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A minimalistic, sleek, and powerful Magento frontend approach, the Hyvä theme has managed to gain immense popularity among merchants and developers alike in just a few years. And no wonder. This innovative technology, focused on significantly reducing JavaScript code, has proved to speed up websites and positively impact SEO, cost of ownership, and user experience.

Below, we offer specifics, facts, and numbers that will help you understand the benefits of Hyvä, learn the reasons behind its popularity, and possibly even make you consider migrating to a Magento 2 Hyvä theme.

What is Hyvä?

Hyvä theme is a frontend approach and a Magento 2 theme known for its emphasis on three specific elements: a modular approach, simplified development, and performance optimization. 

  • Modular Approach – The theme is built on the concept of independent and reusable modules responsible for specific functionality, which allows Hyvä theme developers to easily manage and modify individual components without affecting the theme’s core.
  • Simplified Frontend Development – Created from a blank slate, Hyvä themes purposefully avoid bulky JavaScript code usually present in many Magento 2 templates. 
  • Performance Optimization – With Hyvä Magento stores are set to achieve 100 marks on all Google PageInsights, green marks on all Web Vitals, and <0.8s page load time.

Despite reimagining the approach of Magento themes so much, the Hyvä team describes their purpose quite modestly: 

"Hyvä is not revolutionary. Hyvä is not built to become a hype. One could say that Hyvä is the version of Luma we wished Magento had built. Or the frontend that Luma potentially could have become.”

5 Key Hyvä Theme Usage Statistics and Facts in 2024

  • Hyvä themes are currently used by 2,757 live Magento 2 websites worldwide.
  • Among the world brands that chose Hyvä as their Magento e-commerce theme are Tissot®, Carhartt®, Munchkin®, and JYSK.
  • The top 5 countries leveraging the Hyvä theme in Magento 2 are the Netherlands, the United States, Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom
  • In the United States, 489 web stores use a Hyvä theme.
  • Companies with ~1M in revenue like Medline (medical device supplier) and Airthings (climate tech retailer) rely on Hyvä, making it a trusted Magento enterprise theme.  

Features of the Hyvä Themes

At the time of writing, Hyvä is fully compatible with 98% of the common Magento Open Source functionality, including support for Simple, Configurable, Downloadable, and Bundle Products, Page Builder, Search, Layered Navigation, etc. You can find all available functionality for both Open Source and Adobe versions of Magento in the Hyvä Feature Matrix.  

If your Magento 2 store relies on extensions – don’t fret, many of them are also compatible with Hyvä themes. You can check all the compatible modules in Hyvä’s official public compatibility tracker.  

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The Benefits of Hyvä Theme Magento 2

Because Hyvä smartly leverages the best of technology for the sake of effectively advancing businesses, Hyvä offers advantages for developers and store owners alike. 

Perks of Hyvä For Developers:

  • Simplicity and intuitiveness – Hyvä theme development is intuitive for many frontend engineers, who can effortlessly set up Hyvä and customize it.
  • Clean and organized code – The theme leverages a modular JavaScript approach, encouraging the creation of separate files for different functionalities. This significantly enhances maintainability and facilitates code reuse. 
  • Customization agility – Adhering to Magento best practices, Hyvä separates layout and template files, making for efficient customization. Layout files define the structure of a page, while template files handle the presentation logic. 
  • Robust minimalism – Hyvä omits layout.xml and .phtml files of any typical Magento template and instead takes the most out of Laravel, TailwindCSS, and AlpineJS. 
  • Fewer dependencies – With less tech, there are fewer dependencies, which makes for faster, more agile Magento Hyvä theme development and easier, cheaper maintenance. Thanks to the use of PHP Composer for managing dependencies, the theme can also be easily integrated with third-party libraries and extensions,
  • Code readability – Hyvä themes use sensible naming conventions for files, classes, and functions, promoting a standardized and coherent codebase. 

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Perks of Hyvä For Website Owners:

  • Responsive design – Hyvä themes are fully responsive, ensuring a seamless user experience across various devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • SEO-friendly – With Hyvä SEO efforts of your business gain a serious boost thanks to responsiveness, quick loading, and accessibility.  
  • Ease of customizations – Thanks to its modularity, a Magento Hyvä theme provides multiple customization options, allowing for unique storefronts and designs.
  • Continuous development – Hyvä themes undergo regular updates, introducing new features and functionalities.
  • Community support – Purchasing a Hyvä theme grants access to the Hyvä community, offering support through a private slack room. 
  • Growing extension compatibility – More and more Magento 2 extensions are getting adapted to the Hyvä theme, with Amasty being the first extension provider to have achieved the 100 milestone. 

Hyvä vs. Luma vs. Magento PWA Theme

There’s a reason why many merchants migrate from Luma to Hyvä. The new Magento 2 frontend tech is also an excellent alternative to Magento PWA.  Let’s look at how it compares against both Magento design themes and technologies:


Hyvä Theme

Luma Magento Theme

Magento PWA Theme


Modular and customizable

Monolithic structure

Progressive Web App


Fast, Google PageSpeed-compliant.

Average loading times

Varies, typically average


Simplified and intuitive

Requires familiarity

Flexible but intricate

Learning Curve


Moderate to high


Mobile Responsiveness




Let’s also look at the Google Web Vitals of Hyvä and Luma Magento 2 Demo:

Luma performance:

luma performance

Hyvä performance:

hyva performance

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Revamp Your Magento Store with Hyvä

The future of Hyvä theme is certainly promising. The popularity of this Magento frontend technology has spiked over 200% in just the past year. The clarity of its modular architecture, ease of customization, and extremely high performance all make Hyvä a great choice for Magento frontend development, well worth its license.

An official Hyvä partner, Amasty offers a large catalog of Hyvä-friendly Magento 2 extensions as well as provides professional Hyvä theme development services.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Hyvä-based theme is a modern and modular Magento 2 frontend theme designed to enhance performance and simplify development. It follows Hyvä's principles, providing a developer-friendly and customizable solution for creating engaging online stores.

Hyvä in Magento refers to a theme that focuses on simplicity, performance, and modularity. It offers an alternative approach to frontend development, diverging from traditional themes like Luma or Magento PWA.

The use of Hyvä lies in its ability to optimize frontend development in Magento. It reduces complexity, improves website performance, and provides a streamlined environment for developers, making it ideal for creating efficient and modern online stores.

Installing the Hyvä theme in Magento 2 involves standard procedures. Developers can follow the official documentation, which offers detailed step-by-step instructions for a smooth and hassle-free setup.

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