our roadmap.

    We are extremely excited to share more details with you very soon,
    Stay tuned!

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